Detailed instructions for finding a remote job

We tell everything about remote work: disadvantages, advantages, who to get a job and where to look for offers

When the Internet connects cities and countries, it is not necessary to go to the office daily to work at the computer. There are many professions in which you can work from home or traveling around the world..

Types of Remote Work

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There are three types of distance employment. They vary in the degree of dependence of the specialist..

1. Freelance

This is a completely independent work “for yourself”: you yourself are looking for a customer, agree on the conditions, solve problems. You choose what to do with taxes. Someone works “in the gray”, someone draws up an individual entrepreneur or self-employment. In Russia, the issue of freelancer labor is still proceeding in a pilot format – it’s too early to talk about results and conclusions.

2. Remote employment

This is a job for one company. Constantly at the workplace is not necessary. Interaction with superiors, delivery of projects, workflow – all online. Usually in the office you need to appear only for an interview, but not always. Some employers conduct skype interviews.

3. Part time

In this case, the employee is periodically present in the office: at planning meetings, brainstorming, reporting events. The rest of the time, works from home..

Who can work remotely

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Any profession where you need to sit at a computer can be transferred to a remote format. But the lack of constant control by the authorities and isolation from the team require high responsibility. And you also need specialized skills and knowledge. Here are the most common specialties.


You must own graphic programs. If there is a good portfolio, no one will look at education. You need to layout layouts, draw logos, banners. Process images and photos.

Copywriter / translator

These specialists create readable texts. Copywriters have to work with technical components: uniqueness, academic nausea, style assessment using or services.

Audio / Video Decoder 

It is enough to be able to work in a text editor and quickly print. Decoding (transcribing) is a typing from records of court hearings, speeches on forums, focus groups, interviews.

Tester / programmer / developer 

Here, the set of conditions depends on the vacancy. The tester performs manual testing of the web platform and analyzes the product requirements..

The programmer needs to know programming languages, frameworks, and control systems. And the responsibilities of the developer are wide. Each specialist has his own profile. You can typeset sites or mobile applications, or you can engage in game development.

SEO specialist 

Such a specialist knows how search engines work. It analyzes the audience’s requests for a specific product. Gathers a semantic core, writes technical specifications for copywriters, optimizes the site.

Contextual advertising specialist 

Responsibilities are similar to SEO, but biased towards marketing. Here you also need to know the technical features of search engines, but to a lesser extent. The goal of SEO is to make friends with search engines and gradually push the site into the top 10. The goal of contextual advertising is to quickly attract an audience..

SMM specialist

SMMS workers work in social networks: they lead and promote groups and publics. They can target ads and analyze the results. Create content, plan its release.

Call center operator

There are not many professional requirements. Perseverance and clear speech are important. Typically, the operator receives calls from customers. Advises them and places orders.

Sales Manager

The manager has communication skills, persuasion and stress tolerance. He is engaged in search of buyers, cold calling. Prepares commercial offers and concludes transactions. Fully leads the customer. Advises, signs documents, solves problems.

Personal assistant

In this position, everything is individual. It is important to quickly seek information, negotiate with people, do routine work. Communicate with other departments and fulfill personal requests of the head.

How to find a remote job

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1. On job search sites

This option is suitable for those who want to get a contract. Stably receive salaries and social benefits. They are not looking for freelancers for one or two projects here. It’s better to go to popular sites that many organizations use:


To view the vacancy “out of office”, check the box “remote work” in the advanced search settings (sections “work schedule” or “type of employment”).

Post your resume for free – interested employers will write for themselves. But do not forget to leave feedback on vacancies. So, you pay attention to yourself.

2. At freelance exchanges

Freelance exchanges – a place for employment of independent and independent. It is rarely offered here to get a job in an organization at a remote position in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, because they often look for specialists to solve a couple of tasks or complete one project. Some freelancers find regular customers, but prefer not to “legitimize relationships.” Here are some of the most reputable exchanges:

Work-zilla. Workers are looking for helpers on one-time tasks at the Worksilla: from creating a site to walking a dog, while the owner is on a trip.

The site has convenient navigation – tens of thousands of instructions are executed every month. The service helps to find vacancies (groups by relevance), protects against fraud and solves disputes in arbitration. According to Work-zilla, regular artists earn up to 70,000 rubles a month.

Kwork – this is a store where freelancers sell quarks – service cases, and employers – select them from the catalog or create tasks with special requirements.

Experienced freelancers go to Kwork to work “without pain”: you immediately say that you know how, how quickly you perform, what tools you use, and the customer agrees or does not agree to these conditions.

Arbitration will take the side of the performer if the employer demands to do something that was not mentioned in the quark. Payment passes through the site with a guarantee of return. It is necessary to clearly coordinate the task before starting work.

FL.RU – One of the most famous Runet freelance exchanges. Millions of artists and extremely high competition for cool orders. It’s hard to make a lot without an extensive portfolio and a paid PRO account.

There are also thematic portals for specific specializations. For example, only for copywriters: Copylancer, Advego,

In social networks

A lot of good vacancies flock to groups on Facebook or VKontakte. There are direct and “burning” offers here, but you need to respond quickly.

In addition, the groups have many publications from intermediaries and third-party content. Digging up something worthwhile can be difficult. Below are the top communities for freelancers and remote workers:

• Freelance • Remote work (VK)
Distance. Freelance, remote work (VK)
Remote work. Freelance (VK)
Remote work: vacancies and freelance (Fb)

Direct Jobs from Famous Employers

Yandex. On the job page, you can see in which areas Yandex needs employees. There are permanent positions and internships in IT, marketing, media, finance, law. But not everywhere you can work remotely.

Yandex.Toloka. Work in Tolok is aimed at improving Yandex services. Participants receive rewards for finding errors. Basically, you need to analyze and evaluate various content. Check sites for search queries.

Tinkoff Bank offers to work at home in four areas: selling products to legal entities and individuals, service, recovery. – one of the most popular entertainment portal Runet offers remote work with texts, animations, videos and IT.

Skyeng hires remotely teachers of English, as well as specialists in IT, design, media, product management.

“Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” Is a popular publisher looking for managers, authors, artists, translators, editors.

Yandex Zen – A platform for independent copywriters with monetization enabled. Yandex itself offers readers articles based on their interests and shares with the author earnings from showing ads. You can earn money if the texts gain a lot of views. Need to write often and consider the interests of the audience.

Two fundamental rules of a remote worker

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1. Portfolio is more important than diploma

Yes, certificates and “crusts” show that you did not decide to become a designer or translator yesterday, but made an effort for this. But a portfolio is proof of skills in practice. It demonstrates to the employer: what you are doing, how it looks as a result, how complex projects are ready to take on..

2. The first impression is the strongest

Past merits are very good. But failing a test task or showing incompetence during an interview, it is easy to lose the competition to someone who has established himself here and now.

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