Window sill – important or not?

When choosing the style and appearance of windows, we very often forget about such an important point as the choice of a window sill. This question is important for creating an organic design for a house or apartment..
Window sill

By choosing a wooden window sill, you will provide yourself with a feeling of warmth and comfort. In order for such a window sill to serve long enough, it should be protected from possible contact with moisture. This effect is achieved by staining. The manufacture of wooden window sills can be made both from boards and from wood-based materials.

Unlike wooden ones, marble made of artificial stone and ceramic window sills have greater durability and ease of use..
When calculating the width of the window sill, remember that it should not interfere with the flow of warm air coming from the heating radiator, mixing with cold air coming from the window.
Natural stone window sill
A prerequisite for the normal installation of the window sill is its placement on the lower part of the opening with its entry into the body of the walls by at least 5 cm. In the presence of very wide openings and a small area of ​​their supporting bottom surface, window sills are made of steel T-shaped profiles. The profiles are embedded in the wall with mortar or cement. When installing the window sill, you should create a slight slope into the room. This is done to eliminate the possibility of moisture getting into the joints of the window box with the wall..

In plastic and metal bindings, the seam of the windowsill is sealed with mastic, and a special cutout is made in wooden bindings. The window sill is laid on a bed of cement mortar. The bricks on which the mortar is laid are subject to mandatory wetting. Smooth out the solution with excess, and then level it with a trowel. The window sill laid on the mortar is tapped for uniform adhesion with the mortar. After tapping, the level is checked for correct laying of the window sill, and all the seams are finally sealed and covered up.
Installing a window sill
Homes with typical narrow cement sills can be transformed by installing wider decorative overhead sills that do not need to be embedded in the walls. This type of window sill has only one limitation – its thickness should be smaller than the gap between the window sill and the fixed window sill..

The importance of choosing and installing the right window sill is obvious. The original design of the room can be created using decorative or stationary window sills. A properly selected window sill will complement the design and make the room cozy. The main rule of designers in the development of the general concept of a room is to match doors, floors and window sills with the same color scheme. Such harmony can visually enlarge the space and outline the framework of design ideas..

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