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The design of the main attribute of the Christian holiday can be very simple, but very stylish. Making original eggs for Easter is easy in minutes using permanent markers, colored silk, acrylics or food coloring. Choose a method that will save time, effort and at the same time get an unusual design.

Marble Indigo

Marble Indigo

This method is ideal for those who do not know how to draw, but want to create a stylish design. The result is somewhat similar to that obtained after the Shibori technique, when the fabric is dyed by twisting or squeezing. Spray paint on the surface of the egg. You can do this with any brush. It is advisable to use a very liquid paint – varnish + water or food coloring are suitable.


Picturesque eggs for Easter

It is better to create this design with the help of pastel acrylic paints – blue, white, beige, sand. You can use bright shades, but these colors are better suited for the spring holiday. Pre-create the background or just apply neat strokes to the entire surface.

Black and white graphic.

Black and white graphic.

If you are not going to eat eggs, then use only the shell. Carefully make a hole with the thumbtack and let the inner contents drain completely. Then proceed with the design – draw the ornament first with a pencil, then with a permanent black marker.


Beige Easter Eggs with White Ornament

Beautiful eggs are obtained in the presence of a brown shell. Using a white marker, stripes, zigzags, geometric shapes, circles, dots, waves, labels are created. In this case, it is recommended to fill the surface of the eggs in small parts. Be sure to wait until the marker dries, so as not to smear the paint.



An option for those who love nature and plants. First, a dark background is created from acrylic paint, then the necessary contour is applied with a pencil. At the same time, it is recommended for beginners to sketch from simple floral images. After the contours of the flowers are outlined, paint them with multi-colored acrylic paints. To make the surface shiny, apply varnish on top.


Space design

It is not as difficult to depict galaxies as it might seem at first glance. The secret lies in patiently creating multiple layers. First, a black background is created from acrylic paint, then various cosmic shades are applied with a sponge brush. Use blue, violet, lilac, orange tones. Stars can be applied by spraying with white paint..

Floral watercolor

Floral watercolor patterns

This design option is suitable for creating a romantic, tender atmosphere. The pattern on the egg is unique and a bit abstract. Before you start drawing, create a background of food coloring and water. When the shade is completely dry, apply flowers with a pencil, then paint them with watercolors. Circle the contours of plants with a black permanent marker.

Fruit or vegetable ornament

Easter eggs in the form of vegetables and fruits

In shape, eggs are similar to pineapples, watermelons, zucchini, and eggplant. To turn them into vegetables or fruits, you will need acrylic paint in different shades, green cardboard, a black permanent marker. First cover the shell with yellow or purple to get a pineapple or eggplant. Cut leaves and stems from cardboard, glue them to the eggs. Marker indicate hollows, flakes, stripes that are on the peel of a fruit or vegetable.

Decorative ribbons

Decorative ribbons

If you have no time to draw ornaments, then you can go for a trick and just stick on geometric shapes, stripes. Use decorative ribbons for this. If they are too wide, then with scissors cut circles, triangles, squares and other shapes, randomly stick them on the shell. The strips can be attached in the same way, parallel to each other or crossing each other.

Silk tie ornament

Silk tie ornament

In this case, raw eggs are used. They are wrapped in silk flaps, then in muslin, bandaged with cotton thread, placed in a solution of 50% warm water, 50% white vinegar. In this form, the eggs are boiled for about 45 minutes. To make the pigment print better, wrap them in silk flaps.


Decorating Eggs for Easter with Confetti

After painting the shell, wait for it to dry completely. Next, apply glue to a specific area, sprinkle confetti on top. It can be plain, shiny or multi-colored. Any option goes well with a neutral background. The resulting original beautiful eggs for Easter are suitable for a buffet with colleagues or for a family dinner.


Easter eggs with inscriptions

This design of Easter eggs is especially recommended for those who want to not only please guests with original gifts, but also make text messages for them. Labels can be printed on adhesive paper or created from stickers with letters. Place small parts with tweezers on already painted eggs.

Tissue paper confetti

Tissue paper confetti

To decorate Easter eggs, use the traditional decoupage technique. This technique will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. Pre-cut small squares or other geometric shapes from multi-colored napkins. Next, apply the blanks to the surface, cover with water, after drying with liquid glue.


Easter Egg Gradients

The ombre effect is created in minutes on already hard-boiled eggs. Place them in a container so that most remains at the top. Apply spray paint to the shell. Be careful and do not spray it too much, otherwise unsightly smudges will form and spoil the effect of a smooth transition of color.

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