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Sponge cakes, pies and pies with jam – classic dishes for dessert in the winter season. You can feed the whole family with such delicacies; it will not be a shame to serve refreshments to the festive table. If you like this kind of baking, then soon start learning new recipes..

How to make jam cake

There is no single recipe for jam pies. However, there are a few general rules. For example, to make a pie with jam that tastes unusual, you can put pieces of fresh fruit, raisins, dried apricots or citrus zest in a dough cake with jam. Another important ingredient for the pie is flour. It should be taken only in the highest category, wheat and be sure to sift before adding to other components of the dough. Well, in order to get the perfect baked goods with the filling, high sides are formed from the dough inside.

In the oven

Often, to save time, many desserts are simply fried in a pan. However, such a culinary approach will be appropriate for pies, but an appetizing pie cannot be made in this way – you need to use a preheated oven. If you are working with yeast dough, then be sure to cover a baking sheet or a metal mold with parchment or oil it. Pie with jam in the oven from the short pastry can be put in a dry mold.

In a slow cooker

A multicooker helps many housewives save time spent in the kitchen. Any dishes are delicious in it, and baking is no exception. To bake a jam cake in a multicooker, select the “Baking” mode on the display, and the smart device will set the time automatically. In the kitchen machine, pies made from shortcrust and jellied dough are excellent, but it is better to bake the flour mass using yeast in the oven.

The dough

The basis for dessert can be used in a store; even frozen puff pastry is suitable. If you have a lot of free time at your disposal, then you can put a dough, let the dough come up, knead it several times, and then roll it into shape and fill it with jam. If you use instant yeast, then you will not have to wait long for the base to rise – 30-40 minutes. Shortcrust pastry for jam pie does not need to be kneading or kneading for a long time. All you need to do is mix the listed ingredients..

Puff pastry on the table and rolling pin

Jam Pie Recipe

The French appreciate an open pie called quiche. As a rule, they make it from unsweetened products, but in some provinces classic cheeses and fish are replaced with sweet jam. The Germans also prepare open pies on yeast or shortcrust pastry with plum filling. In America, baking with apple jam should be present on the table on holidays like Independence and Thanksgiving. In Russia, this treat is prepared not only for celebrations, but also on weekdays. Choose any jam pie recipe and start cooking soon.


  • Cooking time: 45 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 6 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 359 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

Whipped pie with jam is an unusual find for those who have absolutely no time to bake. On the other hand, the availability of all products makes this recipe especially attractive for thrifty mothers. When there is no time or opportunity to run around the pastry shops in search of dessert, and in the pantry since the winter there was a jar of uneaten jam, then it will simply be sacrilege if you do not try to bake homemade pie.


  • apple-plum jam – 200 g;
  • eggs – 2 pcs.;
  • butter – 150 g;
  • flour – 2-3 tbsp .;
  • granulated sugar – 1 tbsp .;
  • vanillin – a pinch;
  • soda – 2 g.

Cooking method:

  1. Add vanilla and sugar to the egg yolks. Break the mass with a whisk.
  2. Rub 70 grams of butter on a coarse grater. Stir in the butter.
  3. Mix flour with soda. Start to slowly add the flour mixture.
  4. As soon as the mass begins to gather in crumbs, add the squirrels and continue to knead by hand, gradually adding flour.
  5. Roll the finished smooth dough into a layer.
  6. Pierce the cake with a fork around the entire perimeter, evenly distribute the jam on top.
  7. For dusting, mix the remaining butter with flour until crumbs are formed.
  8. Sprinkle crumbs on the cake, lower the sides with a fork.
  9. Half an hour at 180 degrees bake dessert.

Grated shortcake with jam

From yeast dough

  • Cooking time: 3 hours.
  • Servings Per Container: 8 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 295 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: European.
  • Difficulty: easy.

Another version of a delicious dessert that has already become classic is a pie with jam from yeast dough. Here, a bread machine is used to knead the base, but if there is no such device in your kitchen, use the old proven method – make a dough and knead the dough with your hands. To give the cake a delicious look, decorate the workpiece with the remaining dough, cutting out funny figures from it.


