How to cook spaghetti in time so that they do not stick together

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At first glance, the process of cooking spaghetti looks simple, but in fact inexperienced chefs face a lot of difficulties. They will have to figure out which pan is better to take, what is the correct ratio of water and pasta, how much to keep this or that kind on the stove. Learn how to make spaghetti with the help of experienced chefs..

How to cook spaghetti

The ability to cook spaghetti is useful to any cook, because this Italian dish is great for garnishing with any meat, fish or poultry. Products are long and thin, resemble straws. It is optimal to lay them in boiling salt water, placing them up or lowering them completely in a special pan. The proportions of water and pasta – two liters of 200 grams of dry product.

Per serving of one person accounts for 50 grams of dried pasta, which increase in volume during cooking three times. Spaghetti fan out, dipping in boiling water, a minute later they are missed for complete immersion in water. It is more convenient to use a spatula for this, or you can move the pasta by the dry edge with your hands. After that, you need to reduce the fire so that the water boils, but does not form foam. Cooked pasta without a lid for about eight minutes, then recline in a colander, hold for three minutes to drain the liquid and serve on the table.

How to cook spaghetti in a pan

Learning how to cook spaghetti in a saucepan is easy, if you follow the features of the technology. A pot with a wide bottom is useful, water and sea salt – per 100 grams of pasta 10 grams of salt. After boiling water, the fire decreases, pasta is laid out and periodically stirred with a spoon so as not to stick together. For a better taste, you can add a little olive oil. Cooking time depends on the type of product, it is indicated on the packaging. Do not exceed it, so as not to get a ready-made boiled side dish.

Boiled Spaghetti in a Colander

Spaghetti Cooking Pot

A special role is played by a pan for cooking spaghetti. For this, deep stainless steel utensils are best suited to the bottom of which pasta does not stick. It is better not to take aluminum and enameled containers, because they spoil the taste of the dish, plus they have a higher risk of sticking to the walls. If you wish, you can buy a wide rectangular pan – these are used in special spaghetti, allowing the dish to turn out evenly cooked. They do not break dry pasta, but ideally lie on the bottom.

How to cook spaghetti in a slow cooker

In addition to the usual pots, there is an option to cook spaghetti in a slow cooker. To do this, pour in a bowl of water, bring to a boil in the “Macaroni” mode and lay the dry cake mix. Season the dish with oil and salt, stir. Without closing the lid, cook for nine minutes, recline in a colander and serve. Thanks to the Teflon or ceramic bottom of the multicooker bowl, pasta does not stick and does not burn.

How to cook spaghetti so that they do not stick together

The whole art is the ability to cook spaghetti so that they do not stick together. This problem worries many novice cooks, but there are some secrets that help in preparing a delicious side dish:

  1. Dip the product only in boiling water. If you put it in cold water, the pasta will stick together.
  2. To prevent the spaghetti from sticking together, add a spoonful of sunflower or olive oil to the water during cooking.
  3. Occasionally stir the dish with a wooden spoon.
  4. If you digest pasta, they stick together, so you need to observe the cooking time.

If the pasta is stuck together, then you need to use the following tips to restore consistency:

  • divide the tubes among themselves, pour a little oil;
  • when the products are digested, rinse them thoroughly, stir with oil, heat the pan, lightly fry.

Spaghetti in a pan

How to cook pasta nests so as not to fall apart

One of the varieties of spaghetti is pasta nests, which are a few tubes twisted into a round ball. Two pieces are enough for one person. Experienced chefs advise you to cook pasta nests so as not to fall apart, as follows:

  • put in a wide spacious pan, deep frying pan or stewpan so that the portions do not touch each other;
  • season them with two tablespoons of oil and pour boiling water so that it covers the nests completely, salt;
  • put on fire, season with spices, cook for five minutes without stirring;
  • remove each slot with a slotted spoon, gently pressing it to the sides of the container to save the base, leave moisture to drain;
  • garnish with seafood or minced meat;
  • garnish with ground black pepper, sprinkle with small basil leaves, grated parmesan;
  • garlic flavored tomato paste or creamy gravy is good as a sauce.

