How to cook mushrooms correctly. How long does it take to cook frozen, dried or fresh mushrooms

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Before using the forest gifts in a dish, it is necessary to conduct their preliminary heat treatment. This should be done to improve the taste, remove toxins and harmful substances that can accumulate in boletus, boletus, mushrooms and other species. Learn how to cook mushrooms and how long.

How much to cook mushrooms

The variety of species is so great that for preparation, each representative requires an individual approach. Experienced people know exactly how much to cook mushrooms, but housewives who have not encountered this type of fishing, find it difficult to set the task. All types have their own cooking time, so to create a delicious soup you should know the cooking hours exactly. Heat treatment methods are affected by the condition of the product, which can be either freshly picked or frozen or dried..


The gifts of nature in this form are the most finicky. If they are improperly processed, they will be tough even after cooking, so be sure to find out how much to cook the mushrooms. First, they should be soaked for 3.5-4 hours, filled with ice water, and then sent to the pan. It is not worth pouring water after soaking, because with it a rich aroma will leave, it is better to cook food on this broth. For any dish, cook dried mushrooms after soaking, preferably about 2 hours. We can assume that the gifts of the forest are ready when they settle to the bottom of the container where they were cooked.


When the mushroom picker ripens, the autumn harvest season begins. Artificially grown champignons and oyster mushrooms are available year-round in markets and stores. There is a general rule that indicates that fresh mushrooms should be cooked for no more than 20 minutes. However, each view requires easy time adjustment. If you do not want the food to darken, then before you boil the mushrooms, they should be washed in lemon juice or vinegar. How many minutes to cook mushrooms? It’s enough for the champignons to boil for 5-10 minutes, and the white must be brought to readiness for at least half an hour.

Fresh champignons


Frozen forest gifts are good because they are always at hand: they are often sold in a store or they are stocked by caring hostesses in the summer-autumn harvest period. When freezing, water remains, which should not get into the pan, so the products should be thawed naturally or in the microwave, then rinse. Cook frozen mushrooms for about 20-30 minutes, and throw exclusively in cold water, while they should boil exclusively on low heat. Foam will appear in the process, but must be removed.

How to cook mushrooms

Many people like the taste of forest gifts, but in order to make a rich soup, mashed potatoes, mincemeat for pies or an appetizing second dish, one should take into account the rules for preparing mushrooms. Almost every type of them is subject to cooking, which is a simple and effective method of heat treatment. Thanks to this process, all the pollution that the forest products absorbed during the growth process, toxic substances disappear, bitterness is neutralized. How to cook mushrooms? During the heat treatment with water, some of the nutrients go away, so it’s better to pour a little liquid.


Representatives of this species are among the most nutritious and delicious gifts of nature, but they should definitely be boiled before frying or baking. Many housewives are interested in how to cook porcini mushrooms for soup? The average heat treatment time is at least 20-25 minutes. If you plan to prepare a product for the first dish, then it is better to let them boil for about half an hour, and then combine them with other components. Digesting representatives of this species is not worth it, because they will become rubbery to the taste, and in the process you need to periodically remove the foam.

Honey mushrooms before frying

The honey agaric takes leading positions for seaming and pickling, but this kind can still be fried with onions in sour cream – the dish is also very tasty. However, before frying, this type should be boiled for the right amount of time. How much to cook mushrooms until cooked? The process takes place in a couple of stages: first they are boiled in water for about twenty minutes, then the water is drained and boiled again. At the second stage, they throw a mushroom, onion, bay leaf, peas of pepper, and leave it on the stove for another 20 minutes. Cooking time depends on the size of honey mushrooms: small ones cook faster, and large ones take longer.

Mushrooms mushrooms

Champignons until ready

Some eat champignons even raw, but many housewives still prefer to boil them. Thanks to this, they become more juicy, tender, and more saturated to taste. Small champignons can be boiled whole, and large ones are recommended to be cut into several parts. Food should be placed in boiling water, but before that it needs to be salted and seasoned. How many champignons are boiled? It all depends on what dish you add them to: if you want to put in a salad or fry, then you need to boil for about 10 minutes, for soup time it will take 20 minutes.


Lubricants are a special species that are distinguished by a high moisture content. In the fresh state, they do not require preliminary soaking, because they will become even more mucous. It is better to first lay out the gifts of nature on a wire rack and dry a little: in time this process will take no more than 30 minutes. After drying, rinse the oil and fill it with salted water, then send it to boil. How to cook oil before frying? The process will take about half an hour. When the heat treatment is completed, the main product will need to be filtered through a colander.


Chanterelles are cooked much easier than some forest varieties. First of all, they should be washed, and then loaded into a pan with clean, cool water. Bring to a boil over a fire, remove the foam and tighten the flame. Chanterelles do not need long cooking in order to avoid the loss of all useful substances, therefore, they should be brought to readiness over low heat for 25-30 minutes. When the gifts of the forest are ready, then from the pan you need to drain all the water and be sure to cut them. After that, you can stew, fry the chanterelles or put in salads, and how many cook the chanterelles before frying you already know.

Oyster mushrooms

If oyster mushrooms are intended for frying, then they do not need preliminary boiling. However, some housewives believe that it is necessary to cook oyster mushrooms before frying for 5-10 minutes. This variety is often used for soups, because they can be laid fresh or after passivation along with onions and carrots. In the soup, the gifts of nature are cooked with potatoes to be usable. Oyster mushrooms are the kind that even after five minutes of boiling will be delicious. Unpretentious oyster mushrooms are good because their heat treatment takes a minimum of time.

Oyster mushrooms

How to cook frozen mushroom soup

From products that were frozen, excellent soups are obtained even in a slow cooker. However, the first dish can turn out tasty only with proper heat treatment. Mushroom soup made from frozen mushrooms should be started by defrosting the main ingredient. When the products are prepared, they are washed and laid out in a pan, pouring cold water. Boil it from 20 minutes to 30, and then lay the other ingredients there. After cooking, you can drain the water or cook the soup in it. How to cook mushrooms with other vegetables? 15 minutes until ready.

From dried mushrooms

With proper preparation, the dried gifts of nature in the soup are able to reveal the best taste. Before direct heat treatment, morel, nipple, Polish should be soaked. Some species last 30 minutes, while others need at least 1-1.5 hours. When everyone opens, they should be put in a container, filled with cold water and sent to the fire. Boil dry forest products should be at least 35-40 minutes. The broth does not need to be poured – mushroom soup from dried mushrooms will be prepared in it. Such a soup with the addition of other ingredients will be cooked in 15 minutes.

How much to cook mushrooms before frying

In fried form, many people like the forest gifts the most. If you are a big fan of them, then you better get to know how and how much to cook mushrooms before frying. So, champignons, oyster mushrooms, honey mushrooms, butter and other forest products must be subjected to heat treatment for a different amount of time:

  1. Mushrooms should be poured with cold water, put on fire and let boil for 10 minutes.

  2. Oyster mushrooms will be ready in 5-10 minutes, but it is believed that they do not need heat treatment at all.
  3. As for how to boil mushrooms from the forest, their main mass will be ready only in 40-60 minutes. Do not forget to rinse each honey agaric, nipples, boletus and chanterelle in lemon juice so that they do not darken.
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