  • flour – 600 g;
  • egg – 1 pc.;
  • warm milk – 250 ml;
  • sunflower oil – 4 tbsp. l .;
  • salt -? tsp;
  • sugar – 4 tbsp. l .;
  • dry instant yeast – 2 tsp;
  • jam – 400 g;
  • yolk – 1 pc.;
  • butter – 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method:

  1. Pour all the ingredients into the bread maker except jam, yolks and butter.
  2. Select the kneading mode on the display and set the time to 2 hours.
  3. Put the finished dough on a table sprinkled with flour.
  4. Divide the mass into two parts: larger and smaller.
  5. Roll out a thin circle from a larger piece.
  6. Cover the form with parchment paper, lightly grease it with oil.
  7. Lay the layer on parchment, form the sides.
  8. Make a layer of jam on top, smooth the jam with a spatula.
  9. Cut out any figures from a small piece of dough.
  10. Store the workpiece in a warm place for half an hour. Then grease the figures with yolks.
  11. Place the cake in the oven for half an hour at 180 degrees.

Jam-filled yeast tart


  • Cooking time: 60 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 6 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 390 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

This recipe for an open jam cake will be in place any day. One look at such homemade cakes will cheer you up and cause appetite. The basis is a sweet shortcrust pastry. An ideal filling for it will be a slightly sour jam, for example, from red currant or cranberry. For decoration, treats can be coated with icing sugar or slices of fresh fruit..


  • eggs – 2 pcs.;
  • jam – 1 tbsp .;
  • sugar – 50 g;
  • flour – 2 tbsp .;
  • butter – ? packs;
  • soda -? tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. Add the eggs, sugar, salt to the melted butter and beat with a whisk.
  2. Quench soda with citric acid, add to egg mixture.
  3. Pour flour in a few sets, knead soft elastic dough.
  4. Place the dough in a baking dish, spread it evenly on the bottom with your fingers. Roll out the soft dough is not necessary.
  5. Put jam in the middle of the workpiece, spread it with a spoon throughout the dough.
  6. Bake an open jam cake at 180 degrees 25 minutes.

Open pie with jam filling on a baking sheet in the oven


  • Cooking time: 60 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 6 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 262 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

The taste of grated jam pie with jam is familiar to almost everyone, because in childhood mothers very often prepared such a treat on the weekend. It is also being prepared on a sand-based basis, but the dough itself needs to be divided into two parts, one of which is well frozen. In addition to jam, a little almonds, walnuts or washed raisins can be added to the filling. Below is the same recipe for grated jam cake with no frills.


  • flour – 400 g;
  • sugar -? st .;
  • butter – 1 pack;
  • egg – 2 pcs.;
  • apricot jam – 360 g;
  • baking powder – 6 g.

Cooking method:

  1. Add a pinch of salt and baking powder to the flour.
  2. In this bowl, grate the butter in large pieces and mix the contents.
  3. Beat sugar with eggs until fluffy froth appears.
  4. Combine both masses and knead soft dough. Divide it into two equal parts.
  5. Take one blank into the freezer, the other in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Remove the base from the refrigerator and roll out the pan.
  7. Put apricot jam on top evenly.
  8. Take out the second part of the dough from the freezer, grate it with large holes.
  9. Sprinkle jam on the resulting crumbs and put the pan in the oven.
  10. After 35 minutes, the grated jam cake will be ready.

Grated shortcake pastry with jam filling


  • Cooking time: 60 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 6 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 385 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: European.
  • Difficulty: easy.

Even a regular shortcake with jam can be prepared with a spicy aftertaste, if you add a few spices to the filling. For example, currant jam makes great friends with orange or lemon zest. Blueberry filling will give a pleasant aftertaste if you add a little mint or grated ginger root. Cardamom and cinnamon are good for apple or cranberry puree..


  • flour – 2.5 tbsp .;
  • butter – 1 pack;
  • yolks – 3 pcs.;
  • baking powder – 1 tsp;
  • sugar -? st .;
  • salt – a pinch;
  • corn starch – 2.5 tbsp. l .;
  • jam – 2 tbsp .;
  • zest -? tsp.

