What do Russian entrepreneurs post on Instagram

In 2018, the number of registered users in the Instagram app has more than 1.1 billion people. The degree of activity of each is completely different. According to a survey conducted by the VTsIOM in December 2017, 14% of Russian Internet users use their Instagram account every day or almost every day. It’s extremely difficult for some to imagine their life without this social network, while others quite easily manage not to focus on it and not update the feed every minute.

Russian businessmen also use these applications. Although not everyone finds enough time on it. And yet, we decided to check what our entrepreneurs post on Instagram and which one is worth subscribing to.

Arkady Novikov

Publication by Arkadiy Novikov (@novikovarkadiy)

Probably the most famous Russian restaurateur. He began his career (who would have thought) as a cook and gradually climbing up the career ladder in 1992 he was able to open his first restaurant “Siren”. Under the terms of the lease, since the institution was located in the building of the technical school, Arkady fed students meals, charging a nominal fee for this. Then there was a long journey in the restaurant industry and about 30 different and unique completed projects.

As befits a real cook, Arkady very often uploads photos of food and ready-made food to his account. You can find meat products, fish, pasta and sweets in abundance on Novikov’s Instagram. In addition, he also does not forget about joint photos with friends, family and partners. Our restaurateur is a lover of some fun, as evidenced by the photo above.

Artemy Lebedev

Publication by Artemy Lebedev (@temalebedev)

The designer, the owner of the studio of the same name and a very extravagant person Artemy Lebedev loves to go against the system. Even on social networks, Lebedev is tearing up templates; his publications are very different from what other entrepreneurs post on Instagram. If Novikov uploads a photo of the finished meal, then Lebedev uploads a photo of the food eaten. And he does it exclusively. In his account you will not find other images. Only empty plates with leftover food.

Dmitry Grishin

Publication by Dmitry Grishin (@grishin)

Dmitry Grishin is a co-founder of Mail.ru Group and a venture investor. If you do not know who it is, then on his instagram it will be difficult for you to understand that this person is one of those who determines the face of the Russian Internet. His publications, before being touched, are typical. Here he is on vacation, and here at the wedding, and here he is holding a newborn child. Only photos with celebrities give Grishin a little, including Zemfira, Vladislav Tretyak and Misha Galustyan.

Eugene Kaspersky

Publication by Eugene Kaspersky (@e_kaspersky)

Eugene Kaspersky is a Russian programmer and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of information security, the head of Kaspersky Lab. Eugene began his career by working at a research institute under the USSR Ministry of Defense. There, in 1989, he ran into the Cascade virus and, analyzing the virus code, developed a special utility for its treatment. Subsequently, Kaspersky became very interested in this topic..

Now Eugene travels a lot. You will be able to see the bewitching views of Tokyo, Panama, the Svalbard archipelago and even acid lakes in the account of Kaspersky. The main defender of the Russian Internet loves to travel around the world so much that he even published the book “Top 100 Places in This World That You Must See”.

Pavel Durov

Publication by Pavel Durov (@durov)

Pavel Durov became known thanks to the launch of the domestic social network Vkontakte. Durov is a specific person, and that is why in 2011 Pavel got into third place on the Forbes list of “9 most unusual Russian businessmen – extravagancies, cranks and eccentrics.” He leads a tough and arrogant business, as evidenced by his recent conflict with ILV.

Pavel Durov is not very active on Instagram. The account has a total of 152 publications, where the most memorable of his photos with a naked torso.

Evgeny Chichvarkin

Publication by Eugene Chichvarkin (@tot_samy_chichvarkin)

The list of what entrepreneurs spread on Instagram just could not have done without this person. Evgeny Chichvarkin is also one of the most extravagant Russian entrepreneurs. A preacher of libertarian economic and political views, the man who opened the Euroset network of mobile phone stores in Russia.

In 2009, Chichvarkin was charged with kidnapping, but before that he managed to emigrate to the UK by selling Euroset to ANN investment company. In 2011, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation terminated the criminal case against Chichvarkin.

This fact still does not allow Eugene to return to his homeland. In London, he was able to open the Hedonism wines wine boutique and Hide’s signature restaurant. He actively talks about his business success on Instagram, plays polo and has his own hashtag # cloche-deluxe, which denotes the style inherent in French vagrants.

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