The richest women in Russia – Top 10

The richest women in Russia

According to Forbes, almost all of the richest women in Russia inherited their wealth or received it from family members (husbands, parents). In 2018, the rating practically did not change – in the top ten there are only two new names: Lidia Mikhailova (Cherkizovo group of companies) and Lilia Rotenberg (TPS Real Estate).

10. Natalya Lutsenko ($ 350 million)

Natalya Lutsenko

Since 1994, Natalia Lutsenko has been doing business with her husband Alexander. The first activity of the spouses was the sale of feed and feed additives for agricultural enterprises. Successes made it possible to establish their own plants near Kaliningrad and in the person of Sodruzhestvo Group of Companies to become the largest producer of vegetable oils in Russia.
In addition, the “Commonwealth”:

• Owns the largest fleet of specialized railway cars in the Russian Federation.

• 10% owned by the Japanese trader Mitsui&Co (deal for $ 2.2 billion in 2012), for spouses – 45% each.

• Supplies feed for the Belarusian agricultural industry through Impexsservice.

• Has a subsidiary company Belagroterminal, which manages agrology terminals in the Vitebsk and Grodno regions.

• Contains river terminals in Paraguay and warehousing infrastructure in Brazil.

The Lutsenko family group of companies is the largest investor in the Kaliningrad region (investments of more than $ 1.2 billion).

9. Evgenia Guryeva ($ 360 million)


The main source of Evgenia Gurieva’s fortune is his stake in PhosAgro. This is the largest Russian and European producer of phosphorus fertilizers. Like many other rich women in Russia, Eugene is a member of the business family. Her husband, Andrei Grigoryevich Guryev, is the main owner of this company, vice president of the Russian Union of Chemists, politician and public figure.

Eugene has a degree in Moscow Aviation Institute. During her career, she worked as a radio engineer in Sheremetyevo, an engineer in the Moscow Aviation Institute, as well as in the Moscow City Hall. Now she and her daughter are engaged in a family charity fund..

8. Tatyana Kuznetsova ($ 450 million)


Tatyana, a lawyer by training, is now Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC NOVATEK and Director of the Legal Department. Kuznetsova’s condition provides a share of 0.2%. Given that NOVATEK is the seventh largest gas producer in the world, this is enough to be a millionaire.

Tatyana has been heading the legal department of the company since 2002. In 2005, when the company conducted an IPO, it became known that it owned a stake worth $ 140 million (2.75%). Since then, the capitalization of NOVATEK has increased about six times.

7. Lilia Rotenberg ($ 500 million)


Lilia is the daughter of Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg. By falling into the list of the richest women in Russia, she owes anti-Russian sanctions from the West. Almost all of her condition is the TPS Real Estate company, which has shopping malls in Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Sochi, Kiev and Moscow. The stake in the company first went from Arkady Rotenberg to his son Igor, when he first got on the US and EU sanctions lists in 2014. In 2018, Igor was subjected to similar sanctions. Therefore, he transferred his share of Lily. In June, information appeared that the company was selling the Ocean Plaza shopping center in Kiev and was leaving the Ukrainian market.

In 2012, Lilia launched a business in Berlin: the company Vitalis-medical organized treatment in German clinics.

6. Lidia Mikhailova ($ 500 million)


Lydia is also the co-owner of a large family business – her husband, two sons and a niece are in charge of the Cherkizovo meat processing group. This is one of the largest manufacturers of sausages and meat in the Russian Federation. The shares of the group of companies are traded on the London and Moscow exchanges.

In 2018, Cherkizovo received allegations from the FAS regarding the use of illegal offshore schemes. According to representatives of the company, she planned to transfer to Russian jurisdiction.

Lydia leads a private life without public appearances. It’s hard on the Internet to find even photos of this businesswoman.

5. Olga Belyavtseva ($ 500 million)

Olga Belyavtseva

Olga’s condition is not ensured by a successful marriage, but by her personal success as an investor, entrepreneur, and manager. She began a business career in the distribution platform of the Lebedyansky plant. Under Belyavtseva, the company became a leader in Russia and Eastern Europe, occupying more than a third of the Russian juice market. The share of Olga Belyavtseva was 18.4%.

