Drying apples in an electric oven for winter

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This method of harvesting apples allows you to save a variety of vitamins and minerals, which are many in the fresh product. Dried fruits are delicious, have a pleasant tender acidity, and successfully diversify the winter menu. To provide the family with a healthy, natural product, it’s worth looking at step by step photos..

How to dry apples in the oven

Previously, apples were dried under the sun, constantly turning over, saving from rain and insects. Modern household appliances offer less troublesome methods: you can use a microwave, air grill, even a radiator battery. Excellent drying will be obtained using an oven. Electric is preferable to gas, because it gives stable even heating. How to make drying from apples to eat delicious and, importantly, beautiful dried fruits that retain healthy minerals, fiber, and pectins?


Drying in an electric oven requires a selection of quality, ripe, undamaged fruits. It is best to opt for autumn varieties, sweet and sour. Cut the fruits so that the thickness of the slices is the same – no more than a centimeter. Unfolding relies on a single layer. If cut in advance, the pieces will quickly darken. To prevent this from happening, they need to be poured with cold water with salt or citric acid. You can pre-blanch slices or warm them over steam, using a colander, and then dry.

It is necessary to vary the drying temperature of apples. If you plan to complete cooking in 6-8 hours, you must first set 45-50 degrees. After a couple of hours, it is necessary to increase heating to 65-70 ° C, and half an hour before the completion of the process, it should again be reduced to 50 ° C. However, there are other tips on how to prepare the drying: heat a baking sheet with pieces of fruit for 1 hour at 60 degrees to let them dry, then raise the temperature to 70 ° C, and finally make the fire stronger – up to 80-100 ° C. Mix the pieces every hour, and do not close the door of the electric furnace tightly.

Fresh and dried apples

How much to dry apples

Fruits, laid out in an even layer, need 6-8 hours to dry. Drying apples in an electric oven can be prepared immediately on two or three metal sheets. A dense lattice is perfect – the slices will be elastic, brittle. To understand how long it takes to dry apples, one must correctly assess the degree of moisture in the original product. The interior of the furnace will be filled with steam, you need to turn the pieces over so that it goes out. Then you need to lay the finished dryer on a dry cloth so that it finally dries.

Drying apples in the oven at home

This is a time-consuming process, but takes time. Fruits should be washed, if there is a desire – peel the peel, cut into slices or circles, after removing the core, lay it on a baking sheet covered with paper. You need to monitor the process constantly, you can close the door at the end when the moisture evaporates. Turn the pieces every 40-50 minutes to dry evenly so that they do not thin out to a crust, do not burn out. The temperature should be low, as the water evaporates, you can increase it to 80 ° C.

Dried apples in a bowl and fresh fruit

Drying apples in an electric oven with convection

An electric furnace is a convenient device for the home drying process, especially if it has a function such as additional circulation of hot air. It is carried out using a convector – a special fan inside the oven. This cooking method guarantees a uniform, powerful flow of hot air, while the door can not be closed. The drying of apples in an electric oven with convection will be accelerated by a fan – about a third will make it more efficient. How this happens, show recipes with photos.

Dried fruits are required to preserve all the beneficial substances. Then they will become a serious competitor to purchased sweets, an excellent base for fragrant compotes and jelly, a wonderful filling for homemade pies. If you want a sweeter product, you can pre-pour the chopped fruit with sugar syrup for about a day, and then dry it on a grate with convection at 60 degrees for at least 6 hours. Dried fruits are softer, more tender, they cannot be stored for a long time, but this is not required, because they are tasty and eaten quickly.

With fan

How to dry fruits in an electric oven, how can an apple treat look like? First of all, the slices must be plastic. Their fragility means overdrying. If the fruits are given little time, they will remain moist. This will result in quick spoilage of the product. The degree of readiness is also determined by color: the most successful, suitable for storage – light brown. If they are bright, it is better to hold them a little more in case of slight heat with a half-open door.

If it is possible to dry apples in the oven of an electric stove equipped with a fan, then they will turn out to be bright, beautiful, smooth. We study photoreceptions, how to cook dried fruits:

  1. Preheat oven, place baking sheets with slices.
  2. In an hour and a half, turn the fruit slices. Set the temperature at 70-80 ° C.
  3. Reduce heat when excess water evaporates. With this mode (50 degrees) hold for 2 hours.
  4. Cooking lasts 3-6 hours, it depends on the initial moisture content of the fruit.

Dried apples and pears

In what mode should apples be dried

How to cook fruit in the oven so that they do not lose their benefits, the whole family likes and becomes a real treat? It is necessary to observe the following algorithm of actions:

  1. At first they languish and wither at 50 degrees.
  2. After an hour, the heat can be increased to 70 ° C. And then the process of evaporation of excess water will begin. It is important not to close the stove tightly.
  3. Then the temperature rises to 80-90 ° С.

The recipe for fragrant fruit treats for the winter varies, it depends on the power of the electric furnace, on how juicy and ripe fruits are selected. In what mode to dry apples, the hostess chooses. The principle remains stable: increase the temperature gradually, up to 60-80 degrees, keep the oven half open, so that the apple pulp gives off moisture faster. Sliced ​​fruits must be turned over, tedged with them – they should not “stick” to a baking sheet or parchment paper.

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