How to freeze chanterelles for the winter

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Working with mushrooms for beginner housewives seems very difficult, especially if we talk about a fresh product. Questions arise regarding the duration of storage in the freezer, and heat treatment – or its absence. Is it possible to freeze chanterelles for the winter so that they do not bite and retain all the beneficial properties?

How to freeze mushrooms for the winter

If you are thinking about harvesting chanterelles, you need to start by studying the general rules for freezing mushrooms. Professionals advise to take into account that:

  • To preserve the raw product, they are processed as quickly as possible, and not after a weekly storage. It is best to collect and immediately start working with mushrooms. This will make the workpiece tastier and safer.
  • All mushrooms must be washed before any processing, and then sorted out. Soak for an hour and a half, rinse, examine in order to select spoiled, damaged. It is better to fry or boil broken ones before freezing, and whole ones can be left raw.
  • After washing, you need to dry the mushrooms well so that the moisture that they absorb in themselves does not turn into ice later.
  • Soak the product for a long time is not necessary – pour and immediately clean.
  • The drying time is long, it can take 4-5 hours, but it cannot be neglected.
  • For long-term storage, the product can be salted before freezing..
  • Large mushrooms must be cut into thick plates.

Frozen chanterelles

If you do not know how to freeze chanterelles for the winter, use this instruction:

  1. Sort, remove garbage, fill with cold water for a couple of minutes.
  2. Rinse by carefully cleaning the hat on the back. Pour in a colander.
  3. After drying, divide the product into 2 groups by the wholeness of the mushrooms.
  4. Large, undamaged mushrooms are laid out on a flat surface, tightened with a film, and put into the freezer. A few hours later they are poured into a bag.
  5. Broken or lost attractive appearance specimens are boiled or fried, cooled and packaged in plastic containers.

Is it possible to freeze fresh chanterelles

This mushroom is very loved because worms rarely start in it, and after drying and grinding it can save from helminthiasis. Most housewives make cans: pickle or salt, because they do not understand how to freeze chanterelle mushrooms for the winter and whether it can be done without boiling them beforehand. Professionals assure that a fresh product is not dangerous, if you remember important points:

  • It is desirable to process the chanterelles within 18 hours. It is best to collect them in the morning, and cook them in the afternoon, since the shelf life of fresh mushrooms is only 24 hours; at the same time they are becoming less and less safe every hour.
  • If a break is required between the time of collection and the start of work, pour the mushrooms into a saucepan and refrigerate. Never keep them warm..

Features of freezing chanterelles

Boiled chanterelles for the winter

The most reliable way to prepare the product is freezing after preliminary boiling. So it does not change the taste during storage. Most housewives like this algorithm for their subsequent saving of time: they will only have to defrost, fry or stew for several minutes, and you can eat. Be guided by such tips:

  • You can boil chanterelles for harvesting for the winter according to any recipe, except for those that create the broth: you need to preserve the taste and aroma inside the mushroom, and not give it to water.
  • If the chanterelles go to the soup in the winter, you can freeze them with liquid, pour them into an airtight container.

How much to cook mushrooms

According to professionals, the length of stay of chanterelles in hot water should not exceed 20 minutes, if after that you are going to freeze them. Taking into account defrosting and additional heat treatment of the workpiece, the total cooking time will increase, so mushrooms can become tasteless or “rubber” in consistency. How to freeze chanterelles for the winter, boiling them:

  • The classic way is a short heat treatment: hold in boiling water for 5 minutes. Pre-cut the mushrooms so that they cook faster.
  • For broths and stewing, the product is cooked at high power for longer – 10-12 minutes, salting water.
  • After cooking, be sure to get rid of moisture if the mushrooms do not go to the soup.

Fried Chanterelles Frozen

This is the best way to get the finished product in a time-constrained environment. Some housewives make classic semi-finished products according to their favorite recipe, while professionals advise resorting to the standard scheme:

  1. Chanterelles washed, spread on a towel, dried for about an hour.
  2. Heat a frying pan with oil, fry the sliced ​​pieces until moisture leaves them. The approximate duration of this stage is 15-20 minutes.
  3. The fried chanterelles are cooled, then cleaned in bags / containers.

How to fry chanterelles

How much can frozen mushrooms be stored in the freezer

The length of time during which chanterelles will be safe for your health depends on how they are frozen (raw, fried, stewed) and storage conditions:

  • The maximum stay of fresh chanterelles in the freezer is one year.
  • Boiled product can be stored for 3 months.
  • It is advisable to freeze fried mushrooms only for a month (they will not survive until winter).

Extending these periods lowers the nutritional value of the product, although WHO claims that if the temperature is kept below -20 degrees, the mushrooms receive an unlimited lifespan. Most housewives store them until next summer. However, note that:

  • Defrosting is done through the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, even if you want to boil or fry the product.
  • Repeated changes in temperature conditions are not allowed, as well as cooking based on chanterelles for future use – they must be eaten on the same day.
  • It is advisable to make billets portioned: it will be easier to use them after.

Why do chanterelles bitter after freezing

Changing the taste of the product during harvesting for the winter is not a frequent phenomenon, but with mushrooms this problem is not excluded. According to professionals, the reason lies in the violation of technology. Knowing how to freeze chanterelles for the winter so that they do not change the taste, you will save the useful properties of the product. Here is the instruction:

  • Do not soak the mushrooms before processing – just rinse and dry.
  • Use young, tight specimens.
  • Lightly boil: pour cold water, boil, salt. Boil for a quarter of an hour, then dry and pack them in containers or bags.
  • Do not store the workpiece for longer than 3 months – after the expiration of the period, taste deterioration begins.
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