Forbes Top Ten billionaire tips

Top 10 Forbes Tips for Billionaires

The fortune of almost all members of the Forbes top ten increased in 2018, but the capital of Amazon creator Jeff Bezos was unstoppable. For the first time in history, he became the richest man on the planet and reached $ 112 billion..
Also, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett traditionally got into the top three. Who else is among the people with the largest fortune, what assets provide their income and what advice of billionaires you can pay attention to – in our article.

10. Larry Ellison – $ 58.5 billion

Larry allison

Ellison’s source of income is Oracle, the software company he founded in 1977. In 2015, he announced that the corporation was heading for cloud technologies, and this decision was strategically correct. Over the past year, ORCL shares rose in price by 18%.

“My primary goal for founding Oracle is to create an environment in which I work and enjoy. Of course, I wanted to make a living. But I did not expect to get rich ”

The key to a successful career and life, Larry Ellison considers the desire to enjoy his work and remain independent in decisions..

“Do not think that they are right, because they are authorities or experts. Think for yourself ”

Having everything possible for a comfortable old age, a businessman donates a lot of money to charity. Two and a half years ago, he donated $ 200 million to the University of Southern California to create a new cancer research center. In addition, he joined the Buffett and Gates campaign “The Oath of Giving,” whose participants donate at least 50% of their capital to charity.

9. David Koch – $ 60 billion

David koch

The income of multinational corporation Koch Industries is enough for both brothers to be among the ten richest people in the world. The company was founded in 1940. Now it refines oil, builds pipelines, produces paper towels, cups and other goods. Younger brother – David Koch, encourages aspiring entrepreneurs not to give up.

“We raised a lot of money and mobilized a lot of people, but lost. But we will study what worked and did not work in order to improve. We don’t want to pretend to be dead. ”

The Kokhi Brothers are generous philanthropists who take an active part in the political and public life of the United States. In 2014, they donated $ 25 million to help African-American students. Take the advice of these billionaires.

8. Charles Koch – $ 60 billion

Charles Koch

Charles is 5 years older than his brother and is considered a slightly richer person. In 2017, Koch Disruptive Technologies, a venture capital firm run by his son Chase Koch, was launched under his auspices. So far, the subsidiary is investing in industries that are not closely related to the core business of Koch Industries – medicine, cloud and smart technologies, and the solution to the food crisis in the world. Koch Sr. believes that the main task of business is to improve the world around you.

“People should only make a profit when they make other people’s lives better.”

Brothers Charles and David make up one of the most influential duets in American politics, charity and business.

“A business should use resources rationally to make products and services that improve people’s lives, act honestly and legally.”

7. Carlos Slim Elu – $ 67.1 billion

Carlos Slim Elu

A key source of income for Mexico’s richest man is telecommunications giant America Movil. This is the largest mobile operator in Latin America, whose shares in 2017 increased by 37%. In addition, he has a 17% stake in The New York Times, as well as assets in the mining and real estate business..

“Avoid excesses even in the best of times. This is a guarantee of stability during the most difficult periods of life. ”

In an interview with Elu, he repeatedly repeats that business development leads to a dead end just for the sake of profit. Poverty and problems, in his opinion, create a promising environment for growth. Money becomes a reward for someone who is burning with the desire to improve their and others’ lives.

“Many people want to change the world for the better for their children. I’m trying to change my children so that they can make the world a better place. ”

Thus, many of the tips of billionaires advocate that, first of all, business should generate benefits for others..

6. Amancio Ortega – $ 70 billion

Amancio Ortega

Despite falling Zara shares and a $ 1.3 billion decline, Amancio Ortega is still one of the wealthiest people. The company, which unites dozens of brands, he founded with his wife in 1975. By 1980, a chain of stores completely occupied Spain, and in 1989 – began its expansion in the United States. Another source of businessman’s income is dividends from real estate in the largest cities in the world: Barcelona, ​​London, New York, Miami, Madrid, Chicago.

“People should be published in the newspaper three times: after birth, after marriage, and after death”

Ortega does not create the image of a typical rich man. He spends a lot of time in the factory, almost does not arrange large receptions, dines in the working dining room and avoids publicity. Amancio is extremely modest and considers it important to constantly improve..

