How long can I store frozen meat in the refrigerator

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A freezer is a convenient way to store food in reserve. The meat is also frozen, the main thing is to properly prepare it and meet the deadlines. According to the first paragraph, the rules are simple, it is enough to pack the product tightly (in film, and then in foil or a special bag). With the second, knowledge of the basic recommendations of SanPiN (sanitary rules and norms) and the date written on the convolution will help.

How much frozen meat is stored

Meat should be frozen at temperatures below 18 ° C. At higher rates, the shelf life will be reduced. It is important not to forget about common sense – meat can be eaten after a year of freezing, but it will affect its quality and safety. In any case, if the look or smell inspires suspicion, it is better not to risk it and get rid of it. Especially if it is not known how long the meat was stored in a cold storage plant before being delivered to the store.

Beef, pork, lamb

Types of meat

Raw steaks, preparations for roast beef can be stored from 4 months to a year, medallions – up to six months. Since lard, when frozen, loses its structure, becomes loose, then for fatty pieces the shelf life will be less. Sausages will last no longer than one or two months, and bacon is better to use in thirty days.


Fresh chicken meat before freezing

Shelf life depends on the integrity of the carcass. Unfinished chicken or turkey, frozen until one year old, but parts should not be stored for more than nine months.



The fatter the fish, the less it is stored. Dietary varieties (cod, flounder, perch, catfish, tuna, tilapia) will last up to six months. Anchovies, mackerel, salmon, sardines, other oily fish cannot be stored for more than two months without loss of quality.

Minced meat

Minced baking dish

Chopped frozen meat will be suitable 3-4 months. The species does not matter – it can be pork, beef, poultry or a mixed version.

Cooked dishes

Cooked steaks with tomatoes

Finished foods are stored less than raw foods. If we are talking about poultry dishes, then they can be kept frozen for 4 months, but meat preparations – only 2-3.

How to defrost meat

Defrosting meat in a bowl of cold water

However, even after maintaining the correct shelf life, you can destroy the meat if you unfreeze it directly on the table. An uneven process will lead to the fact that it is already thawing outside, but not inside. This condition may increase the risk of bacteria..

If there is enough time, it is better not to rush and leave the meat to defrost in the refrigerator. On average, for every 3 kg of weight it takes a day to thaw. Foods thawed in this way can not be prepared immediately – they will lie in the refrigerator for up to five days (poultry, fish or minced meat – up to two days).

If you can’t wait for a long time, use a bowl of cold water. The main thing is to change the water every half hour and take care of the tightness of the package (to protect the meat from bacteria from water and air). The whole process will take 1-3 hours, depending on the mass of the piece..

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  1. Piper

    I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it is recommended to store frozen meat in a refrigerator for up to three to four months. However, to ensure safety and maintain quality, it would be best to check the specific guidelines on the packaging or consult a reliable source. How long have you had your frozen meat in the refrigerator?

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