Brazil nut – benefits and harms for women. Properties, composition and contraindications for taking a Brazil nut

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The best diet for maintaining optimal health is a varied but well balanced diet. If you want to supplement your menu with these exotic nuts, read more not only about the benefits of eating them, but also about the potential harm to the body that carries such a product.

What is Brazil nut good for?

These fruits fall on supermarket shelves from afar. Crops of Brazilian (another name – American) nuts are harvested from the trees of Bertolite, which grow in South America. Scientists focus on the fact that such fruits are actually plant grains. Even in any photo you can see in detail that the flesh of these seeds is not separated from the shell, as is typical for nuts, but in everyday life this nuance does not matter.

What is the benefit of a Brazil nut for a person? The benefits of eating these seeds are for both women and men. Here are the main useful properties of this product:

  • boosts immunity;
  • due to the high content of selenium, it positively affects the thyroid gland, accelerates metabolic processes;
  • improves digestion;
  • helps to reduce sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood;
  • helps to establish reproductive function;
  • reduces the risks of many diseases.

Brazil nuts in a metal scoop

Brazil nut – composition

These grains contain 69% fat in the form of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are very valuable for the body, which gives the nuts a characteristic taste and an oily texture. Also, the composition of the Brazil nut is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, important amino acids. Antioxidant vitamins C, E, group B vitamins and flavonoids contained in such grains, which help vitamin substances to be well absorbed, noticeably benefit humans. A large set of macro- and micronutrients is another factor why the Brazil nut is useful for women. Grains contain:

  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • sodium;
  • selenium;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • copper;
  • manganese.

Brazil nut – calories

The nutritional value of this product is due to its high fat content. When adding these grains to your menu, one must not forget that the calorie content of a Brazil nut is 656 kcal per 100 g – this is almost 50 kcal per 1 nut. Such indicators mean that even a couple of grains of this healthy treat for a woman who monitors the benefits of food consumed will be a good snack.

American walnut is almost a food concentrate due to its valuable nutrients and a wide range of minerals and vitamins, but you should not get too fond of such food. If, with small amounts of consumption, proteins and complex carbohydrates of this product will help to effectively reduce hunger and even contribute to weight loss, then when these grains are consumed in excess of the norm, their high calorie content can significantly harm the grace of the figure.

Brazil nuts in a plate

The benefits of Brazil nuts for women

Enrichment of the diet of the fair sex with this product is highly desirable due to the generous content of selenium in the seeds. This microelement has a beneficial effect on the reproductive function of women. It is not only necessary for the proper maturation of eggs – observing the norms of its consumption, lovely ladies can continue their reproductive age. These fruits are also generous in the content of zinc, which effectively helps in the treatment of skin rashes..

The beneficial properties of the Brazil nut for women are carried by other components that make up the seeds. So, thiamine (vitamin B1) helps to keep hair and nails beautiful, produces a general anti-aging effect. Vitamins C and E, contained in the grains of this fruit, also contribute to maintaining the proper level of regenerative processes in the skin so that a woman looks beautiful, well-groomed. These powerful antioxidants also actively fight free radicals, effectively preventing even cancerous diseases..

Brazil nut during pregnancy

What else you need to know about Brazil nut – the benefits and harms for women of this product should be especially carefully considered while waiting for a child. So, selenium, which is part of these grains, effectively prevents cell mutations, so that the baby does not have congenital malformations and pathologies. The Brazil nut for pregnant women is also recommended because the set of minerals and amino acids contained here is able to effectively supply the woman’s body with the necessary substances for the full development of the fetus. Only the consumption of a large number of such seeds can be harmful..

Brazil nut oil

The production of this valuable product on an industrial scale is established in South America – where Bertoleia grows. Brazil nut oil is useful not only when eaten. It is widely used in cosmetology as a good moisturizing component in masks and creams, and in medicine this product can be used as a wound healing agent.

If you use this oil as an additive to the diet (in the right amount!), Then it can bring considerable benefits for women. In fact, such a product is a concentrate containing all the substances from the seeds that are important for the body. When eating American walnut oil, the hormonal background is normalized, which effectively helps women get rid of the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome, increase fertility, and ladies of mature age – delay the onset of menopause.

Brazil nut oil in a bottle

Brazil nut – harm

Complementing your diet with such a useful gift of nature, you need to be familiar with some of the limitations and contraindications to the use of these seeds. Important: to exclude the harm of the Brazil nut, the daily norm of this product should not be more than 2-3 grains! Excessive use of these seeds often causes severe allergies, but selenium poisoning is an even more serious consequence of its excess in the diet..

This condition manifests itself as a very strong intoxication of the body, in which the liver is seriously affected. A person feels nauseous, begins to smell garlic from his mouth and from the skin, although he did not eat this seasoning. The patient begins severe vomiting, confusion, the sclera of the eyes may turn yellow. This poisoning requires immediate treatment.!

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