Cooking method:

  1. Grind butter with salt and sugar.
  2. Add the yolks one at a time and mix until smooth..
  3. Enter flour with baking powder, knead crumb-like dough.
  4. With your hands, collect the crumbs in a ball and gently roll.
  5. Put the layer in the shape, form high sides. Excess can be cut off.
  6. Make a few cuts around the perimeter of the formation, put a sheet of parchment on top and pour the beans.
  7. Put the mold in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
  8. Then take out the beans and put jam mixed with zest and starch in the center of the warm billet.
  9. Bake a jam pie for 35-40 minutes.

Sliced ​​shortbread grated jam cake

No yeast

  • Cooking time: 60 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 10 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 224 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

You will be surprised, but you can make jam pie without yeast. The basis of such baking is more dense and even crispy, but this does not spoil the taste of the finished dish. In the process of cooking, you should take into account only one nuance – that the dough is well baked, before baking it must be thoroughly greased with protein, and after that evenly spread thick jam.


  • flour – 320 g;
  • butter – 150 g;
  • cold melt water -? st .;
  • salt -? tsp;
  • apple jam – 400 g.

Cooking method:

  1. Add salt to the flour, add the butter and rub all the ingredients into the crumbs.
  2. Pour in water, collect loose mass in a lump.
  3. Wrap the base with cling film, take out in the cold.
  4. After half an hour, divide the lump into two parts. Roll both halves in a circle.
  5. Put one layer of dough on the bottom of the mold, put the workpiece in the refrigerator.
  6. From another sheet, cut strips of arbitrary length and width up to 1 cm, set aside. Put jam on the dough piece.
  7. Twist the spirals from the strips and decorate them with baking.
  8. Bake apple jam pie at 180 degrees 45-60 minutes.

Sponge cake stuffed with yeast


  • Cooking time: 2 hours.
  • Servings Per Container: 6 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 368 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

This recipe for jam jam in the oven will be appreciated by those who, by the will of fate, are forced to refuse to eat eggs. If, after reading this, you immediately thought that the dough would remain wet, then you were deeply mistaken. Ready-made pastries are surprisingly soft, airy and fragrant. The main thing is to take into account only one important point that all products must be taken out of the refrigerator in advance.


  • warm milk – 250 ml;
  • dry yeast – 10 g;
  • vegetable oil – 50 ml;
  • flour – 450 g;
  • margarine – 50 g;
  • sugar – 5 tbsp. l .;
  • salt -? tsp;
  • jam – 200 g.

Cooking method:

  1. Heat the milk slightly on the stove. Add the yeast to it, a tablespoon of sugar and stir.
  2. After 15 minutes, when the yeast begins to play, add salt, the remaining sugar, butter and vegetable oil.
  3. Stir the mixture until sugar is completely dissolved, and then add flour.
  4. Knead the soft dough, cover it with a clean towel and leave it to stand for 1.5 hours.
  5. Settle the rising mass, divide into 2 equal parts.
  6. From one half, roll a circle equal to the diameter of the mold.
  7. Pre-lubricate the mold with oil, transfer a layer of dough into it..
  8. Lubricate the surface with strawberry jam.
  9. From the second part of the test, make any decorations: pigtails, Christmas trees, sausages.
  10. Put the decorations on jam, forming the sides of them.
  11. Put the workpiece in a warm place for a quarter of an hour, and then start baking.
  12. After about 35 minutes, the golden butter muffin pie can be removed.

Stuffed pastry pie with strawberry jam

On kefir

  • Cooking time: 60 minutes.
  • Servings Per Container: 6 Persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 338 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: easy.

This jellied cake is more like a sponge cake with jam, but its main advantage is not even that – the dough is passed in a matter of minutes. All that’s needed is to gently mix all the products. It is better to do this with a whisk, in a deep saucepan or bowl, so that the contents do not splash. In addition, jam with whole fruit slices is better to kill with a blender.


  • flour – 400 g;
  • sugar – 150 g;
  • egg – 1 pc.;
  • kefir – 300 ml;
  • jam – 1 tbsp..

Cooking method:

  1. Mix a glass of any jam with kefir.
  2. Kill the eggs with sugar, pour the mixture into kefir.
  3. If you wish, you can also add a few grams of vanillin there..
  4. Gradually, constantly stirring, add flour, but remember that the finished dough should stick to your hands.
  5. Put the mass in the bowl of the multicooker. Set the “Baking” mode on the display, close the lid.
  6. In an hour, a tender pie with jam on kefir will be ready.
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