How much to boil soft-boiled eggs after boiling water. How many minutes do you need to cook quail or chicken eggs

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Each housewife remembers the secret of breakfast “in a pouch”: if you hold the testicles in boiling water for only one minute more or less, the consistency of the yolk will instantly change. However, if you know exactly how long it takes to boil them, the dish you cook will always have a silk, set protein and a tender, enveloping yolk.

How to cook soft-boiled eggs

To prepare the perfect simple diet breakfast, you need to get the food out of the refrigerator in advance and bring it to room temperature. This will preserve the whole shell during immersion in boiling water. Before boiling the soft-boiled egg, you need to prepare a timer to time the clock. Make sure that boiling water does not stop.

There are many ways to prepare a dish: some cook testicles using a slow cooker, a double boiler, and even in the microwave. These methods can be called suitable for the lazy:

  • onsen-tamago – Japanese method, which involves cooking using a “hot spring”. The eggs are placed in a thermos with boiling water for 20-25 minutes, and as a result, the same consistency of protein and yolk is obtained;
  • food wrap. It is greased with fat, a raw testicle is broken, hermetically bonded, immersed in boiling water. How to cook soft-boiled egg in a film? It will take 4-5 minutes, then put it on the toast – the option resembles a refined poached.

Boiled egg

How to cook soft-boiled eggs after boiling

Once the water has boiled, place a testicle on a tablespoon and carefully place it on the bottom of the container. If you plan to cook breakfast for a large family, you need to remember that the eggs should be placed in a pan with one layer, and not lay one on top of the other. Cooks often argue about how long to boil soft-boiled eggs after boiling water. There is a rule: large copies are cooked 3 minutes 30 seconds, and those smaller (medium) – exactly 3 minutes.

How to cook soft-boiled eggs on an electric stove

First you need to wash the shell well under running warm water, sometimes even with baking soda. Then calculate the diameter of the pan so that to lay several testicles in one layer. Before boiling soft-boiled eggs on an electric stove, heat the water, turn on the average power and cook so that the water does not boil. After the time has passed, immediately shell the shell with cold water – it will be much easier to clean.

Eggs in a pan on the stove

How to cook soft-boiled eggs on gas

Cooking time with a gas or electric stove is not much different. Some cooks say that it is more advisable to boil the product by first placing it in cold water, then the shell will not burst, the yolk will not leak. However, with this approach it is easy to miss the right moment when the food is ready. If you think how to cook soft-boiled eggs on gas so that they do not cook in a bag or hard-boiled, place them on the bottom of the stewpan, pour cool water, let it boil and cook after that for two minutes.

Eggs boiled in boiling water.

How to cook soft-boiled quail eggs

Quail eggs are much smaller in comparison with chicken, so the difference in cooking time will be significant: almost two times. How many minutes to cook soft-boiled eggs? Submerge them in cold water, salt it, make a small fire and boil exactly 2 minutes after boiling. Immediately after cooking, pour over with ice water – they can be easier to clean and eat.

Quail eggs have a low calorie content, are part of the recipes for many salads, snacks, desserts. To feed your family tasty and healthy in the morning, ask how to boil soft-boiled eggs properly. This breakfast will not only diversify your usual diet, but also save time on cooking. It is very tasty to serve fried croutons with butter, cereals and vegetable salads for breakfast. These snacks do not contain a large number of calories, but give a boost of energy for a long time, and cooking them is not difficult.

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