7 beneficial properties of green coffee for the body

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Green coffee beans are not a special variety, but the same beans, only unroasted. They differ from brown ones in that they retain a powerful antioxidant – chlorogenic acid, which disappears when exposed to high temperatures. The extract obtained from fresh beans, many consider a panacea. Will he help to lose weight without diets, maintain health and active longevity, or is this another myth?

Fat burning

How to drink green coffee while losing weight

Chlorogenic acid helps to quickly lose weight. It reduces carbohydrate absorption, normalizes blood sugar and insulin production. Acid reduces fat reserves in the liver and enhances the action of hormones involved in fat burning. Along the way, it reduces inflammation, due to which metabolism is disturbed and type 2 diabetes develops. For this reason, dried coffee bean extract is the most sought after natural weight loss supplement..

In unprocessed grains, caffeine is also present (20-50 mg per capsule), which speeds up the metabolism by 3-7%, which leads to intense calorie burning. This helps to maintain weight. Caffeine also has negative properties. It can cause insomnia, increased nervousness, arrhythmias, so do not use the extract in doses of more than 3000 mg per day.

Appetite suppressant

The benefits of green coffee

Green Coffee Bean Extract helps people become slim because it dulls the urge to eat. A person begins to snack less often and reduces the size of his servings, so the number of calories consumed is reduced.

Green coffee beans increase the effectiveness of any diet for weight loss. They inhibit the formation of subcutaneous fat..

If an adult will use such an extract five times a day for 8-12 weeks, then he will lose 2.5-3.7 kg more weight than when using a drink from brown grains. Take green beans in the form of tablets, they are dissolved in water or added to coffee.

You can brew grain. Method of preparation and use:

  1. Pour 1.5 tbsp. l beans in a pan, pour 400 ml of water.

  2. Simmer for 10 minutes. To rate.
  3. It is better to start their use with a small dose: 800 mg twice a day half an hour before meals.
  4. If side effects occur (diarrhea, headache, constipation), then you will have to abandon the remedy.

Cholesterol control

An extract from coffee beans that have not been cooked cleanses and strengthens blood vessels. Long-term supplementation helps lower cholesterol. A positive result is noticeable even with the daily use of small doses of 200-400 mg. The tool prevents heart pathologies and the development of cardiovascular diseases, but because of the high caffeine content it can be dangerous for people with persistent high blood pressure..

Neurological Disease Prevention

An extract from unroasted coffee tree beans reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and also slows its progression. The inclusion of supplements in the diet of patients who suffer from dementia improves their mental state.

Body rejuvenation

The content of chlorogenic acid in coffee beans

The rejuvenating effect of green coffee is associated with the presence of chlorogenic acid and other antioxidants in its composition. These substances help keep the body healthy. If 400 mg of the extract is consumed daily for two months, the signs of aging will slow down.

Anti-aging effect of extracts from green coffee beans on the skin:

  • dryness decreases;

  • redness passes;
  • elasticity increases;
  • small wrinkles disappear;
  • healthy shine appears.

Pressure reduction

Eating green coffee beans lowers blood pressure, it only helps people with moderate degrees of hypertension. After using the supplement in high doses (over 800 mg per day), the pressure normalizes after 2 weeks. Low daily doses (50-140 mg) are also useful for hypertension, but when they are taken, the pressure stabilizes only after a month and a half. The upper indicators are reduced by 5-10 units, the lower ones by 3-7.

For people with severe hypertension, the first intake of green bean extract immediately in a large dose is dangerous – caffeine is present in the supplement, which can cause a sharp jump in pressure. This effect is less common in people who regularly drink regular coffee or tea..


Extra Benefits of Coffee Beans

The amount of caffeine in green coffee beans is lower than in regular ones, so when consumed they do not overexcite the nervous system. Only those supplements that contain pure extract are given energy. When choosing, make sure that the composition does not contain cellulose and other binders.

The use of green coffee beans in moderate doses has a positive effect on mental health:

  • uplifting;

  • increases concentration;
  • gives vigor;
  • improves memory;
  • relieves fatigue.
  • energizes.
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