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Smoking mackerel in a smokehouse will become simple and affordable if you know all the features and nuances. It is worth paying attention to preparing for the use of equipment, the choice of meat and technology, so as not to buy a product in a store. Only then will you get a delicious dish prepared in accordance with all the rules.

How to Smoke Mackerel

The main issue on how to smoke mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse will be the choice of fish and sawdust. The quality of the dish will depend on these factors: if the fish is large, the cooking time will increase, if small, it will decrease. The choice of sawdust will affect the production of smoke – the main ingredient in cooking meat. It is worth choosing such species of wood that smoke heavily – this is the only way to get a golden tasty mackerel, beloved by many. It differs from a carcass made using liquid smoke..

Hot Smoked Mackerel

How much to smoke fish in a smoke-cured smokehouse

Depending on the size of the carcass and the fat content of the meat, the answer to the question of how much smoked mackerel will be 0.5-1 hours. By this time, it is worth adding defrosting the carcass, if it was frozen, evisceration and processing with spices. It should be noted that salting fish using brine or pickling will be required before hot smoking. The final taste of the dish will depend on this..

The average cooking time for smoked mackerel smoked using the right material and equipment is 25 minutes at a temperature of about 100 degrees. Understand that the fish is ready to eat, you can on the dark golden color of the skin, shiny dry surface and a pleasant aroma. Ready-made smoked fish has a soft consistency of meat, leaving no marks on the toothpick when checking.

How to smoke mackerel in a smokehouse

An important parameter on how to smoke mackerel in a smoke-cured smokehouse is the choice of sawdust. Alder and willow are considered the ideal material, which is important to be able to correctly lay to obtain the best taste. In the absence of these tree species, hornbeam, ash, oak, birch are suitable. When several juniper branches are added to the main fuel, the fish will acquire a bronze hue, a specific aroma and a slight taste of gin.

An important point for obtaining a delicious dish is the laying of smoke material. This is done in the following way:

  • 2 cm of small chips are laid at the bottom mixed with thin twigs broken into 5-centimeter segments;
  • lay 1 cm of bark on top;
  • young leaves are stacked to the level of the lower lattice;
  • in the absence of a smokehouse at home, the process is replaced by the use of liquid smoke.

Smoked alder sawdust

How to smoke mackerel

The best option for how to smoke a mackerel in a smokehouse is to use a barbecue made of stainless steel. For a smokehouse, it is better to choose a tight-fitting lid so that oxygen is not accessible. The optimal height of the home smokehouse will be 50-60 cm: you do not need to choose more, because the fish is laid in layers. If you increase the height, then the top layer may remain un-smoked and the bottom burn.

After every 5-10 smokings, the smokehouse is cleaned of tar and carbon, and the grates are cleaned after each cycle. Equipment should be selected in such a way that it meets safety precautions: it is better to smoke in a box with convenient handles or grips, remove from fire with special mittens. It is better to use a reliable stand with supports up to 35 cm high so that the equipment does not tip over.

If there are conditions in the smokehouse for hanging fish, metal hooks are used. For this carcass needs to be cut. It is better to smoke with hanging the product head down to avoid bruising. They pierce the fish so that all the carcasses are turned in one direction. They must be placed at a small distance between each other, but not close so that the smoke spreads evenly.

If the mackerel is small, then it can be smoked on simple wire lattices curved in the form of the Latin letters S or U. At the same time, carcasses are laid on the back, the lattices are oiled, placed at a distance of 10 cm for better smoking and smoke passage. After installing the equipment, you need to light a fire under it to evenly cover the bottom. The first minutes the fire keeps strong, it is worth supporting it until an intense white house appears from under the lid. This will be a sign that the carcass has begun to smoke. After 6 minutes, you need to lower the fire so that the smoke retains its pressure.

A bad version of the event will be the appearance of bluish or gray smoke – this indicates that the smoke styling has burned, it needs to be changed, but this is extremely rare with the hot smoking of large fish in the marinade. If nevertheless this happened, it is worth removing the barbecue from the fire, let it cool, open the lid, make sure that the smoke does not go. Remove the fish with the grill, replace the material and repeat the procedure again.

Stainless Steel Smokehouse

How to Smoke Mackerel in a Smoked Smokehouse

To get the perfect smoked mackerel in a smokehouse at home, for the recipe you need to take the following ingredients:

  • fish – 1 kg;
  • coarse salt – 1 tablespoon;
  • marinade to taste.

You can cook a delicious and fragrant dish according to the recipe:

  1. Properly prepare the fish: if the carcass was frozen, it is thawed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
  2. Gut the carcass, remove the head and gills, until the fish has completely thawed so as not to damage the tissue.
  3. Rinse with cold water. Salt with coarse salt with pepper, if desired, use marinade.
  4. Leave for 5 hours in the refrigerator.
  5. Dry with a napkin.
  6. Put suitable sawdust in the barbecue, light a fire.
  7. Arrange the carcasses on the grill so that they do not touch each other.
  8. Smoke on moderate heat for half an hour.
  9. If desired, hot smoking is replaced by the use of liquid smoke, but the result of the recipe is not so pleasant.

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