Facts About Mark Zuckerberg – Boring Facts About Facebook Founder

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous CEOs in the world, and what he achieved when he was 32 is simply stunning..

More than a billion users flock to Facebook every month, and Mark himself donates billions of dollars to medical research through The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. But with all this, Zuckerberg is still a man with his own oddities and quirks, like all of us. Check out these fun and unexpected facts about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook..

1. He almost worked at Microsoft

When Mark was in high school, he participated in the creation of the Synapse Media Player application. This is an MP3 player for tracking the user’s favorite songs and compiling playlists based on his choice. That is, in fact, this is an early version of Spotify or Pandora. Microsoft wanted to see the creators of the project among its employees, but instead of working for the Seattle-based technogenic giant, Zuckerberg and application co-author Adam D’Angelo, which the continued to engage in Quora social services, received a patent for technology, and Mark just went to college.

2. He invented back in high school

Zuckerberg Facts

When Zuckerberg was 12 years old, he created an instant messaging program and named it ZuckNet so his father, a dentist, could always know when patients would come to see him..

3. He has unexpected tastes in pop culture.

One of his favorite books is Virgil’s Aeneid, and one of his favorite TV shows is The West Wing, which was created by Aaron Sorkin, the man who also wrote the script for the movie about creating Facebook (The Social Network).

4. He is known for his modesty.

Although today he has a beautifully furnished house with a butler with the voice of Morgan Freeman, in an interview with The New Yorker in 2010, he said that he had found all his apartments on the Craigslist electronic classifieds site.

5. His vision is the cause of the color scheme of Facebook

Facebook has a blue logo because Zuckerberg is diagnosed with red-green color blindness.

6. He was not always an advanced programmer.

Zuckerberg first studied code from the book C ++ for Dummies.

7. He is a polyglot

He was always interested in ancient languages, for example, Latin, and he can also speak Mandarin Chinese..

8. He rejected many Facebook offers.

Many large companies would like to participate in the purchase of Mark’s brainchild: NewsCorp, MySpace, Viacom, Yahoo and NBC. Even Microsoft and Google made suggestions, but Zuckerberg always held tight..

9. The first meeting of Zuckerberg with his wife took place under adverse circumstances

Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, are now parents and major philanthropists, and they first met in the bathroom at a Harvard wedding party.

10. He is a fan of Steve Jobs

Apple’s founder’s bold leadership inspired Mark to the first message on his business card, “I am a CEO, bitch.”.

11. He is on Twitter

But, which is not surprising, he is not too active there. Since 2009, only 19 posts have been written.

12. He can laugh at himself

Zuckerberg is known for notwithstanding embarrassment, wrote a thank-you note that Andy Sumburg was his personification on Saturday Night Live.

13. He is a fitness enthusiast

In 2016, Zuckerberg set a goal of running 365 miles throughout the year. He reached his plan in the middle of summer.

14. He has favorite quotes from Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso.

He says: “Everything should be stated as simple as possible, but not easier,” and he also loves Picasso’s words that all children are artists, but the problem is to remain an artist when you grow up.

15. His dog is also a celebrity.

The Zuckerberg Hungarian Shepherd has its own Facebook page, where users put more than two million likes. And daughter Mark is also a fan of the dog, because that was her first word.

16. Ten people help Zuckerberg manage his Facebook page

According to some reports, 12 people work for Mark who track comments in the founder’s account, help write posts and take photos on the page.

17. He protects his privacy

Zuckerberg took several decisive major steps to ensure his personal life. He bought a plot of land in Hawaii for $ 100 million in 2014, and recently decided not to sue people who own part of the territory thanks to senior mediation. Mark also tried to tear down four houses around his in Palo Alto, California.

18. He is friends with Vin Diesel

In an interview with The New York Times, Vin Diesel shared how this strange friendly duo was formed: “We talked on Facebook about two years ago, I was delighted with the movie“ Fast and the Furious 7 ”, and he said that he liked the most“ Three X’s : World Domination. ” If we are together, and I quote the lines of his character, he can correct me with inaccuracies, and that’s embarrassing. ”.

19. It appears in the photographs higher than it actually is.

It turns out that Zuckerberg is only about five feet and seven or eight inches, but he looks much higher in the photographs. And this is because he apparently uses some tricks when posing. In 2010, New Yorker wrote that he seemed taller because he stood with his chest outstretched and his back straight, as if he were holding a thread.

Zuckerberg does a few tricks that help him look taller. One of his biggest tricks is to stand closer to the camera or keep straight when others are leaning..

20. His signature t-shirt costs between 300 and 400 dollars

Facts About Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Do Without It.

On any day of the week, you can catch Zuckerberg in a gray Nike T-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers. There is a reason why he wears the same thing every day. In 2014, when asked about his simple wardrobe, Zuckerberg replied: “I really want to clear my life of superfluous in order to make as few decisions as possible except those related to serving society”.

It turns out that Mark’s iconic gray T-shirt, made by Italian designer Brunello Kukinelli, costs a lot of money: $ 300-400. Nevertheless, affordable replicas with the same length, color and material have been made today. So copying a CEO’s style is easy.

21. It cannot be blocked on Facebook.

As it turned out, you can only unsubscribe from the records and notifications of the platform. Apparently, blocking Zuckerberg or Priscilla Chan is impossible for ordinary users of a social network. If you still try to block them, an error message appears that says: “This profile cannot be blocked at the moment”.

Regarding the reasons for this notification, a Facebook spokeswoman said that people trying to block a profile or page might receive an error message if they were blocked many times within a short period of time..

22. It has a significant budget to ensure its own security.

It costs millions of dollars. Rather, $ 7.3 million was spent in 2017 to ensure Mark’s safety. The figure was submitted by Zuckerberg to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which also noted that the security plan (including flights on a private jet) amounted to 83% of the total compensation package for the year. In 2016, 4.9 million dollars were spent on the protection of Zuckerberg.

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