Window in the children’s room

The arrangement of a children’s room for many parents is the number one task. Therefore, special attention is paid to the window in the children’s room. It should not blow from it, it should illuminate the children’s room with daylight. And also you should pay special attention to safety.

Window in the children's room

Often the table is located near the window. Therefore, it must be sealed (children are afraid of drafts). Sometimes the cracks are covered with special putties, but it does not look very attractive, and it still pulls from the window with a chill.

The noble wood profile has several advantages. He looks great and has a wonderful ability to “breathe”. High quality profiles (eg laminated veneer lumber) both look great and offer excellent protection. But they require careful and constant care. Such a profile must be periodically covered with varnish or paint. If this is not done, then after a season or two, deformation cannot be avoided. However, a wooden profile covered with paint and varnish largely loses its environmental benefits..

Window in the children's room

To create coziness and comfort in the children’s room, many use PVC windows. They provide thermal insulation, sound insulation, environmental safety, fire safety at the proper level. In children’s rooms, a high-quality five-six-chamber window profile is usually installed..

Window in the children's room

When installing windows in children’s rooms, parents are interested in the environmental safety of these products. According to manufacturers and independent experts, all products used in the domestic market comply with safety standards.

It was in the old days that windows were difficult to open and close. And even a small child can handle modern window designs. Often, both toddlers and teenagers try to open the window and chat with their friends, or take a bird’s eye view of the world. Therefore, for safety reasons, the windows must be equipped with special fittings..

For safety, special blockers are used that are installed on the windows. They are reinforced next to the handle. They will not allow opening a window wider than 20 millimeters. You can unlock the device using a special key. The mosquito net will protect the nursery from insects, poplar fluff, dust and more. She will serve as psychological protection (from the desire to chat with friends, sticking his head out of the window).

Window in the children's room

In order not to often have to open the window for ventilation, micro-slot ventilators are installed on the swing-out sash. They will perfectly provide air access to the children’s room during sleep and outdoor games.

According to psychologists, color starvation leads to a delay in the development of children. Scientists have proven that children under one year old anywhere in the world prefer red, yellow and orange. Bright colors not only do not irritate babies, but rather soothe. Neither blue, green, nor purple is suitable for children. This must be taken into account when installing windows in the children’s room. Moreover, the fashion has already passed for the usual white color of PVC windows. Many people install colored options for plastic windows.

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