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It’s nice to start the day with an invigorating drink. Coffee for a coffee machine in beans will save your time, and the aroma will be remembered for a long time. Toning, tasty drink fell in love with many people. Good grain coffee grows in countries with a tropical climate, is exported to other regions where there are no favorable conditions for its cultivation. But grains are used for other purposes, from which they produce essential oil and make original blends.

Varieties of coffee beans

Specialists count about 200 varieties of coffee beans. The region of growth is an important factor on which taste and aroma depend. An experienced barista, when preparing a unique drink, combines several varieties, adding a little amaretto, which can give a light sweetish aroma. Even a small amount of this drink will allow you to feel cheerful all day..

The most famous and recognizable varieties:

  • Arabica Coffee beans of this variety are grown on plantations of Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, India. Arabica is characterized as a strong, bitter drink. The Kona variety is characterized by sourness, a sweet, velvety taste. Unsurpassed aroma, softness can boast Arabica Mysore.
  • Santos is a Brazilian variety. Coffee beans are small, have a greenish color. This is a very strong and soft drink..
  • Robusta Contains a lot of caffeine. Robusta will provide you with energy all day after one cup in the morning.
  • Kumana, Merida, Koro. Their basis is expensive varieties grown in Venezuela.
  • Zambia AA Lupili. This species is considered to be the best variety of sunny Africa. This species has a pleasant bitterness of orange..
  • Tapanchula and Maragogype are the best Mexican varieties. .Coffee beans with this marking have a very light taste and aroma.

Coffee beans

How to choose coffee beans

A barista or an experienced coffee shop consultant will tell you how to choose coffee beans, which variety to take. In order to enjoy a unique aroma, perfect aftertaste daily, you must correctly determine the variety. Choosing the right coffee beans yourself, a few simple recommendations will help you:

  • It is better to make a purchase at specialized points of sale. As a rule, there is a large assortment and experienced sellers..
  • It is good to feel the packaging – the grains must be intact to preserve their properties. Sniff the pack: it should not have a sweet or sour smell. It is better to give preference to a product whose packaging has a transparent window – so you can visually assess the quality of the grains inside the pack. Packaging must be airtight so that air does not enter.
  • Do not forget to read the contents of the coffee label, there must be indicated the grade, degree of roasting, the presence of flavorings.
  • Remember: a good quality drink cannot be cheap. The price of coffee per 100 grams should be high. If you doubt the choice, there is always the option of buying beans by weight, such coffee will cost inexpensively. Only in order for the grains to maintain their qualities, the packaging has to be tightly closed.

Strong roasted coffee beans on a wooden spatula

Coffee Bean Rating

To find out which grain coffee is the best, you can interview fans of an invigorating elixir or trust the rating. You need to prefer the grains of the sales leaders, they will not upset you with taste and aroma. There are many drinks of Italian and French production, they are pleased with exemplary quality. Coffee Bean Rating:

  • Lavazza – This variety was grown on coffee plantations in South America. It is sweet with a slightly sour tint. Lavazza will win fans of soft aroma.
  • Carte Noire is a synthesis of grains from Africa and America. The drink is not as sharp as espresso, invigorates, goes well with milk. The aroma of this drink will help you mentally find yourself in exotic countries..
  • Ambassador is 100% arabica medium-sized roast. Fruit notes are the main flavor characteristics. Slight sourness may be felt..
  • Jardin. The composition includes a mixture of arabica from different regions and is distinguished by a special roasting process. Fans of the classic version will appreciate the Dessert Cup strong frying. Monosorta with sourness and persistent taste will appeal to absolutely everyone.
  • Saeco is a prime example of the quality use of genuine Indian Arabica. The taste of spices and nuts, and at the end of a slight bitterness refresh before the start of the working day.
  • Jockey is a medium-frying variety with pronounced sourness and rich color. After a cup of such a drink, a nutty aftertaste may remain. Grains can make a tasty drink with a sweet touch.
  • Coffee, which is called the Black Card, is a mixture of several varieties: Colombian and Brazilian. Grains are characterized by light citrus notes, which can give a velvety sweetness and nutty finish. Organic drink can be prepared using a special coffee machine or a turkish tea strainer.

Packed in packs of Italian coffee beans from the brand Lavazza

Elite Coffee Beans

Quality grain coffee costs a lot of money. Such a product will cost more than ground or instant coffee. Gourmets are anxious to choose the best varieties, because after trying only once an invigorating and tonic elixir of great taste, no one can refuse it. The range of elite coffee beans is wide: Blue Mountain, Kopi Luwak, Old Java, Ruiruiru, Yellow Bourbon, Yemen Matari, Ecuador Vilcabamba. It is profitable to buy elite, large coffee beans in the online store.

The price of coffee beans

The charge of energy, the pleasure of a cup of grain coffee directly depends on the quality. On the packet they write what characteristics the prepared drink has. To save money, you need to purchase a large pack in the online store: for this you need to select in the catalog and order on the website. You can receive it later by courier or by mail, delivery is fast and takes from 3 to 5 days.

The price of coffee beans is not the same. The cost consists of many factors, the main of which are – brand, manufacturer, composition. A small table will help you find out how many rubles you will need to pay for a pack of 1 kg:


Price, rub.)



Carte noire
















Black card


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