In 2005, there was an IPO with the sale of a 19.9% ​​stake in the company, and in 2008 the plant was bought by PepsiCo for $ 1.8 billion. Former shareholders remained owners of several production lines, for example, Lipetsk Byuvet water and FrutoNanny baby food. On this basis, entrepreneurs created Progress JSC, in which Belyavtseva has 35%.

Olga also has major stakes in other companies: the manufacturer of plastic caps Biplast and the producer of marketable apple Agronom-Sad. Until 2016, she fully controlled the shares of Bipak, a manufacturer of grocery packaging and corrugated cardboard, and financed the construction of the Rubin village near Moscow..

In 2014, Olga Belyavtseva was in second place on the list of the richest women in Russia, in 2015-2017 – in third.

4. Natalia Fileva ($ 600 million)

Natalia Fileva

Natalya Fileva – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the S7 group of companies, owner of the Globus and Sibir airlines. In the general list of Russian businessmen, she takes 172 – place. The family of the couple Fileva began in 1997, when they bought back the shares of Sibir from employees. In the next few years, the company developed through the takeover of small carriers. The last major merger was gaining control of the bankrupt Vnukovo Airlines.

It is noteworthy that four years earlier Vnukovo Airlines themselves tried to absorb Siberia, but were refused. In 2002, Siberia entered the second line in terms of passenger traffic in Russia. In 2008, after rebranding and restructuring, it became the “S7 Group”. It is believed that Natalya was the initiator of such changes..

Natalya Fileva is a public person. She regularly gives interviews and answers questions from journalists. Recently, at the Russian Investment Forum, she expressed gratitude to the engineering and entrepreneurial genius Ilon Mask: “He is gorgeous. He does not make money, but changes the world – this must be admitted ”.

3. Elena Rybolovleva ($ 600 million)

Elena Rybolovleva

Elena Rybolovleva entered the top ten richest Russians as a result of the divorce proceedings against billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. In 2014, a Geneva court ordered the businessman to transfer $ 4.53 million to Swiss ex-wife, Swiss real estate and other property by another $ 563 million, and in 2015, he reduced the amount of compensation to $ 604 million. In October 2015, the parties reached an agreement and completed the divorce, which lasted 7 years.

Elena Rybolovleva – the first person in the top 200 rich of Russia, who got into it due to a family break.

2. Tatyana Bakalchuk ($ 600 million)

Tatyana Bakalchuk

Tatyana Bakalchuk and her husband Vladislav are a Russian example of true self-made millionaires. They started in 2004: they took orders for German clothes from the Quelle and Otto catalogs, Tatyana personally picked up the parcels, while raising a child. Gaining momentum, the business has turned into a giant online store – Wildberries. Now it is the largest network platform for the sale of shoes and clothes in the Russian Federation and the CIS..

Tatyana Bakalchuk is among the top 5 richest women in Russia since 2014, but rarely speaks at conferences and almost does not attend industry events. When asked about the reasons for this, she replies that she does not devote time to the press, because it distracts from work.

1. Elena Baturina ($ 1200 million)

Elena Baturina

The richest women in Russia and the first place – Elena Baturina. For many years she has been leading the ranking of the wealthiest Russians. The ex-wife of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov invests in European real estate and alternative energy. Under her leadership, the BE OPEN Charity Foundation supports young writers, sociologists, architects, designers and philosophers..

The first line of this rating has remained with Elena for more than 10 years in a row, and she is also among the 1000 richest people in Russia (79th place). In 2010, according to Forbes, she was the richest woman in the world ($ 2.9 billion).

In addition to the main business area, Elena Baturina is engaged in horse breeding, equestrian sports, social activities (the national project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian Citizens”, “NOOSPHERE”, “House for the World”), supports golf (Russian Open Golf Championship), culture and art (“Russian Seasons”, “Jazza Nova”).

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