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This seafood is very nutritious. Squid meat includes many vitamins and minerals valuable to humans: vitamins B, C, PP, calcium, iodine, manganese, and iron. Properly prepared product is easy to digest and has a delicate, pleasant taste..

How to choose and prepare squids for cooking

Carcass preparation

Fresh squids can rarely be found on sale, as a rule, already frozen carcasses arrive on the shelves. What you need to pay attention to when choosing seafood:

  • the fillet should be white (otherwise the product is spoiled);
  • skin color can be either grayish-whitish or light pink;
  • large squids having dense elastic meat are suitable for salad, and small carcasses are ideal for stuffing, as they are distinguished by tenderness and softness;
  • frozen fillet should be easily separated from each other if the carcasses stuck together – they were already frozen several times;
  • the use of expired products is dangerous to health, so pay attention to the expiration date.

Before you cook seafood at home, it is worth thawing. For this, the mollusks are placed in a container with cold or warm water (but not hot) and left for some time. After defrosting, carcasses should be peeled. The easiest way is to remove the film, after having doused the product with boiling water. To clean squid is necessary not only by removing the skin, but also the insides, bones.

How long to cook squids so that they are soft

Some housewives do not know how to cook squids, so they avoid cooking dishes containing this ingredient. Meanwhile, this is a very simple process that does not require any special skills. The main thing is to prevent prolonged cooking of seafood. If you overdo the carcasses in boiling water for longer than necessary time, instead of tender and soft meat you get tough and tasteless. How many minutes to cook squid? It all depends on how you are going to cook the product..


Peeled carcasses

Delicious seafood is prepared very quickly and easily. How to cook peeled squids:

  • fill the pan with water, wait for it to boil;
  • add salt, seasonings to the water;
  • thawed and peeled mollusks in boiling water for 2 minutes (the meat should turn white), then drain the water;
  • if you digested the product, leave the pan on the fire for another 30 minutes – during which time the fillet will become soft again;
  • After boiling the carcasses, cut them into rings and serve with beer.


How to cook squid with a film? There is no big difference in the method of cooking raw and “naked” carcasses – the difference lies in the time required for cooking. How to boil squid in the skin:

  • defrost carcasses;
  • put a pot of water on the stove;
  • when the liquid begins to boil, add bay leaf, salt, allspice;
  • lower the carcasses into the pan, turn off the heat and cover the container with a lid so that the steam does not leave it;
  • after 10 minutes remove the seafood from the water.

How to cook squid frozen rings

Squid rings

It is more convenient to cook a whole clam than rings, since it will be difficult to quickly remove all the pieces from boiling water. In addition, digesting rings is easier than large carcasses. However, if you have already purchased chopped goods, there are several ways how to cook squid with rings:

  1. First option. Boil water, adding spices to taste. It can be bay leaf, white / black pepper, herbs, etc. On a slotted spoon, put a couple of ringlets in boiling water, counting to 10, remove them. So take turns to boil all the pieces. Serve the cooked dish chilled.
  2. The second option. Pour boiling water over all the rings, wait a minute and remove the container from the heat. Pieces can be removed from the water after 3 minutes. It’s not worth keeping them in the liquid longer, otherwise they will become “rubber”.
  3. The third method. Boil half a liter of water, season it with spices. Send the thawed rings inside, close the dishes and immediately remove from the stove. Do not open the lid for 5 minutes, after the dish is ready to eat.
  4. The fourth way. Fill the slow cooker with half water, turn on the “Extinguishing” option. Add seasonings (you can use paprika, any pepper, marjoram, cloves, lemon juice, etc.). After boiling the liquid, place the rings in the bowl and let it cook for 1-2 minutes. You can find out about their readiness by white color – then pieces can be taken out.

Video recipes: how to cook squid for salad

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