Wooden euro windows: what you need to know when installing

More recently, it was considered fashionable to equip their homes using plastic materials. However, time does not stand still, and today developers prefer to use only natural raw materials as the main material, that is, wood. In addition, the environmental friendliness of materials used in construction is now an important parameter. That is why it is more expedient to install wooden windows that have a number of advantages. It is good news that the windows are made of wood. Wood provides a good circulation of air, which is not disturbed even with tightly closed windows. But this does not mean at all that wooden windows show through, as it happens with normal ventilation..

How to pull up a plastic window yourself

The technology for the production of wooden windows is not simple and time-consuming, since it is necessary to observe all the subtleties of work with very high precision at any stage of the manufacturing process.

First, the wood is dried. By the way, the quality of the material depends on the drying. Then the wood is cut into lamellas, from which the bars of the required dimensions are made.

At the next stage, the formation of semi-finished materials from the already available half takes place. All visible natural defects are eliminated: carpentry karma and knots. The finished material is brought to perfection. After that, under a special press, the bars pre-soaked in glue are glued together. Bonding takes place under high pressure during the day. The result is a three-layer timber.

How to pull up a plastic window yourself

Now the profile development phase begins. The standard window profile is made on special machines. Non-standard or custom-made profile is made manually, practically without using machines.

When the window profile is ready, assembly is started. This stage includes quite a lot of work: filling, sanding, etc. At the end of all work, a special coating is applied to the surface of the wood, which protects the wood from destruction. All these works take a lot of time, which is reflected in the high quality of the product..

After painting, proceed to the installation of fittings and the installation of all other parts. In the finished frame, it remains to install the sash with a glass unit and fix it with special anchor bolts.

After assembly, all wooden windows undergo quality control to identify minor defects, which are immediately eliminated.

How to pull up a plastic window yourself

Wooden windows are installed in two ways. In the first method, the window edge is drilled, while the window must be disassembled, that is, without a sash and a glass unit. True, this installation method has a small drawback: after installation, traces of work remain on the very surface of the window.

The second method of installation is more concise, since it uses special installation elements (anchor plates). This installation method has become very popular, since the appearance of the window does not suffer during mounting..

To ensure that during installation of the window it is in the desired position, fix it with support blocks at the lower corners of the frame.

After installation, all fixing pads and pads are removed. If there are gaps, then they must be repaired. It is best to use special sealants or polyurethane foam for this purpose..

How to pull up a plastic window yourself

For a long service life of the window, choose only high quality materials. Think about reliable protection, both outside and inside.

The most important thing when installing a window is to hire professional specialists. Only they, following the technology, can reliably install windows. You are unlikely to be able to do this work on your own. Installation of wooden euro-windows requires knowledge of many features that are associated with the characteristics of the material, the structure of the window, weather conditions, etc..

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