How to cook pasta

Although many of our compatriots still do not understand what it means to cook pasta, in practice it’s very simple to repeat the Italians ’crown dish. It’s just al-dente-cooked (slightly hard) pasta mixed with sauces, butter, herbs, meat, fish or vegetable dressing.

Any cook will need a recipe with instructions on how to cook pasta, because this food is suitable for lunch, dinner, a friendly meeting, a festive table. They eat it, reeling on a fork and helping themselves with a spoon. Before setting the table, repeat a few secrets of technology on how to cook pasta:

  1. You need to take only high quality pasta from flour made from durum wheat. Such spaghetti do not stick together, retain elasticity, hold the sauce and do not need to be washed. You can take egg lasagna or cannelloni, the usual color or painted with ink cuttlefish, vegetable juices.
  2. It is good to calculate the ratio: per gram of water, 100 grams of products, 10 grams of sea salt and a tablespoon of oil. Water should boil, pasta is laid in it. No lid required.
  3. Cooking lasts in accordance with the time indicated on the package, minus two minutes. This condition is called al-dente and is chosen in order to season the cooked pasta with hot sauce and bring them to softness under it..
  4. Use a colander to drain fluid.
  5. Sprinkle oil on the spaghetti, then season with the selected sauce. Shrimps with fresh tomatoes are good, which should be peeled and cut, or a classic thick bolognese from minced meat with onion head.
  6. Garnish with grated cheese and herbs in a plate.

Carbonara paste

How much to cook spaghetti

Spaghetti should be cooked for no more than 8-9 minutes after they have been dipped in boiling water. This time will help to get an optimally cooked side dish without sticking and softness. There are varieties of spaghetti that should be cooked differently than indicated above. Cooking time is indicated in the table:

Barilla pasta, varieties

Cooking time, minutes

No. 1 cappellini


No. 3 spaghetti


Number 5


No. 7 spaghetti


No. 13 Bavette


How much to cook spaghetti from durum wheat

To find out how much to cook spaghetti from durum wheat is easy: you just need to read the instructions on the package. However, depending on the dish for which they will be used, the cooking time may vary. Eight minutes is enough for a side dish, six for pasta, and nine for salad. How to cook hard spaghetti: dip in salted boiling water, darken over high heat, after being ready to put in a colander and season with olive oil.

How much to cook spaghetti macfa

To cook Macf’s spaghetti correctly, you need to read the information on the packaging and follow the manufacturer’s advice. If pasta is made from durum wheat, then eight minutes is enough for cooking, from soft – six minutes. To obtain the state of al dente from the specified time, 1.5-2 minutes are taken to obtain an elastic pasta texture without excessive softness.

How to cook pasta aldente

In popular recipes, there is an instruction to cook pasta Aldente. This name in translation from Italian means “by the tooth.” A properly cooked al dente product does not have powdery mildew or aftertaste. Cook pasta about seven minutes. Water boils, salts, spaghetti are laid in it. Correctly put the pasta in the center of the pan, where the most boiling. After boiling again, it is better to reduce the heat and cook, periodically trying for consistency. You should try breaking the pasta – the white color on the scrap means that the product is not ready yet.

Spaghetti with chili

Do I need to rinse spaghetti after cooking

If the product is made from durum wheat, then rinse the spaghetti after cooking is not required. For pasta from soft varieties, this procedure is required to wash excess gluten and prevent sticking. Spaghetti need to be washed and when they are prepared for salads – so the product cools faster and does not heat the remaining components. For continuous washing, use cold filtered water and a colander.

How to cook spaghetti pasta – chefs recommendations

So that everyone can cook spaghetti pasta correctly, there are special tips from professionals:

  • do not boil the product a little so that it absorbs the sauce better;
  • add a spoonful of vegetable oil so that the products do not stick together;
  • during cooking, you can add your favorite spices to the pan with water (if you are preparing a side dish, try putting a broth cube).
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