What successful people don’t say – 10 phrases that you need to refuse

Think about it – most wealthy people have enough money, but at the same time they continue to work and conduct their business from year to year. What for?

For them, building a business empire, self-improvement or climbing to the next peak is an integral part of existence. They do not stop working even after reaching a major goal, because they simply can’t refuse it and live without constant forward movement.

If you are interested in how the working and personal space of a successful person is arranged, or if you yourself want to achieve great heights, pay attention to the following 10 phrases that you should refuse. This is what successful people don’t say and what shapes their behavior.

1. “I will do it later”

what successful people don’t say

Procrastination and procrastination are for the weak-willed. Successful people perfectly manage their personal time, so they ideally avoid putting off “for tomorrow”. This habit is unprofitable for them and, to be honest, not interesting.

Progress of a professional to success is ensured by a clear system of distribution of interests. If a task needs to be completed, there will be time for it. If it is not, it will be delegated to another person or ignored..

2. “I surrender”

what successful people don’t say

What successful people do not say is that exact phrase. The legendary Michael Jordan once said: “No obstacles should stop you. If you run into a wall, do not abandon the target and do not turn around to leave. Think about how to overcome it: rise, go around and even go right through. ” This is how financially independent people relate to circumstances that overtake them..
Failure is a solution long forgotten by successful businessmen. Of course, sometimes they fail and make mistakes. For example, Steve Jobs once voted against the iPhone, and Jeff Bezos released the failed Amazon Fire phone. However, Jobs later created one of the richest corporations in the world, and Bezos became one of the e-commerce ambassadors..

Learn from failures, but never give up.

3. “This is not my fault”

what successful people don’t say

Using the example of many famous leaders, we know that they can take responsibility. Shifting blame on other team members is a sign of unprofessionalism. Leaders use their status to inspire others to move to the heights together.

Taking responsibility for something going wrong, even if you stay away, is the right leadership position. Any entrepreneur must be able to motivate himself and others to get out of adverse situations “with a shield”.

4. “I am satisfied”

what successful people don’t say

As you probably know, successful ones are oriented to high standards. And since they do not hesitate to take responsibility and focus extremely on important things, they rarely have to face satisfaction.

On the contrary, they are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve themselves and their cause. The inner desire for continuous achievement of new heights is what motivates the most successful people to become such and excite us with yet another triumphs..

5. “I am young and have a lot of time”

what successful people don’t say

Time is a funny thing. At some point, you feel as if you have all the time in the world to achieve your goals, and the next time you realize that you are very far from the task that you planned to accomplish.

Successful people, as a rule, feel the urgency of their professional affairs and goals. Their impatience forces them to take decisive actions that help to literally seize time by the tail. This habit allows them to avoid many difficulties and problems. She also protects them from unnecessary concessions to their primary needs. Since they are always busy with something, they do not have an excess of time to satisfy their whims..

6. “I hope I will do it someday”

what successful people don’t say

This is what successful people do not say. Always remember that you may not have a second chance. Therefore, you should not have the hope that some work will become better on its own and some other circumstances, magically, will favor your success. Instead of hoping, act. Devote yourself right now to working on projects that have a good chance of success and that involve an acceptable level of risk. If you focus on work and perseverance, you will not need to pray for success. Instead, you create it yourself.

7. “I Will Never Be Like My Boss”

what successful people don’t say

The best way to improve your career is to become your boss. But if everything was so simple, then it would not be so complicated. That is why many people have doubts about their ability to work for themselves, not to mention the leadership of the team. Nevertheless, to be truly successful, to become independent and independent – this is exactly what is required of you.

Put your doubts aside and begin work on your weaknesses and on the development of strengths. Understand what you like in life, think critically and identify the weak points of the world around you. Such an approach will make you understand on the basis of what kind of problem you can deploy your own business, and how you can be useful to society. Probably your boss once did and thought the same thing..

8. “I am not talented enough to be successful”

what successful people don’t say

When most people doubt their abilities, they bury them deep inside and avoid confronting their own fears. From the fact that a person pretends that he does not have weaknesses and shortcomings, he suffers professionally and begins to be content with what he has.

When successful people have doubts and shortcomings that interfere with them, they try to eliminate them in order to become better. Regardless of age, position, or time, you can always start learning. Foreign languages, programming, design or something else, everything can be trained.

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a plan on how to eliminate them. Do not spread rot for what you do not know or do not know how, because this is what successful people do not say.

9. “Everything has been invented before us”

what successful people don’t say

It is easy to think that everything was done before us, and that your idea of ​​a small business will turn out to be far from revolutionary. If every person thought so, the world would stop in its progress.

Often, new ideas are based on those solutions that have already been applied in neighboring industries. Examples include cloud-based music services such as Spotify or sites such as Uber. These enterprises used existing technologies and business models, but applied them to areas in which innovation was clearly lacking for a long time..

10. “I am not what I seem to be, and one day people will understand it.”

what successful people don’t say

During a conversation with TED in 2010, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Cheryl Sandberg, shared that she was suffering from attacks of “impostor syndrome”. It’s a feeling that at some point your peers will realize that you are not as talented as they originally assumed.

This is a natural feeling for those who have recently come to success, and it is very dangerous. You must find the strength in yourself to develop your confidence and work, despite the fear of being supposedly not who you are. Otherwise, as Sandberg says, it could ruin your promising career..

Success requires commitment, clear priorities, energy and passion. Although you must be a qualified professional, you must also maintain a certain attitude. This is the attitude that motivates you to set great goals and achieve them through your own perseverance and dedication..

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