“It is important to remember that experience gained does not guarantee leadership. We must constantly make efforts and improve – this is the inspiration of my company ”

5. Mark Zuckerberg – $ 71 billion

Mark Zuckerberg

In recent years, Zuckerberg has been under intense pressure over privacy scandals and political campaigns, but his business continues to grow. In 2018, he added 32% and brought the owner about $ 11 billion. Zuckerberg is an authoritative young billionaire, whose advice people from all over the world listen to..

“If a person has brains, he has no moral right to work not for himself and give his time and results of his achievements to the employer”

Mark has always been a man for whom an idea is more important than money. In high school, along with Adam Di Angelo, he developed an MP3 player that compiles playlists based on user preferences. Students refused to sell the program for $ 950,000, and then patented the technology, spending $ 12,000 on it.

“We do not create services to make money. We earn to create the best services ”

4. Bernard Arnault – $ 72 billion

Bernard Arnault

Arnault leads the LVMH group, which produces luxury goods known throughout the world: Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Guerlain, Chaumet, Moet & Chandon, Hennessy. In 2017, the holding showed a record level of sales and increased profit by 29%. In addition, a high-profile deal of $ 13 billion thundered – Christian Dior added to the collection of brands.

“The main thing in the organization of the company is balance. Neither the commercial nor the creative side should outweigh ”

Despite the specific niche of activity, Bernard Arnault is aware that for a long-term game it is important to be flexible, dynamic, responsive to trends. The market is changing, demand in individual countries is falling, and the businessman remains true to himself and does what he loves – fashion, luxury and art.

“Anyone who wants to grow their business should focus on China. In this country, the population is growing at a rapid pace, and with it the demand for luxury. Even the turmoil in Western countries does not destroy the luxury market, because China, India, and Russia are quickly occupying it. ”

3. Warren Buffett – $ 84 billion

Warren Buffett

The most famous investor in the world increased his own fortune for the year by 11%. Berkshire Hathaway Holding Shares Up 16% – This Is One Of The Main Reasons For The Growth Of Omaha Oracle Welfare.

“Time is a friend of a successful business and an enemy of the underdeveloped”

Buffett has been investing since 11 years. Then he borrowed money from his father, bought three shares of Cities Service Preferred and soon resold more expensive. Having become one of the richest people on the planet, he, together with Bill Gates, founded the “Oath of Gift”, in which he plans to give 99% of his fortune.

“For all the billionaires I knew, money only revealed their character. If they were cattle before they got rich, then they stayed with them, getting a billion dollars ”

2. Bill Gates – $ 90 billion

Bill Gates

The advice of billionaires just can not do without this man. Bill Gates is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world, whose name is familiar even to those who are far from high technology. Created more than 40 years ago, the corporation continues to grow, but now its share in it is a modest 3%. And this is only 13% of his condition. The rest is assets in large companies from the USA and Canada, as well as Breakthrough Energy investment fund.

“I do not like conferences in all kinds of exotic places. It seems that the more pleasant the venue, the less real work at the event ”

A large place in the modern life of a billionaire is held by charity. In addition to the “Oath of Giving,” he works with his own fund of Bill and Melinda Gates. The key areas of the organization’s activities are the fight against the food crisis in poor countries and the improvement of health care in the world.

“I’m afraid to lose. Every day, coming to the office, I ask myself: Do we work well? Is anyone ahead of us? Is this or that product really good? Is there anything else you can do to improve it? ”

1. Jeff Bezos – $ 112 billion

Jeff Bezos

The richest man in the world and the only one who has a fortune of more than $ 100 billion is Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of The stocks and capitalization of this company are growing at an insane pace – over five years the price of one paper has risen 5 times. And everything appeared with a simple, but relevant for 1994 idea – to sell books on the Internet.

“When you work for the long term, you make sure that the interests of shareholders and customers coincide”

Bezos puts the customer at the head of the business and believes that in any situation, you must first build on the interests of the consumer. In addition, in his company, everyone, even senior executives and himself, must once every two years spend two full working days in the support service.

“If you focus on competitors, you won’t take a step without them. If you focus on the client, you can become a pioneer in your business ”

Bezos is also not alien to charity. In January, he donated $ 33 million in scholarships to illegal immigrant students. In September – $ 1 billion worth of Day One Fund and a fund to help organize early childhood education in poor areas.

In addition, the businessman continues to pursue his own dreams – since 2000 he has been investing in space research through a private company Blue Origin.

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