Dumplings in the microwave – how to cook. How to cook or fry frozen dumplings in the microwave

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It would seem that dumplings are such a familiar and beloved food that no secret of their preparation is left. But there are secrets of modern cuisine that make the familiar dish even more tasty, juicy and tender..

How to cook dumplings in the microwave

Mistresses are accustomed to cooking their favorite dish in the standard way – on a gas or electric stove. But cooking with a microwave has a number of undeniable advantages: time is reduced, and the high taste qualities of the product are preserved. By putting the container with the product in the microwave, you can go about your business and wait for the sound signal that tells you that the food is ready.

If the product is properly moistened, the dough will not become watery, retain its shape and will not fall into pieces, the filling will remain juicy and tender. To achieve this goal, you need to correctly set the furnace power: different models have from 500 to 1,600 watts. When cooking in this way for the first time, take a little more water than indicated in the recipe. Having specified the level of evaporation of the liquid and the readiness of the product, you will know how much to cook dumplings in the microwave of your model. There are simple rules that ensure the success of the taste of the finished dish:

  • special dishes for the oven;
  • the right amount;
  • freezing of finished products.

How to cook dumplings in the microwave

For cooking using microwave ovens, special glass, refractory dishes are required. If this is not the case, you can use a simple, voluminous plate without a golden ornament or cook directly in the bag. Having put the necessary ingredients, cover with another plate instead of the lid. Cooking dumplings in the microwave is not difficult, but when faced with this for the first time, it is better to use a simple recipe.

A dozen frozen semi-finished products pour 150 ml of a little salted water. Salt can not be put at all, it all depends on the individual taste preferences. The power of the microwave oven is 800 watts, the timer is 12 minutes. After the beep, get a plate, season the finished dish with your favorite spices, butter, sour cream, ketchup, fresh herbs.

Ready boiled dumplings with herbs

How to cook dumplings in a microwave with water

  • cooking time: 10 minutes
  • number of servings: 1 person
  • calorie content: 270 kcal / 100g
  • destination: for lunch
  • Cuisine: Russian
  • difficulty of preparation: easy

Dumplings in the microwave cook even faster if they are filled with hot water. After a couple of minutes, you need to suspend the device, remove the container, mix the ingredients and put it back again. Three minutes later, the food will be completely ready. The dough with this method is elastic and tender, the meat retains juiciness and a rich, natural taste.


  • frozen products – 15 pieces;
  • water – 1 cup;
  • salt, pepper – to taste;
  • bay leaf – 1 piece.

Cooking method

  1. Immerse products in a special container or deep plate without a pattern.
  2. Add water – boiling water or cold (at the discretion of the hostess).
  3. Put parsley, pepper, salt.
  4. Cover on top.
  5. Choose power – 800 W, cook – from 5 to 10 minutes, it all depends on the water, which was originally filled with semi-finished products.
  6. Sprinkle the finished product with chopped herbs.
  7. Add butter or sour cream.

Dumplings boiled in a saucepan and sour cream

How to cook dumplings in a microwave without water

  • cooking time: 8 minutes;
  • number of servings: 1 person;
  • calorie content: 540 kcal / 200g;
  • destination: for breakfast;
  • Cuisine: Russian;
  • difficulty of preparation: easy.

Dumplings in a microwave without water have excellent taste. And although water is not added to the culinary product, it does not lose juice, but is completely saturated with it: both the filling and the dough absorb sour cream sauce. Food prepared in this way just melts in your mouth. To the finished dish, you can fry vegetables, garnish with chopped herbs, pour over melted butter.


  • 12 – 15 pieces of semi-finished products;
  • a glass of sour cream;
  • salt to taste;
  • chopped greens;
  • butter.

Cooking method

  1. Put frozen products.
  2. Pour the product with sour cream, mix.
  3. Add to taste spices.
  4. Cook at maximum power.

Boiled dumplings with sour cream and herbs

How to fry dumplings in the microwave

  • cooking time: 15-18 minutes;
  • Servings Per Container: 3 Persons;
  • calorie content: 1,350 kcal / 0.5 kg;
  • mission: for dinner;
  • Cuisine: Russian;
  • difficulty of preparation: easy.

How to make fried dumplings in the microwave so that they turn out with a golden crust? First they need to be boiled in the simplest way. You need to boil them, pre-fill with boiling water, no more than 5-6 minutes, with a power of 800 watts. In the meantime, prepare the necessary components for the next step. Before frying the boiled semi-finished products, they need to be thrown into a colander, let the broth drain completely. Put the maximum amount of the product on a large, convenient plate so that they do not touch each other. Grill cooking at full power.


  • water -? liter;
  • Dutch cheese – 200 g;
  • butter from the freezer – 120 g;
  • dumplings – 0.5 kg;
  • salt and spices to taste;
  • fresh greens – one bunch.

Cooking method

  1. Sprinkle the products laid out on a roomy plate with spices to taste, grate the butter evenly over the surface.
  2. Grill for 5 minutes.
  3. Take out the product, drain the resulting broth.
  4. Grate cheese on top, leftover butter.
  5. Cook another 3-4 minutes, until golden brown.
  6. Put fresh greens.

Fried dumplings with sauce on a plate

How to cook frozen dumplings in a microwave

Freezing the finished products makes cooking easier: they do not stick together, the dough is softer. If they are cooked at home, then cooked items should be frozen. It is better to prepare the dish in batches, use a small amount at a time: up to 10-15 pieces. Pour frozen semi-finished products with a small amount of water.

Half a glass is enough to prevent the products from being completely covered. In terms of taste, the finished product is obtained as if it were steamed. With a power of 800 watts, they need to be cooked for 5-10 minutes. For refueling, use your favorite spices, sour cream, butter, fresh herbs. Learn in detail how to cook frozen dumplings in the microwave, will allow the recipe with a photo.

Dumplings in a pot in the microwave

  • cooking time: 10 minutes;
  • Servings Per Container: 4 Persons;
  • calorie content: 270 kcal / 100g;
  • mission: for lunch;
  • Cuisine: Russian;
  • difficulty of preparation: easy.

How to cook dumplings in a pot in the microwave so that the dish becomes unusual, you can learn from existing recipes. To do this, you can use mushrooms, meat, fish. You can cook them simply with cheese, or with cheese and sour cream. A tasty dish is obtained if you fry healthy vegetables and shift the product with them. To make the taste unique help the spices that are used to soak the semi-finished products during cooking. In order to know how to bake dumplings in a pot correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with recipes, which are many.


  • semi-finished products – 0.5 kg;
  • sour cream – 150 g;
  • water – 200 ml;
  • ketchup – 70 g;
  • mayonnaise – 50 g;
  • cheese – 200 g;
  • Bay leaf;
  • spices to taste.

Cooking method

  1. Pour semi-finished products with water.
  2. Add spices to taste.
  3. Stir mayonnaise with sour cream and ketchup.
  4. Shuffle all components.
  5. Cook at maximum power for 7-8 minutes.
  6. Pause the oven, add grated cheese.
  7. Turn on the oven for 2-3 minutes until the dish is ready.
  8. Sprinkle with fresh herbs.
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