Classic salad of crab sticks: recipes

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Crab salad in Russia has already become a culinary classic. There are many recipes for it – with tomatoes, cucumbers, Beijing cabbage, mushrooms, pineapples, etc. It is cooked mixed or in layers, and served in a common deep salad bowl or portioned in a bowl, bowls.

Classic recipe

  • Time: 40 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 5-6 Persons.
  • Difficulty: available for beginners.

A classic salad of crab sticks is prepared with white rice, round or long-grain – it does not matter. Mayonnaise can be fully or partially replaced with low-fat sour cream, and sticks with crab meat.


  • rice – 0.1 kg;
  • egg – 8 pcs.;
  • crab sticks – 0.2 kg;
  • corn – 340 g;
  • mayonnaise sauce – 0.25 l;
  • onions (green) – 1 bunch;
  • spice.

Cooking method:

  1. Boil rice until cooked, rinse.
  2. Boil hard-boiled eggs, cool, peel, cut them and crab meat sticks into small cubes. Chop the onion finely.
  3. Drain the liquid from the corn, add the grains to the remaining components.
  4. Salt, add mayonnaise, mix the dish until smooth.

Classic crab stick salad

With fresh cucumber

  • Time: 35 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 8 Persons.
  • Difficulty: available for beginners.

Due to the small amount of ingredients and the presence of cucumbers, this salad is light, fresh. If you want to make it more satisfying, like a traditional olivier, add jacket-boiled potatoes to the set of products.


  • crab sticks – ? kg;
  • egg – 8 pcs.;
  • mayonnaise – 0.2 l;
  • corn (canned) – 1 b.;
  • cucumber (fresh) – 3 pcs.;
  • spice.

Cooking method:

  1. Hard boil eggs, fill with cold water, clean. Then cut them, cucumbers and thawed sticks into small cubes.
  2. Add corn, pre-draining from a can of liquid.
  3. Pour spices (if necessary), season with mayonnaise, mix until smooth.

Classic crab salad with cucumber

With the addition of Beijing cabbage

  • Time: 30 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 5 Persons.
  • Difficulty: available for beginners.

The classic crab salad, Peking cabbage and other vegetables are less nutritious, dietary and very juicy. There are no restrictions on the choice of vegetables, you can add any at your discretion.


  • crab meat sticks – 10 pcs.;
  • corn – 1 b.;
  • pepper (Bulgarian) – 1 pc.;
  • cucumber (fresh) – 2 pcs.;
  • cabbage (Beijing) – 0.25 kg;
  • sour cream – 0.25 l;
  • lemon juice – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • spice.

Cooking method:

  1. Peel the cucumbers, pepper – from the stalk and seeds. Chop them together with crab meat in small cubes. Chop the pekingucca with a sharp knife.
  2. Add the corn, after draining the liquid, season with lemon juice and sour cream.
  3. Salt, if necessary, mix.

Chinese cabbage salad

Puff Crab Salad

  • Time: 30 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 4 Persons.
  • Difficulty: available for beginners.

The classic recipe for crab salad involves mixing all the ingredients, but the dish can be prepared in layers. Creamy cheese, which should have a delicate creamy taste, and an acidic apple give it spicy notes.


  • crab sticks – 0.15 kg;
  • egg (boiled) – 3 pcs.;
  • onion, apple, cheese (processed) – 1 pc.;
  • mayonnaise.

Cooking method:

  1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. First cut into cubes, chop onion and crab meat in the same way.
  2. Yolks, cheese and peeled apple grate.
  3. Lay out the classic crab salad in layers, smearing each with mayonnaise, in the following order: egg whites, cheese, onions, sticks, apple. Garnish with chopped egg yolks with finely chopped greens.
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