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A popular and common seafood is shrimp. They are not only a great snack for beer, but also a dietary product. They are used for the preparation of salads, main dishes, appetizers, pies. How and how much to cook shrimp? You need to cook them correctly. For example, if the product is digested, the meat will become rubber and ruin the taste of the whole dish.

How to choose shrimp

Now on sale there are fresh and frozen clams. They are peeled or still in shell. When choosing a particular look, consider the product well. If with fresh species everything is more or less clear, then with frozen ones different questions arise. Nobody wants to give money for a low-quality product. Frozen unpeeled shrimps are selected, paying attention to their integrity and the thickness of the ice crust with which they are coated.

It is undesirable for seafood to stick together. The thickness of the ice on them should not be more than 1 mm. If these rules are not followed, they are frozen incorrectly. After cooking and cleaning, only a quarter of the acquired mass will remain. In this case, it is better not to save on cheaper ones, but to purchase large, high-quality frozen shrimps. Chefs are advised to buy unrefined species, they do not lose their juiciness.

When choosing mollusks, pay attention to the tail. In frozen form, it should be tucked. In the cooking process, the tail is folded almost into a ring. If this does not happen, then the frozen seafood was not fresh before the heat treatment. You should not buy such shrimp, even if at first glance a good quality product.

How much and how to cook

Shrimp meat is a protein product. It takes a little time to cook it (remember at least an egg). They cannot be cooked for a long time, otherwise the taste will not be the same as we would like, but by the consistency of the shrimp will be similar to rubber. Some types of these mollusks, offered in retail chains to customers, do not need to be cooked, they can simply be poured with boiling water and wait a few minutes. But this cooking option is not suitable for all varieties..

Frozen shrimp

Frozen shrimp

First, they are washed, thawed. How much to cook depends on how they were frozen. If the shrimp is raw, then you need to cook them for about 3 minutes. Cooking time depends on size. Very often, frozen boiled species are found in stores. They get ready a couple of minutes. If they succumbed to heat treatment before freezing, it is not necessary to cook them, it is more a matter of preventing intestinal infections. For cooking, it is permissible to pour them with boiling water, stand for several minutes.

Peeled shrimp

Peeled shrimp

They are prepared very quickly. Purified species do not have to be cooked at all. Often they are simply poured with boiling water and kept for about 4 minutes. After that, you need to try the product for readiness. If the dish is still damp, leave it for a while. The main thing is not to overexpose the mollusks, although this is difficult to do. The finished dish is thrown into a colander to glass the water, and served to the table.

King prawns

King Prawn Ready Dish

This kind of seafood does not exist in nature. The name is a well-thought-out marketing move, but in reality they differ from the usual Atlantic appearance only in large sizes. Cooking time for unfrozen king prawns is no more than 5 minutes, frozen boil a little longer – about 10. This is due to the fact that large species are cooked a little longer than usual.

Tiger chrimp

Tiger Shrimp

Such mollusks are common in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Its name is due to the transverse black stripes on the body. Tiger species are boiled for 4-5 minutes after the water boils. Initially, it is advisable to thaw them. The color will tell you about the readiness – from gray they should turn into bright orange. Digesting them, like all other types, is undesirable. This will affect the stiffness and taste of the product.

Shrimp Tips

The first and most important rule of a delicious shrimp dish is not to digest seafood. If you forget about the time and cook for a long time, they can turn into a rubber mass instead of a tasty and delicate delicacy. The second important point is to rinse them before cooking. No one knows exactly what conditions and places they were in before they hit the counter.

Unrefined raw mollusks have a gray color (we are talking about royal and tiger). Throw them into a pot of boiling water, cook no more than 10 minutes. Salt and spices are added to the broth (bay leaf, peppercorns, cloves). When the mollusks come up and turn bright, they are ready. But do not rush to get it right away – leave it just for a minute. The larger the shrimp, the longer it cooks. Buying small individuals of a pinkish tint, you choose an already cooked product. You do not need to boil them for cooking. After defrosting, pour boiling water over the product, soak for several minutes.

Shrimp Ready

Shrimp is of good quality and properly boiled if it has a pleasant sweet-salty taste, the aroma of the sea. To get a good dish of this seafood on your table, use the advice of cooks:

  1. Shrimps absorb a lot of salt, so this ingredient does not need to be saved during cooking.
  2. A wonderful seasoning for shellfish is dill: green or dried.
  3. An original instant snack of large shrimps – first they are boiled, and then fried in olive oil, adding garlic.
  4. Lemon will complement and decorate the dish.

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Despite the fact that they are prepared quickly and simply, people often encounter the fact that the product turns into plasticine. Incorrectly cooked clams will not let you enjoy their true taste. How much to cook shrimp so that they turn out with a bang? After watching the video below, you can learn how to cook this delicacy and will no longer “choke” with rubber clams.

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