How to cook quail eggs correctly. How much time to cook hard-boiled and soft-boiled quail eggs

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An interesting fact is known: in 1990, at the Mir orbital station, the first quail-cosmonaut in the world appeared from one such testicle there. Quail eggs are really very useful for the body and human health. Find out what makes this product different and how to cook quail eggs..

How to cook quail eggs

As with any product, before buying, you should carefully study its expiration dates and storage location in the store. Cooking quail eggs almost coincides with the cooking time of chicken. In addition to cooking, they can be fried, baked or eaten raw. In its raw form, any product is not only beneficial, but also dangerous because of Salmonella bacteria, which may still be in them. To purchase them in the store, you should take only fresh packaging.

The principle of preparation is simple:

  1. Before cooking, every egg must be washed.
  2. It is necessary to fill in a product with a liquid with a stock.
  3. You can put a spoonful of salt so that the shell does not burst.
  4. Estimated cooking time – only 1-2 minutes. after boiling.
  5. Cold water poured into a hot cup will help to quickly peel the shell of these babies..

How to cook hard-boiled quail eggs

Hard boiled quail eggs are boiled for about four minutes. If you overexpose, the yolk will darken, and the protein will become “rubber”. With an increase in thermal exposure, taste and positive properties are lost. If you come across testicles of a young quail, then the cooking time must be increased by at least another 1 min. The following is a step-by-step process of hard boiling:

  • rinse the eggs;
  • cook in boiling water;
  • let cool in cold;
  • to easily and accurately clean a hard-boiled egg, after being in cold water you need to mash it a little in your hand and remove the shell.

Quail eggs

How to cook quail eggs for a child

Quail eggs are given to children for the development of the body. In one piece weighing about 10 grams, the following trace elements and substances may be contained:

  • unsaturated fatty acids (useful for vitamin deficiency);
  • potassium, phosphorus, iron;
  • vitamin A, D and group B;
  • tyrosine (forms a healthy skin color).

This product is hypoallergenic. Acquaintance of infants with the yolk can start from 7 months. Small boiled pieces (cooked in 2-3 minutes) are added to the lure. An older child is already ready to use their soft-boiled or fried eggs. How to cook and eat:

  1. When frying, do not immediately break them into a pan, otherwise they will be fried unevenly. First break the required amount into a container, and then pour into a pan.
  2. Do not eat more than five per day..
  3. A child can eat no more than four eggs per day.

How to cook quail eggs for salad

Boiled quail eggs for salad look like regular boiled eggs. They are perfect for diet recipes, those who are prone to immune diseases, suffer from migraines and even pregnant women. Tuna salad with quail eggs will be considered very tasty and light. It is prepared very quickly, but it turns out nutritious and tasty. When boiling, it is not recommended to allow a profuse boil. Small testicles diversify the daily diet and help restore the balance of beneficial substances in the body.

The recipe itself is very simple – you only need to mix the ingredients listed below:

  • a can of tuna (canned food);
  • boiled, peeled eggs – ten pieces;
  • cherry tomatoes – twelve pieces;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • arugula (green salad or Beijing cabbage);
  • salt / pepper to taste;
  • a spoonful of olive oil and lemon juice.

Tomato Quail Egg Salad

How to cook soft-boiled quail eggs

Soft boiled quail eggs are boiled for two to three minutes. The consistency is tender, soft inside. Due to the short heat treatment, only a small part of the useful substances is lost, and the microbes manage to kill the boiling water. How many quail eggs are “boiled”? The process takes 120 seconds. Such a testicle is almost completely liquid: only the upper thin film manages to grasp. Proper cooking will allow you to experience a rich taste. How to eat it:

  1. Remove part of the shell on the wide side.
  2. Carefully take out the protein and yolk with a spoon.

How to cook quail eggs

Cooking quail eggs does not take more than five minutes. Boiling water and a bowl (pan) will help you cook. You need to choose a fresh product. You need to know that the expiration date in the cold is 60 days, at room temperature – no more than 30. In some countries, not only the usual cooking methods are used, but they are also pickled or added raw to dishes (poached). And raw, and after heat treatment, in any form, they are rich in vitamins and substances. There is a misconception that raw foods cannot be consumed. These little testicles prove us otherwise.

Quail eggs in the microwave

How to cook quail eggs in the microwave without blowing them there? Boil them easily, even a child can. The myth that they explode in a microwave oven has been dispelled for a long time. If you do everything right, they will cook hard-boiled. It is advised to close the container with a lid before turning on the microwave. There are also special devices for cooking eggs in a microwave oven, but, as a rule, for chicken. It is necessary:

  • put neatly in a container and pour water;
  • set the oven timer for 180 seconds at a power of 400W;
  • cool after cooking for easy cleaning.

Halved boiled quail eggs on sorrel

Quail eggs in a slow cooker

Steam in a slow cooker is recommended to steam. This is considered the most harmless method of heat treatment. Cooking time varies from the model of the multicooker and from the desire in which form to use. The following time limits are considered basic:

  • 10 minutes – for hard boiled eggs;
  • 5 minutes. – “in the bag”;
  • 3 min. – soft-boiled.

Before cooking, they must be washed under a tap, put them on a steam grate, and pour two glasses of water into the bottom of the bowl. Soft steam will not hurt the shell. As insurance, you can prick a testicle with a needle into its wide part – even before turning on the multicooker. At the end of cooking, immediately remove the grill, because there they will continue to heat up and become tasteless. Follow the cooking rules, and bon appetit, as the French say!

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