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Culinary recipes often mention the exact amount of ingredients needed, and inexperienced housewives do not always know how to measure them. To do this, you need a kitchen scale, measuring spoon or measuring cup, but not every kitchen has them. In extreme cases, you can use cutlery, if you know exactly how many milliliters in a tablespoon and a teaspoon.

Tablespoon volume

Cutlery is familiar to anyone. With their help, we eat soups, cereals, preserves and jams. The spoon can be called the most ancient of the devices: its history began long before the appearance of forks and knives. Previously, clay, wood, bronze, and metal served as the material for its manufacture. Now this device is made of stainless steel. The main varieties of the device: large, tea and dessert. Now there are more than 10 of their types: bar, for caviar, for olives, souvenir, nominal and others.

Did you know that using an ordinary spoon you can measure the mass of food? The volume of a tablespoon in different countries may vary. In the USA, it equals 14.95, and in the United Kingdom it is only 13.8 ml. In Russia, it is believed that its capacity is approximately 14 to 20 ml. It must be clarified that the volume and weight of products may be different. For example, one tablespoon of sunflower oil contains 16 milliliters, and its weight will be 18 grams.

Honey in a spoon

Weight in 1 tbsp:







Condensed milk


Wheat flour


Granulated sugar


Wheat groats


Tomato paste




Milk powder






Lemon acid


Natural coffee


Potato starch






Ground nut


Black pepper


Egg powder




Measuring liquids is easiest. But they are different, they conditionally distinguish between such types:

  • true (water, vinegar, wine);
  • dense (milk, cream, syrups, liquid honey);
  • thick mixes (sour cream, condensed milk, tomato paste).

Spoons are also of different types. Each person in the kitchen has several sets. They differ visually and in volume. There are several ways to find out the capacity of the spoon that you have. The easiest is to compare it with a plastic medicine bottle that comes with syrups. Measure the liquid first with a measured plastic, and then the one that you have, and compare the indicators. So you find out the exact amount of ml of product in a tablespoon, which is in your kitchen and the measurement error will be minimal.

How many ml in a tablespoon of water

For cooking, the exact number of milliliters of water is given on culinary sites. When cooking baking (cakes, muffins), baby food, you must strictly adhere to the recipe. To do this, you need to know how much water is in a tablespoon. One tablespoon of a standard sample contains 15 ml of water. An interesting fact is that the weight of water is equal to its volume, i.e. 18 ml of water has a mass of 18 g.

Water in a tablespoon

How many ml in a tablespoon of vinegar

In recipes, vinegar is indicated in milliliters. But measuring it is not difficult. This is a true liquid, its mass is equal to the volume. Approximately 15 ml of vinegar in a tablespoon. Knowing the exact amount of it is necessary for the hostess to preserve, when preparing baking, salads, sauces, baking meat, fish, vegetables. This is a great dressing and preservative..

How much oil is in a tablespoon

To find out how many ml of oil in a tablespoon, you need to know its type. What is the volume of different types of this product contains one large device:


How many ml contains 1 tbsp. l.

Vegetable (sunflower)








Sesame seeds


These data are necessary for the cook to prepare salads, deep-frying, pizza, pastries and many desserts. Remember, linseed oil should not be exposed to heat (fry on it, season hot dishes). Best consumed raw.

How many ml in a tablespoon of syrup

Measuring sugar syrup with accuracy is sometimes necessary. This may be necessary in cases where a person adheres to a diet, considers energy value, or BZU, to carefully follow the instructions for the recipe. It is much more convenient to do this not with a glass, but with one spoon. There is a special table with which you can find out that 18 ml of syrup in a tablespoon weigh 22 g.

Syrup is poured from a bottle into a spoon

The volume of a teaspoon and a tablespoon

When cooking, you need to know the volume of a teaspoon and a tablespoon. Special cooking tables indicate the quantity for bulk products with and without a slide. Measures are indicated for milk, tomato paste and other ingredients that are often found in our kitchen. It is believed that 1 tsp. – 5 ml, and 1 tbsp. – 15. Having information about how many ml contains kitchen utensils, and having a culinary table, you will masterfully prepare a dish of any complexity.

Using these objects to determine the weight is very convenient, but there are some nuances that affect the accuracy of measurements. This is the shape and depth of the device. It is best to measure small volumes, then the error will be minimal. For weighing large quantities, it is better to use a kitchen scale. In the manufacture of medicines, tinctures and cosmetics, it is best to use containers with divisions and accurate measuring instruments, since any deviation from the prescription in this case can be important or even dangerous.

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