How to sculpt dumplings correctly. Methods of sculpting dumplings with your hands and using a dumplings step by step with a photo

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Dumplings – everyone’s favorite treat. Unfortunately, from the camp of homemade old food completely migrated to the store. However, no factory-made product can be compared with the taste of a homemade dish, carefully prepared by the hands of the hostess, therefore recipes for modeling dumplings were and will be popular.

Types of modeling dumplings

There are two types of cooking – manual and mechanical. Mechanical is limited in shape: if you use a typewriter, then apart from square, products of a different shape will not work. It’s possible to make them round or semicircular with your hands, therefore, if not only taste but also appearance is important for you, then the options for sculpting dumplings manually will turn out to be a hundred times more diverse and richer.

Mistresses prepare the mass at their discretion, soft or steep, but roll out with a rolling pin very thinly. Minced meat is mixed from different types of meat or mushrooms with pepper and fried onions, pepper and salt to taste, ice water is added, go butter, greens. How to mold dumplings, each housewife decides for herself: often family recipes are used. If we talk about the types of cooking according to different recipes, then we can conclude that they are all similar. Of the ingredients for the test are present:

  • water;
  • flour;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • egg.

Dumpling maker

For those who want to save time, a device for sculpting dumplings at home comes to the rescue. The mechanical one is a machine: we load minced meat, dough into it, twist the handle. This device is good in that it controls the thickness of the sheet, you can immediately make a large amount to freeze half. The only negative is the high cost compared to other devices.

At home, they work manually, using a flat shape with holes in the form of honeycombs: in addition, you only need a rolling pin. Such a dumpling woman will help to immediately stick a whole batch. The most modern option can be considered a manual cooking device from China: it is a plastic mold that does only one thing at a time. Of the advantages, we can note the openwork pattern, which is printed along the contour..

Dough sheeter

Dumpling technique

How many housewives – so many dumpling molding techniques. The best way to sculpt dumplings with your hands is Siberian. This is a common recipe from a mug of dough folded in half: someone then glues the ends together to make an “ear”, someone cooks unchanged, like a dumpling. There are many options for sculpting dumplings in the world – Italians with ravioli, Chinese with “nests”, Georgians and Khinkali, Indian modak and much more..

The most accessible, but unusual ways that you can replenish your culinary collection are interesting: for example, “bags” – this option resembles manti, but they turn out to be more miniature. How to cook “bags”? It is necessary to roll out a circle of dough, put the minced meat in the middle, and wrap it in the shape of a bag. A “star” similar to this, but more elegant way: for this form we do everything the same as in the first case, but instead of a bag we form five straight edges.

How to sculpt dumplings with your hands

Manual molding of dumplings is increasingly fading into the background, but those housewives who want to pamper their family with a delicious dish should remember a few simple rules. How to mold dumplings without hassle – the dough prepared by you will answer. The main condition is to knead it well so that it does not stick to your hands, and so that the edges do not stick out, often dip your fingers in flour, sprinkle it on the table.

How to make dumplings quickly

From cooking, most housewives stop the thought of how much time it takes to stick it. Experienced chefs know that quick modeling of dumplings is a matter of little practice and a few secrets, and no machines are needed for this. The main thing is to learn how to quickly cut sheets and form products not one at a time, but in large batches. A pizza knife will help solve the problem of reducing time. It features a round blade that easily cuts the rolled seam without collecting it:

  • Cut the rolled layer into long strips.
  • Stuffing is placed in a plastic bag, one corner of which is cut off.
  • Squeeze the stuffing immediately to the full length and cover it with a second strip.
  • We cut into squares of the desired size, then you can pinch.

If there is no pizza knife, you can speed up the task in another way:

  • Folded sheet folded accordion, cut into pieces of a suitable size.
  • The resulting strips are stacked on top of each other, cut again. This will help to quickly obtain even squares from a piece of dough..
  • Of them we can stick round, square or even triangular products.

Dough slices, wrapped dumplings and minced meat on dough slices

How to sculpt dumplings beautifully

Beautiful modeling of dumplings will require some skill. One of the common cooking options is the formation of “pigtails” around the edge. How to cook:

  1. We give the test the usual form..
  2. Then we wrap a small piece on the side that is already stuck together.
  3. Squeeze lightly.
  4. One step – one pinch.
  5. At the end, glue the edges to make a circle. The “pigtail” will be noticeable even after cooking.

“Flowers” is another version of the beautiful design of dumplings. How to wrap dumplings to get a flower:

  1. Roll the circle.
  2. We form 5 faces, bending the edges.
  3. We turn the resulting pentagon, put the minced meat in the middle, glue, again forming five faces according to the already received.
  4. At the end we turn the edges and see a beautiful flower, as in the photo.

How to sculpt small dumplings

Often even for the most delicious dish, picky eaters complain that the volume is too big. During cooking, it is difficult to determine by eye what size the test base is cut, and as a result, the size comes out too large. To mold small dumplings will help special molds with a diameter of 10 mm. If there is no form, you can use a regular glass.

Small dumplings in the palm of your hand

How to sculpt Chinese dumplings

The Chinese version of the dish is characterized by fillings, shape, size, side dishes with which it is served. Most known dish, similar to manti, in the form of bags. There are options tied with feathers of green onions. One kind of Chinese dumplings is known to every Russian. The “bear ears” technique, which the Russian people are very familiar with, is also popular there. All these methods are complicated, so it’s better to watch a training video or photo, how to sculpt correctly, so that everything works out. You can sculpt Chinese dumplings in the following ways:

  • Raise the edges up. Then glue along the ribs.
  • Edges gather at the top, stick together in the middle. It turns out three faces, thanks to which the product looks like a neat triangle.
  • Sichuan Province is famous for its open envelope dish. To do this, add a square slice of dough diagonally. The edges of the triangle are fastened, and the corners at the base are bent towards the center.

How to sculpt dumplings on a dumpling

Modeling dumplings with dumplings greatly facilitates the task of the housewives during cooking. The kitchen device helps to make about 40 accurate identical products at the same time. If we are talking about a simple dumplings, which consists of a form with holes, then you need two sheets of dough, kneaded in the usual way, and minced meat. We also cook it to your taste. Then the technology is simple:

  • Roll out two thin sheets.
  • We put one of them on the form, then in each cell put the stuffing.
  • We cover it all with a second sheet of dough, roll it straight in shape.
  • It is necessary to try as much as possible to put pressure on the rolling pin.
  • The readiness will be prompted by the fact that the dumplings will begin to fall out of their cells. This means that the edges of the honeycombs are cut and pieces are separated from each other..

Homemade dumplings dumplings

How to sculpt dumplings with your hands – video

The best way to learn how to make dumplings is to watch a video or photo with master classes from experienced masters. They will show you step by step how to cook a dish with really simple tricks and save time. After watching the video, you will find that you can cook a dish not only quickly, tasty, but also very beautifully. Different methods of modeling dumplings mastered in just 10 minutes.

How to quickly make dumplings

How to make dumplings beautifully

Quick Modeling Technique

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