Feijoa – useful properties and contraindications. Composition and medicinal properties of feijoa jam or juice

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Amazing taste with a slight sourness, a bizarre shape, attractive green color – all this feijoa fruit nicely characterizes. Its beneficial properties positively affect our body, therefore it is necessary to include an exotic product in your diet (in the absence of contraindications) throughout the season.

What feijoa contains?

To taste, this fruit is similar at the same time to strawberries, pineapple and gooseberries. However, its medicinal properties, utility more than exceed the similar indicators of other gifts of nature. Fruits in large quantities contain vitamins and all kinds of micro and macro elements:

  • alanine;
  • arginine;
  • asparagine;
  • glutamine;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • silicon;
  • tannin;
  • tyrosine;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • manganese;
  • phosphorus;
  • folic acid;
  • zinc;
  • iodine;
  • enzymes.

In addition, the feijoa peel contains trace elements: Kakhetin and leukoanthocyanin, which are powerful antioxidants. They are used for the prevention of cancer, maintaining the viability of the immune system, and the complete cleaning of blood vessels. Vitamin C and essential oils have a wide range of useful properties and are actively used in the treatment of colds.

Feijoa fruits

Feijoa – vitamin composition

A ripe oriental guest is a real storehouse of vitamins of different groups. Vitamin A is responsible for the condition of the skin, nails, vitamin B1 oversees the growth, development of the body, improves metabolic processes, and vitamin B3 and its “colleague” vitamin B6 are responsible for the normal course of metabolic processes. Vitamin PP also performs similar functions. Without them, the development of the human body would be impossible. Feijoa Vitamin Composition Helps Provide Us With All The Nutrients In The Winter Season.

Feijoa – iodine content

Compared to other fruits, the feijoa iodine content is 2.5 to 10 times higher. So, 100 grams of fruit contains from 8 to 35 mg of iodine. This indicator varies depending on the variety, the degree of ripeness of the fetus. In addition, this trace element is very well absorbed, therefore it is recommended for use by children, adults, pregnant and lactating women.

What is feijoa good for?

A bizarre fruit with useful properties is a universal fighter, under the pressure of which they will retreat:

  • oncology;
  • problems of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract);
  • anemia;
  • avitaminosis;
  • atherosclerosis.

The benefits of feijoa are scientifically proven, repeatedly confirmed by experts, but it is not worth using it as an alternative to medications (it contains allergens). A comprehensive medical examination should be carried out, appropriate treatment should be prescribed and carried out. The fetus can help to maintain the health of the body, helping to speed up the healing process..

Feijoa fruits in the palms

Feijoa jam – good

An alternative to consuming a fresh fruit can be canning. The benefits of feijoa jam are not inferior to the fresh option, however, it is important to observe the correct preparation. For these purposes, in the season it is worth buying 1 – 2 kg of fresh fruit, sugar and cook in the following sequence:

  • wash the fruits, remove the remnants of flowers that the plant throws in large quantities;
  • cut each fruit into pieces;
  • grind with a blender or meat grinder;
  • grind with sugar in a ratio of 1: 1;
  • put in sterilized jars, close tightly with a lid;
  • keep in a cool place.

Feijoa berry – benefits

The benefits of feijoa berries are known throughout the world and the number of their fans is constantly growing. Meanwhile, this fruit, like any other product, has a number of contraindications, neglecting which, you can cause significant harm to the body:

  • the presence of individual intolerance, allergies;
  • diabetes;
  • excess weight.

If the child first tries the fruit, it is better to start with small portions, for example, adding this healthy exotic fruit to mashed salad. So you can determine how well the body responds to a new product, even if it is rich in trace elements and beneficial properties. Contraindications manifest themselves unexpectedly, because the children’s body is still too vulnerable to external stimuli. Further, the daily rate can be gradually increased.

Feijoa juice

Finding juice on the free market will not be difficult, but it is much more beneficial to drink it yourself. For these purposes, the most ripe fruits are purchased, which must be peeled, passed through a press or a juicer. Mineral or apple water, sugar are traditionally added to the resulting fruit mass. The benefits of feijoa juice are the same as those of fresh fruit. However, it is stored for no more than a few days – this property must be taken into account.

Feijoa Juice

Feijoa – beneficial properties for men

The key beneficial properties of feijoa for men are maintaining the reproductive function, preventing the development of a disease such as prostatitis. Urologists strongly recommend that the stronger sex consume this fruit daily – both prophylactically and in addition to medication for inflammatory processes. An exception and a reason for refusing a product is individual contraindications..

What is beneficial feijoa for women?

A healthy oriental fruit belongs to a number of dietary products that are great for those who want to lose weight. The fat content and calories in it are minimal. Biologically active substances actively contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. The benefits of feijoa for the woman’s body are multifaceted. Only one fruit daily and the diet will be much more effective. In addition, the fetus is often used by cosmetologists: its active ingredients slow down aging and remove minor age wrinkles..

Feijoa for children

The key ingredients are vitamin B5 (pantothenic product) and its counterparts with indices A and C. They can be obtained from synthetic medicines, however, daily use of natural fruit will be more effective, because its nutritional value is an order of magnitude higher. The benefit of feijoa for children is to correct the functioning of the immune system and ensure the normal development of cells. The main thing is to first find out if the child has any prerequisites for the development of allergies. In addition, the fetus has the ability to strengthen or weaken, so you need to carefully monitor the reaction of the body.

Feijoa tree fruits in a wooden bowl and on a table

The healing properties of feijoa

The use of an overseas fetus gives a cumulative effect. In order for the healing properties of feijoa to be fully revealed, and tannins to begin to act actively, it must be consumed for at least a month. During this time, the skin condition will improve, the immune system will strengthen, and the body will begin to better resist infections. Then it remains only to maintain the state.

Feijoa from pressure

The complex use of traditional medicines and feijoa for pressure has been practiced for a long time. It contains amino acids and a very useful pectin, which is responsible for “cleaning” the blood vessels and removing harmful cholesterol from the body before it settles on the walls. However, to keep the achieved result just will not work. Eating a fruit with such beneficial properties should be done as often as possible..

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