Countries using solar energy

Countries using solar energy

Humanity is very thirsty, if not dependent, on energy resources. Sunlight is one of the most obvious, promising and affordable sources. Technologies in this industry are not yet sufficiently developed for extensive implementation, but countries that use solar energy more than others are actively improving them. This will probably make them world leaders in the future. Now they are becoming reference points for “catching up” people who make plans and projects, borrowing experience.


countries using solar energy

Germany has long been at the forefront of the development and implementation of technologies related to solar energy. So, in 2017, it cumulatively produced 39.9 gigawatts. Several times, thanks to food received from sunlight, Germany was able to cover 50% of daily needs.

The long-term transition to clean energy has made its economy the largest in the world, heavily reliant on renewable energy..
Despite the fact that Germany can not be called a country flooded with sunshine, it has plans for an absolute transition to the use of solar and other sources. Obviously, as one of the world leaders in promoting solar energy, Germany is virtually daily strengthening its position in the industry..


countries using solar energy

The People’s Republic of China is the country with the largest population and largest carbon footprint in the world. Under such conditions, the inspiration of Chinese engineers for renewable energy is not just a research and development interest, but a necessity. Since 2015, China has been a leader in the manufacture and purchase of solar panels. Most photovoltaic stations and panels are located in geographically remote areas. They form giant solar farms selling food to utility companies. The astonishing increase in the number of such energy companies throughout China is confirmed by satellite photographs..

The sharp rise in interest in solar energy in the Middle Kingdom is due to the great need of the state for electricity. It is impossible to rely on outdated traditional methods of its extraction when critical air pollution in the industrial and economic centers of China is spoken around the world. While Germany and other advanced countries are more calm about the development of this industry, China is actively financially encouraging “solar” ideas and projects. Thus, in 2017, China generated 108.2 GW.


countries using solar energy

Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Unfortunately, its area does not give room for a large number of solar panels in the territory. But this does not create obstacles for the most technologically advanced nation. Japan is one of the leaders in the production of solar energy. In 2017, production amounted to 62.3 GW.

After the disaster at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant in 2011, Japan became an adherent of alternative energy. The goal was to double renewable electricity production..

One interesting moment in the history of the country played a positive role in solving this problem. In the 1980s, Japan was obsessed with golf, many fields were built for this sport. And by the second ten of the XX century, most of them remained unnecessary. Fields completely ceased to be used for their intended purpose in 2015. Now in their place are farms for collecting solar energy.

Also, the resourceful island nation created floating power generation stations assembled from thousands of waterproof panels. Such farms, by the way, are considered one of the ideas of the future and are highly appreciated by experts, because they are effectively cooled by water.


countries using solar energy

Italian solar farms do not produce as much energy as German, Japanese and Chinese. In 2017, the direction gave 25.2 gigawatts of electricity. It is noteworthy that this is 10% of all electricity consumed by the country – such an indicator is not found in any other state. True, the tax credits that were granted to manufacturers earlier have expired. Many farms are liquidated and sold. It is therefore expected that impressive data on power generation from Italian sunlight will decline..


countries using solar energy

Countries using solar energy can not do without the United States. This is a state with impressive growth in alternative energy. Thus, the investment of $ 18 billion helped to increase production in the industry by 30%. Government support plays a major role in this expansion. For residential facilities that use products from alternative sources, discounts are provided..

Thanks to programs aimed at introducing these technologies in housing and communal services, the consumption of alternative energy by the public sector increased by 3.9 gigawatts. Given that the cost of solar power is becoming increasingly competitive with respect to non-renewable sources, a significant increase in production rates and the number of solar energy farms is expected. In 2017, the US made 77.9 GW.

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