5 diet foods that make you fat

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Proper nutrition for weight loss is based on a balanced diet. For many years, people tried to lose weight with diet products. Many of them turned out to be food that does not contribute to weight loss. The use of such products only leads to the fact that a person gets fat.

Diet soda

Diet soda with ice

Sodium bicarbonate refers to drinks, and not to food. Drinking it is one of the big mistakes when losing weight. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that provoke fullness. This increases the risk of heart disease, causes a slowdown in metabolism..

Low Fat Products

Fruit yogurt

Such food does not help health, figure, it can even harm. This is due to a lot of sugar. It is added to fat-free products to enhance flavoring properties. For example, 100 g of low-calorie yogurt contains 30 g of sugar. This is more than a glass of Coca-Cola.

The use of fatty dairy products is associated with weight gain in middle-aged, elderly women. Calorie-free foods further increase your risk of developing overweight or obesity. For this reason, eat Greek yogurt with fresh chopped fruits so you don’t get fat..

Low calorie flakes

Cereal with milk

This breakfast product contains a lot of sugar. This minimizes all the beneficial properties of such nutrition. Refined sugars provoke weight gain, the development of heart disease, and cancer. Cereal producers deliberately mislead consumers. Marketers advertise the product as low-fat food or made from whole grains. This is an attempt to deceive people who care about their weight, health.

Often on the label, the top two paragraphs in the ingredients section indicate the sugar or refined grains. Eat chopped whole wheat or oats with fresh fruits for breakfast. It is healthier than purchased instant cereals..

Low Calorie Frozen Food

Frozen vegetables

One of the worst options for losing weight is eating fat-free foods that are cooked. Frozen, unhealthy, fattening foods are filled with sodium. They contain saturated fats, many calories and a minimum of vitamins or minerals..

Frozen foods are intensively treated with preservatives to increase shelf life. Read the composition on the label. If refined carbohydrates, sodium and other harmful additives are indicated there, it is better to refuse such food.

Energy Bars

Energy Bars

High protein foods often contain a lot of sugar. This increases the caloric value. Regular use of protein bars with a passive lifestyle will lead to obesity. Manufacturers develop these products for a snack or meal replacement 1-2 times a week. You cannot daily replenish bars full breakfast or lunch.

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