Windows cry and sweat – search for causes and their elimination

Windows cry and sweat - search for causes and their elimination

Condensation on windows, which is unpleasant in itself, can cause even more serious consequences – the appearance of not just puddles on the windowsill, which have to be wiped off every morning, but also mold and mildew. And this is already a danger to the health of all residents of an apartment or house. We touched on the topic of “crying” windows a little when we wrote about aluminum and wood double-glazed windows. Note that this phenomenon is a problem with plastic, aluminum, and wooden windows, that is, it is common for all types of glazing, with rare exceptions.

Windows cry and sweat - search for causes and their elimination

To cope with condensation on windows, you need to find out what led to this phenomenon. Double-glazed windows can start to “cry” due to the following reasons:

  • High humidity in the room. Under normal conditions, humidity should not exceed 45-50%.
  • The room temperature is too low. Less than plus 18-20 degrees in the room is already the reason for condensation on the windows.
  • Lack of effective ventilation.
  • Incorrect placement of heating devices, which are often blocked by a wide window sill, thick curtains and curtains.
  • An abundance of indoor flowers in the room, on the windowsills. Plants can become a source of high humidity.

It is noteworthy that Russian and international standards (ISO, FN) allow for the temporary appearance of condensation on the windows, considering the reasons for this phenomenon to be problems of homeowners who have allowed, for example, increased humidity in the room..

Experts have not come to a consensus as to whether improper installation of window units can cause condensation. Some experts argue that dew loss on the inside of the glass cannot be the result of a structural defect in the product and incorrect installation of the window. On the contrary, condensation proves that the windows are airtight and reliable. Others argue that the ventilation of the mounting seams causes the window to “cry”, because the unit was installed poorly and cannot ensure the preservation of heat in the room.

A poor-quality installation of a window block and a window sill is an unpleasant phenomenon in itself. It is very easy to find out – from the cracks between the window, the slopes and the window sill there will be noticeable blowing, the draft is easily felt. It will not hurt to insulate the window and correct the defect in the assembly seams in any case, but often this is not enough to stop the appearance of condensation.

Windows cry and sweat - search for causes and their elimination

So, let’s talk about how to deal with the main and most common cause of condensation on glass – high humidity:

  • Indoor plants in large quantities can increase the humidity in the room, as we already wrote, so it is advisable to remove them from the windowsills for the cold season.
  • Cooking food. During frying, cooking, a lot of steam appears in the kitchen, the temperature rises along with humidity. It is clear that you cannot refuse to cook, but be sure to turn on the hood during this process, you can also temporarily open the window for airing.
  • Drying laundry. It is advisable not to cover the whole room with wet linen, not to cover all the batteries with it. If possible, it is better to take the washed things out to the loggia or balcony.
  • Repairs. During damp repairs, such as plastering, the humidity in the room increases. It is best to schedule renovations for the summer, as the plaster layer will dry faster. No – be patient – the repair will be over, the cause of high humidity will disappear by itself.
  • If the room is always damp, it faces the north side, is on the first floor, then it is advisable to buy an air dryer that will cope with constant dampness.

Windows cry and sweat - search for causes and their elimination

If condensation occurs due to poor ventilation or insufficient heating efficiency, the following measures can be taken:

  • Dense curtains, blinds, roller blinds should be raised in the cold season, because a thin film of condensation is precisely formed between them and the glass. Let nothing interfere with the movement of air near the window.
  • Ventilate the room regularly. Although, you don’t want to lose heat in winter, but if your double-glazed windows do not provide for a system of natural air exchange using special holes, you will have to open the window.
  • If you do not want to get rid of a wide window sill that blocks the flow of warm air to the glass, provide a ventilation grill.
  • Find out why the batteries are too cold and fix the problem. If the reason is in the utility service, the house is really cool and you cannot do anything with the barely warm batteries, you should go for additional costs and hang a convector under the window. A direct stream of warm air will quickly dry the window, and the choice of convector models is very large today..

Windows cry and sweat - search for causes and their elimination

In order to prevent the appearance of condensation on the windows in advance, experts recommend ordering four or five chamber PVC double-glazed windows with a thickness of 70 mm. Wooden profiles should be from 78 mm thick, and for aluminum windows, profiles with a thermal bridge from 30–35 mm should be chosen.

We agree that such windows are more expensive. If you have already installed double-glazed windows, and they flow in winter, well, you will have to act in the ways we have already described. Any condensation that has emerged should be wiped off immediately with a dry cloth that absorbs moisture well to prevent the formation of puddles on the windowsill and moisture.

The popular way is to use a solution of glycerin and ethyl alcohol in a ratio of 1:10 to wipe windows. This mixture will protect the glass from fogging and freezing..

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