Wooden window care in questions and answers

Wooden window care in questions and answers

High-quality wooden windows are in no way inferior in sound, noise and heat insulation to plastic windows, but they also require careful maintenance and attention. How to care for wood windows, let’s talk in more detail, answering the most popular questions.

What and when to wash wooden windows?

It is recommended to clean the frames of wooden windows at least once every 1.5–2 months. To wash away stubborn dirt, use special compounds or laundry soap, which “gently” affects the surface of the wood. Slightly dusty frames do not wash – wipe first with a damp cloth and then dry. Painted windows are treated at least every six months after washing with compositions for the care of painted surfaces.

Wooden window care in questions and answers

What to do if the frame paintwork is damaged?

Small cracks in the coating of the window frame appear as the paint layer wears down and are removed with a wax crayon. It is possible to delay the appearance of these defects if the surfaces are wiped with a special polish 1-2 times a year. Cracks resulting from mechanical damage are covered with paint or varnish – depending on the type of initial coating.

Wooden window care in questions and answers

Advice:special attention should be paid to windows facing the south side of the building and are more subject to aging processes due to exposure to sunlight.

What if the window began to close tightly and began to creak when turning the frame?

The probable reason is that the rubbing knots of the fittings work “dry”. Factory lubrication of the rotary-locking mechanisms of a wooden window is designed for 1.5-2 years, then it needs to be renewed.

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Suitable for lubricating moving parts:

  1. Special grease for window fittings.
  2. Aerosol WD-40.
  3. Machine oil.
  4. Technical Vaseline.
  5. Sewing machine lubricant.
  6. Lithol.

The fittings must not be lubricated with vegetable oil, automotive lubricants, as well as compounds containing acids and solvents..

Is it possible to restore worn seals?

Worn out and cracked seals of the “Euro-windows” cannot be restored; they will have to be replaced with new ones. Care for the preservation of rubber parts begins immediately after the installation of the window unit, which is reflected in their regular lubrication.

Wooden window care in questions and answers

To protect the seals, you can use:

  1. Silicone grease for rubber.
  2. Silicone based cosmetic cream.
  3. Glycerin and preparations containing it.

Machine oils, vegetable oils, petroleum jelly and cosmetic oils are not suitable for the care of seals..

Attention!Weak points of the seals – corner joints and joints of sashes and glass units – this is where they wear out first.

Why glass in wooden windows sweat?

When condensation forms on the window, check the internal temperature – it should be from 18 ° С and above, as well as the air humidity – no more than 50-60%. Misting in winter and the appearance of ice occurs due to increased humidity in the room, which is a consequence of the following factors:

  1. Poor ventilation.
  2. Weak heating system.
  3. Indoor renovation.
  4. Food preparation.
  5. Drying laundry.
  6. Large window sill overhang above the heating radiator.
  7. Blocking the heat flow with curtains.
  8. Indoor plants in large numbers.

If there is little or no ventilation, artificial ventilation should be performed, starting in the morning (10–20 minutes), and then during the day, if necessary..

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Wooden window care in questions and answers

During the period of repair and finishing work, the ventilation becomes more frequent, and the resulting condensation is immediately wiped off with a soft cloth, especially the horizontal sections of the frame. Even before the work, the windows are protected from dust and mortar with a film: when fixing it, it is better not to stick the tape on the wood, and if this happens, try to remove the adhesive tape within 2-3 days.

Another reason for the fogging of the window is a clogged drainage system designed to drain water. Located outside under the sashes, this component of the window system can become clogged with dirt and ice. It is enough to clean the water damper during off-season preventive measures aimed at extending the life of the window structure.

Summing up the results of the considered works on caring for wood windows, you can highlight the key points in the form of a table.

Care instructions for wooden windows

Operation April June August October
Checking and lubricating seals + +
Cleaning the drain + +
Checking the sash operation + +
Glass washing + + + +
Cleaning wood surfaces + + + +
Lubrication of moving parts + +
Adjusting the hinges and scissors +
Removing minor surface defects + +
Renovation of paintwork Of necessity

Periodically, wooden windows need to completely change the paintwork, about once every 5-10 years, more accurately this is determined by visual inspection of the window block. These actions are already related to repair work.

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