What the rich do and do not do poor people every day.

Not everything can be obtained with the help of money, but some things help them earn money. And rich people know them well. It has been proven that the wealthiest people have a set of habits that are fulfilled every day, helping to stay motivated, energetic and focused. And it helps to increase the condition.

Copying the habits of wealthy people, perhaps, will not make you one of the richest people in the world, but it will certainly benefit in the desire to secure a decent life for yourself. Let’s find out what the rich do and do not the poor and what helps them succeed.

1. They keep calm

what the rich do and the poor do not

If you want to become rich, the ability to control emotions is one of the first habits of behavior that you should master.

Certified financial planner and accountant Tom Corley, who interviewed 233 rich and 128 poor people from March 2004 to March 2007, wrote The Rich Habits. In it, he writes that self-control is the paramount trait of character for a successful person.

“When you give freedom to your emotions, you literally cut off half your brain,” Corley wrote on the Rich Habits blog in November 2016. “The prefrontal cortex stops working when emotions, good or bad, manifest themselves. This is especially bad in situations where you experience failure, because it is at this time that you need all the mental activity to control events. ”.

2. They set goals and stick to them

what the rich do and the poor do not

It is impossible to become rich without clear planning and discipline..

This advice can be heard from many successful individuals. Including – from Idan Shpizar, who sold the 911 Restoration business, costing him $ 3,000, for $ 27 million (this system helps people restore housing after the floods). Idan says focusing on goals is the difference between survival and success.

“Many people jump into business with a burning head, but do not have goals, strategy, plan. With the addition of planning, life immediately begins to change. ”.

If you still prefer free style, but it does not produce results, perhaps it’s time to take over the habit of organization and discipline from self-made millionaires such as Spizar.

3. They make up daily to-do lists.

what the rich do and the poor do not

In Rich Habits, Corley came across one more conclusion: daily to-do lists are a key habit of most successful individuals. In fact, his research showed that 81% of the rich and only 19% of the poor people adhere to this habit..

“Successful people are focused. They constantly set goals, and plans for the day are put on the appropriate list, ”Corley wrote..

If you want to start living as a rich person, make daily lists of goals or activities. List in them only realistic things that with a probability of at least 80% you can complete on this day. Prioritize the list, indicate the time to complete.

At the end of the day, as Corley advises, evaluate the success of the list. Accountability helps to plan more clearly in the future..

4. They do not watch TV

what the rich do and the poor do not

According to Corley, most affluent people generally do not watch television. According to his book, 67% of the rich do not watch TV for more than an hour a day. In turn, 77% of poor people do this for at least an hour. The author of the study also says that only 9% of the rich are interested in watching reality shows, against 78% of the poor.

Thus, answering the question “How can I become more successful and wealthy?”, I should significantly reduce my passion for watching TV and YouTube. It is also advisable to devote time to those programs that bring you closer to your personal goals, and not just “kill time”. This is what the rich do and the poor do not..

5. They make contacts

what the rich do and the poor do not

A wide network of acquaintances is one of the main factors of personal success. On a Rich Habits blog, Corley indicated that 79% of affluent people devote at least five hours a month to networking. Among poor people only 16%.

To expand the professional circle of acquaintances, you should start with a personal one. For example, contact your classmates, classmates, or university professors, contact your colleagues at your current and previous job, and chat with friends and family members. Each of these contacts can lead you to new, even more useful and promising..

Integration with like-minded people is an integral part of individual success. Therefore, take the habit of sociability and openness to dating.

6. They are self-learning

what the rich do and the poor do not

Even the most successful people in the world did not know how to become a millionaire from birth. They studied this issue and brought up in themselves the characteristics necessary for this. And most of them managed to “make themselves from scratch”.

According to Corley, such people listen to podcasts, read business books. They have a hunger for knowledge. A study for the book “Rich habits” showed that 63% of rich people listen to audio books on their way to work. And only 5% are poor. This is a huge difference in what the rich do and the poor do not..

If you are ready to join the ranks of the successful, make self-education your priority in your free time. Many free audio books from the best authors of the world for readers with any level of training can be found in open sources on the Internet.

7. They invest

what the rich do and the poor do not

It might seem that investing is not a habit. But in reality, a rich person knows the power of investment and develops an understanding of the market. This is part of the standard of behavior and the quality of investments is growing, bringing more and more profit..

In a U.S. study Trust 2017 revealed that, on average, the assets of wealthy people consist of 52% of stocks, 21% of bonds, 20% of cash, 3% of hedge funds and 4% of other investments.

Of course, at the moment, your portfolio probably does not closely resemble the set of assets of a wealthy person (maybe it’s not there, in principle), but separating a small budget for investments today will have a big impact on your condition tomorrow.

8. They “block” their time.

what the rich do and the poor do not

The popular New York Times writer Brandon Burchard, who had the privilege of meeting such top-notch personalities as Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson, is a proponent of blocking time for himself..

“Create scheduled time blocks to accomplish one thing. Use this block of time to improve your life, find time for creative activity, develop strategies, work hard on one aspect of the work. If you do not have planned time blocks in today’s calendar, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to improve. “.

9. They know when the day ends

what the rich do and the poor do not

In an article for Inc.com, entrepreneur and writer Murray Newlands wrote that one of the seven habits of successful people is to know when to stop working..

“Often, as a self-employed businessman, I risk falling into the usual and familiar trap for many when I think I will do more if I linger. Stop working at 5 or 6 p.m. and don’t do anything related to work at this time, except checking email and messages on the phone. ”

Providing sufficient rest to the mind and body is an important part for maintaining working tonus and determination. Therefore, a reasonable approach to work should also be made a habit..

10. They have a healthy diet.

what the rich do and the poor do not

If you, thinking about what rich people eat, think about the expensive red look and steaks from the best beef varieties, then you are mistaken.

Healthy eating is the habit of many self-made millionaires, including Tony Robbins, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer, and business strategist. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine are completely excluded from his diet..

In October 2017, Business Insider spoke with Robbins personal trainer, Billy Beck. He said that a millionaire has coconut bread and eggs of different sizes for breakfast, a large green salad with avocado for lunch, and pure organic protein with vegetables and potatoes for dinner..

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