How to wrap shawarma in pita bread correctly

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This simple oriental dish quickly gained popularity as fast food in people of all ages. However, the quality of the product, which was not prepared by a cook in a restaurant, but by an unknown seller in a stall, raises serious doubts, therefore more and more people are trying to figure out how to properly wrap shawarma in lavash on their own.

How to Wrap Shawarma

In general terms, the process is incredibly simple, so even an inexperienced chef can learn how to fold such a dish, but there are a couple of important nuances:

  • You need to take care of the proportions of all the products from which you intend to cook homemade shawarma. According to the classic recipe, this is half the chicken breast, medium-fruited cucumber, several leaves of Beijing cabbage, pepper, large tomato. For this volume of the components of the filling, take a standard pita (or pita) weighing 150 g.
  • You need to cut meat and vegetables in the same way: with a thin short straw.

You can make homemade shawarma according to 3 schemes: leave an open top in a wide tube, fold a square, or form a standard closed roll. How to wrap shawarma in pita bread better? Each of the options has its own characteristics:

  • It is easier to wrap a shawarma with a closed wide tube, but this method is mainly oriented for preparing cold snacks, where you need to cut this roll into slices afterwards. This shawarma can be served hot, after baking.
  • A square envelope is not too convenient to eat on the go, but it is also good for a hot feed option, but without subsequent cutting.
  • An open tube visually attracts more, but its reliability is in question. This option is convenient for round pita bread and for serving shawarma with a lot of filling.

Ready homemade shawarma

See homemade shawarma recipe.

How to properly wrap shawarma

Traditionally, a rectangular sheet of thin (!) Pita bread is used for this dish, for which you need to prepare a small bowl of filling, a few leaves of lettuce or Peking cabbage, and a couple of spoons of the finished sauce. It may even be pure yogurt / kefir, but a more interesting taste will be given by a mixture of seasonings, herbs, salt, garlic and lemon juice. Inexperienced housewives should first understand how to turn a shawarma tube. The steps of the algorithm are as follows:

  1. Treat only half (!) The base for the shawarma with sauce, without touching the edge 3-4 cm wide. Before you, this area should be placed transversely.
  2. Spread the filling evenly on the sauce area in layers: straws of pepper, cucumber, meat, slices of tomato, lettuce.
  3. Bend the free side edges to the center.
  4. Wrap the bottom up, and immediately make a turn in the same direction, completely hiding the filling.
  5. Spin until the end until you get a closed roll.

Correctly wrapping shawarma can be not only a tube: you can also cope with an envelope if you carefully consider the photo. The steps are simple:

  1. Put the filling on the center of the sheet (recommended to backtrack 4-5 cm).
  2. Bend the bottom edge overlap.
  3. Fold sideways onto it at the same time.
  4. Turn the last (top) gently, gently squeezing the shawarma in the palms.
  5. For reliability, warm in a pan until crust.

Shawarma wrapping process

How to wrap round shawarma

Those who figured out how to form a square envelope or a traditional roll from a rectangular sheet can try to learn how to wrap a round shawarma with an open tube, because for other schemes, it has insufficient area. The general description of the process is identical to the one presented above, only you won’t have to bend the top. Pay attention to an important nuance: if you figured out how to add shawarma from pita bread, and are thinking of trying to cook the same tortilla dish, the last one will need to be warmed up in a frying pan, otherwise you will fail.

The step-by-step process looks like this:

  1. Sauce 1/3 pita in the center.
  2. Top with a stripe spread the filling.
  3. The lateral edges overlap it.
  4. Turn the bottom to the opposite side from the seam.

Round beetroot with beetroot

Tips from chefs: how to spin shawarma into pita bread

If you carefully studied all the step-by-step schemes given above, but did not work out to get the perfect result, there is a chance that a mistake has been made somewhere. Professionals are ready to reveal some more culinary tricks that will help you to quickly and quickly turn shawarma into pita bread with a minimum of problems:

  • Check if you added a lot of sauce to the filling: it should make all the components “glued” together, and not turn them into porridge. The more liquid the shawarma filler will be, the higher the likelihood that the dough will begin to soak and soak with it, and this will lead to a loss of shape and integrity.
  • Do not take watery tomatoes: if there is no choice, remove the central part from them, otherwise it will be difficult to wrap the shawarma.
  • It may take a lot of time and patience to master this culinary puzzle: get ready that not everyone gets an excellent result on their first attempt.
  • Was the lavash / pita fresh? Wrap even in yesterday’s dough makes no sense, because it loses its elasticity, begins to dry and break.
  • For the fortress, you can wrap shawarma in 2 layers of pita bread, especially if you are going to do it for the first time.
  • If even after a few instructions you did not manage to figure out how to twist the shawarma, you should go to an oriental restaurant: there you can clearly show this process. Although you can try to unwind the finished dish, and then wrap it back yourself.
  • The finished tube is rather dry and you are afraid that it will start to fall apart when you eat it? Top with a silicone brush dipped in oil or sauce residue.
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