Stress Management: 4 Methods to Calm Down

How to stop being nervous at work?

Stress management is the modern science of stress management. To be honest, it’s difficult to manage such a process, and in some situations it’s not necessary. The fact is that this is a natural defense mechanism, a way of functioning of living beings in certain conditions. But it’s quite realistic to take control of the emotional and psychological state, reduce the risks of stress and minimize the consequences.
Nowadays, this concept is associated with effective office management. This includes methods for resolving business conflicts, problems, adapting employees to the team, work schedule and any non-standard environment. These methods reduce the share of negative effects on humans and help to cope with the body’s reactions to external events..

Causes of Occupational Stress

the man is nervous and talking on the phone

• Physical

If the working conditions are uncomfortable, the body strains. Therefore, it is harmful to work for a long time in a cold, stuffy or very noisy room. Irregular working hours, poor ecology, constant business trips with changing time zones also affect a person’s condition.

• Emotionally psychological

Incorrect placement of professional priorities is included in this category of factors. The monotony of labor or, conversely, the frequent change of tasks reduce the stress resistance of the employee. Problems of professional ethics are also causes of stress..

• Information

When a person suffers from an overabundance of duties, it becomes harder for him to adapt to the rhythm of life, because you need to manage to do many tasks and at the same time replenish the baggage of knowledge and skills. This is true for employees combining several positions or actively seeking a rapid increase..

• Communicative

Any problems in communicating with colleagues or superiors can lead to stress. For example, for introverts, a sharp exit from the comfort zone will be a situation where you need to make useful contacts or loudly defend your interests.

• Organizational

This is stress from leadership. The need for constant monitoring and motivation of employees, a large financial responsibility. Ordinary workers also have organizational stress. It arises from overstated requirements of superiors, delays in vacation, salary, underestimation and lack of prospects.

How is stress at work?

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First of all, it is worth talking about changes at the physiological level:

• There is a sleep disorder.
• Concerned about frequent headaches.
• There are memory problems.
• The general tone of an organism decreases.
• The immune system begins to malfunction.
• Appetite disappears, stomach problems are detected.

If we talk about the emotional and psychological background, then a person in stress becomes inattentive, distracted, irritable. There is a strong fatigue or causeless anguish, there is no joy from your favorite activities and work results. A sense of anxiety and helplessness is growing. Thus, immediate work on yourself and the elimination of aggravating factors are required..

 1. Basic relaxation

man doing meditation in the office

When stress is caused by intense work or an unexpected emotional outbreak, it is important to quickly relax, reduce the burden on the body and streamline thoughts. In this case, it is recommended to use basic relaxation – this is alternating concentration on different parts of your body, which will help you get distracted and immerse yourself in a light trance. Just concentrate on your torso and limbs while tensing and relaxing your muscles.

Add to this technique meditation, elements of auto-training, positive affirmations and breathing exercises (including the simplest: a deep breath, a pause of a few seconds and a slow exhale).

2. The technique of “ambulance”

man experiences joy in the office

If there is severe stress at the workplace, which you need to get rid of in 10-15 minutes to finish what you started, you need to act clearly. For the “here and now” format, the following tips are suitable:

• Physical activity

Move to speed up blood circulation. A short walk through the courtyard of the office area, climbing stairs and even squats or swinging arms away from prying eyes will help.

• Chatter

Choose a colleague who is not too busy with the workflow and is positive about you. Talk to him for 5-10 minutes, avoiding professional topics. This will help switch the thinking process..

• Mechanical work

Just try to keep your hands occupied with something so that your head rests. Put things in order on the table, water the flowers or clean the kitchen corner.

• Favorite things and activities

If you know exactly what makes you happy or at least joyful, implement this method: look at the pictures of your children or pets, include your favorite song, read a couple of articles in an interesting blog.

3. Technique “Act of love and respect”

two girls hugging in nature

If you have at least one and a half hours of free time to calm your own nerves, use this technique. You can also turn to tips at home to consolidate a positive result..

• A trip to the countryside

Walking in the woods, running in the park, skating or biking, skiing and other types of physical activity that will allow you to breathe fresh air and throw out excess energy will be equally useful here..

• Sports activities in the fitness studio

Sign up for a gym, pool or martial arts section so that negative emotions go away with your calories and then. Try yoga, ballroom or sports dancing.

• Sleep

Try to get enough sleep every day and not bring down sleep patterns on weekends. Due to the lack of proper rest, the body is susceptible to mild irritants, which means there is a risk of developing chronic stress. Even if you just sleep 60-90 minutes, the problem after waking up will no longer seem so serious and dangerous.

• Search and development of a hobby

Find something that brings pleasure and gives new emotions. From culinary courses to volunteering, from collecting to needlework – search based on personal interests and tastes. If you have already decided, address this in a stressful situation and get a serving of positive.

• Chatting with friends and family

Do not limit yourself to simple correspondence on social networks or a call – get out for a weekend out of town or arrange “cultural tourism”. Any travel outside the vacation helps to relax at least a short distance..

• Healthy habits

It is important to monitor your health so that a stressful situation does not upset all systems in the body. You will be helped by hardening, gymnastics in the workplace, self-massage, good nutrition, vitamins, regular use of water or herbal decoctions. But it is better to refuse strong tea and coffee, as well as narcotic and alcoholic stimulants.

4. Modification of behavior

girl trying to relax and get distracted

The principle “If you cannot change a problem, change your attitude to it” works in this exercise. Translate the negative reaction into a positive field. Try to rephrase your remarks when discussing a problem with colleagues and family, and when scrolling through it in your head. For example, the sentence “I have problems at work” can be redesigned into a replica “I have a situation at work that requires attention”.


Remember that in order to deal with stress, you must first recognize the problem. Understand all the causes of a depressing situation and determine its own potential. Find out what you can eliminate and fix, and what you have to deal with from time to time in any case.

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