Differences between men and women – Who makes a better career?

The decision on hiring should not depend on the gender of the applicant. But is it really so? Let’s check and listen to the opinion of experienced experts about who still wins the men vs women race at a professional distance and what are the main differences between men and women.

Who are more willing to hire: women or men

Differences between men and women

Our society is built on certain values. Regardless of gender, employers expect applicants to:

• determination;
• activity;
• determination;
• ability to get along with customers;
• grip.

Parents tell their children that they need to try to learn, work, work their way in life. Girls are also explained how important it is to give birth, raise children and maintain the family hearth. The rest already depends not only on the upbringing, but also on the nature of the child. Therefore, if you wish, you can get a job in any position.
Valentina Konstantinova, founder of hotconsulting.ru, the creation of hybrid hotels, says: “I am equally happy to hire men and women, and people are more distinguished not by stereotyped gender qualities, but by their character and skills”.

Whose career qualities are better

Differences between men and women

Traditionally, female qualities are perseverance and the ability to focus on a task for a long time.

Zamir Shukhov, CEO of Global Venture Alliance comments: “For my professional experience in team management, I noticed that men often take risks and responsibilities, but women work out more finely and scrupulously the small details of any specific tasks or blocks of work”.

Women are more loyal to the company, but men are more inclined to search for new options.

“Loyalty to the company is often higher among women, since men by nature are always looking for some kind of adventure, if I may say so. When men understand that they have potentially reached a ceiling at some workplace, they quickly decide to move on. ”.

Who is more likely to have a career

Differences between men and women

Success does not depend on gender, but on the ability to choose one’s direction in work. Natalya Storozheva, founder of the Perspektiva business and career development center, says: “Many make a career, but not everyone succeeds. To build a successful career, it is always better to bet on your personal strengths, regardless of whether they are considered “female” or “male”.

There are two ways to choose your path:

• Practical. You will look for your place in the sun, and change jobs.
• Theoretical. Do introspection and choose your business.

The first method may be longer. You may have to change several professions before finding your own. Indeed, for many, not only earnings matter, but also internal self-realization.

Often, in advertisements, employers indicate a lot of requirements, but in order to apply for a specific position, you really need to be professionally able to do one.

“Sometimes for a successful career it’s enough to have only one quality, but to be able to use it correctly. It can be: stress resistance, perseverance, perseverance, the ability to persuade, negotiate, find a solution in difficult situations. It’s important to find “your own string” and build a career based on your personal talents, and not try to copy other people’s methods and techniques, ”explains Natalya Storozheva.

Traditionally, men are considered to be analysts and trust them in managerial positions. But now there are many women who are able to perfectly assess the situation and develop a business development strategy. So don’t hide your talents.

Who is easier to find a job

Differences between men and women

During the interview, the HR manager gets acquainted with the resume, checks for a diploma, asks where the applicant worked. Tests applicants, analyzes the results and makes his choice.

Alexey Vasilmanov, an expert, owner and founder of HR Development and Web-trends IT agency, explains: “In our time, the gender boundaries in employment are quite blurred. It is not uncommon for women to run security services or become business analysts. Nevertheless, there are specialties that under the law remain exclusively male. Typically, such positions are associated with harmful or hazardous working conditions: extinguishing fires, underground blasting, transportation of toxic chemicals, etc. But nevertheless, for the majority of vacancies, the decisive factor in employment is not gender, but experience, skills and ambitiousness ”

If you go through the employer checklist, i.e. meet all his requirements, then successfully pass the interview.

Can a woman successfully run a business

Differences between men and women

Now women are willingly taken to leadership positions and entrusted with responsible tasks. Sometimes gender differences still play a role and job seekers are denied admission to key positions. Therefore, to qualify, you need to prove your success – only business and nothing personal.

Who works easier

Differences between men and women

It’s not enough to get a position, it’s important to be able to stay in that position. To do this, you need to try to show the necessary qualities or develop them. For example, softness, flexibility and inner strength help the ladies to achieve success in their work.

Victoria Danilchenko, chairman of the Bar Association of Pavel Astakhova, comments: “Women are able to notice more details, better notice and remember the shades of human reactions, and it is easier to establish emotional contact. And if you also have charisma, have a persuasion technique, cheer for your favorite business, you will surely have success ”.

But the psychologist Veronika Kraynova does not agree with this opinion. She believes that inner qualities do not depend on gender, but on character. “There are no male or female qualities, there are universal human qualities, there are features of character. Someone likes to be among people, and someone gets tired of a lot of communication. Someone feels good in projects where there is activity and drive. And it’s good for someone when the work is calm and monotonous, and it does not depend on gender, ”says the psychologist.

Who better solves the tasks

Differences between men and women

To solve specific goals, it is still better to select specialists on a gender basis. Ekaterina Fedyanova, a business mentor, says: “It is known that women are better than men who can“ read ”and interpret facial expressions. And this is the most valuable quality in negotiations. Women are better than men are able to perform several tasks simultaneously. The brain of men can process half as many words as the brain of women, so they tend to “fall out” of a long and verbose discussion. They lose attention and interest in the issue under discussion. ”.

Representatives of the weaker sex seek to reach mutual understanding with the opponent, but men do not.

“Women tend to skip from one topic to another, moreover, topics can be practically unrelated to each other. When the conversation goes aside, it is the man who must stop him and return him to the right track. When the situation is heating up, men have increased levels of testosterone, aggression and a spirit of competition is growing. Women become less assertive, tune in a friendly way and try to come to an agreement. On the one hand, this can help alleviate the situation, but on the other, interesting ideas may remain unspoken. So, we are not talking about superiority or inferiority, but about the skillful use of existing differences, ”comments Ekaterina Fedyanova.

But there is an opposite opinion. Natalia Fefilova, Development Director of 404 Group reports: “To build a successful career, it is not gender that is important, but personal qualities and professionalism of a person. I am very glad that this understanding also comes to Russian companies. Purposefulness, ambitiousness and perseverance, leadership qualities necessary for a career can be equally inherent in both women and men. Just like these qualities, neither one nor the other can have it ”.

For a successful career, first of all, personal qualities matter.

“At the first stage of a career, as a rule, we develop professionally, strengthening expert skills in the chosen field. At the second stage – we are moving, rather, into managerial skills and the development of leadership qualities. As we can see, sometimes completely different people become the leaders of large corporations, and it often seems that evaluating them at the level of similarity of personal qualities is quite difficult. From my point of view, for a successful career, first of all, proactivity and the desire to move forward are important, ”said Natalia Feofilova.

Use character traits for your own good, not harm. There are no winners in the battle of men vs women. The chances of success are the same. The main thing is to become a professional and convince the employer of their qualities, despite some differences between men and women.

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