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Semi-sweet red Georgian wine Kindzmarauli is one of the most famous brands of the noble drink of the sunny country. Rare grapes, favorable climate, the oldest production technologies fill every bottle with an unforgettable taste and aroma. Vintage Georgian alcohol is in demand not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. For this reason, there are many fakes of the famous brand of red wine..

What is Kindzmarauli

Translated from Georgian, the name means “dye.” It’s all about the saturated color of the drink – there is a feeling of unnaturalness of such a shade. But nature itself created such amazing colors of this famous alcohol. There are two versions of the origin of the name:

  • Alazani Valley, where grapes are grown for this brand, is located near Kindzmarauli.
  • Grapes, which is used to produce the Georgian drink, grows in the Kakheti region, in the Kvareli region, where the Caucasian rivers Duruji and Alazan flow. Their waters are saturated with macronutrients and are a natural source of mineral fertilizers for grapes..


This brand of wine is considered relatively young. For the first time its production was organized during the Great Patriotic War. Joseph Stalin himself favored the original Kindzmarauli. There are photos in which the leader holds a glass of his favorite drink. On his orders, a factory was built in his homeland. The centuries-old traditions of Georgian winemaking were supplemented by the latest technologies at that time. The result of all the activities was wine, which went to the needs of a well-known politician – for receptions, holidays and other events.

Red wine is poured into a glass

What grape variety is made from Kindzmarauli wine

For the manufacture of the “drink of the gods” in the wineries, a rare Saperavi grape variety is used. Winemakers of Georgia have used it since ancient times. Excess moisture is harmful to grapes, but at the same time small frosts are not terrible. The variety is not particularly demanding on soils. Saperavi inherent in some features:

  • small cluster size;
  • dark blue berries with a whitish bloom;
  • deep pink juice.

Famous Georgian winemakers insist that it is necessary to harvest in the first 3 weeks of September, when the berries had time to be saturated with all the necessary properties. This is the key to the natural sweet taste of the drink. The method of making this wine is called “Kakheti technology.” The secret of a long-standing winemaking method is the use of clay jugs – qvevri. They have the shape of a cone, internally coated with beeswax for greater sealing. To create the desired fermentation temperature – 14 degrees, jugs are dug in a land storage.

The current method of winemaking is somewhat different from the traditional one. It includes several stages:

  1. Bunches are sorted by separating from ridges and spoiled berries.
  2. Raw materials are crushed by a press to obtain juice.
  3. The resulting mass is placed in stainless steel tanks. The fermentation temperature is 25-30 degrees.
  4. Several times the raw material is subjected to refilling to saturate the wort with oxygen..
  5. Fermentation is forcibly stopped by cooling when the sugar concentration reaches 30-40 g / dm?.
  6. The wine is filtered, stored at zero temperature until bottled in glass or clay bottles.

Bunch of grapes

Wine Characteristics

This brand belongs to semisweet red wines. The drink is characterized by pomegranate color, or the color of ripe cherries. The wine is velvety to taste, with a berry aftertaste and a light astringency that is attached to the grape seeds. The structure of the fluid is viscous and oily, not more than 13 degrees in strength and 3-5% in terms of sugar content. Taste may vary slightly depending on:

  • manufacturer;
  • weather conditions at the time of berry ripening;
  • grape time.

How to drink Kindzmarauli

At a temperature of 10-15 degrees, the taste bouquet of wine is fully disclosed. Therefore, it is recommended to cool the bottle before serving. For drinking, wide glasses are used, filled by a third – so the aroma will remain longer. Wine in clay jugs is a kind of quality mark. Such a container retains the properties of a fragrant liquid inherent only to this brand..

Wine is considered dessert, therefore it is not recommended to exceed a dose of 2-3 glasses per evening, especially since the cost of Kindzmarauli wine is not low. Not only fruits or sweets are combined with this wonderful drink. It goes well with cheeses, fried ribs or grilled meat. But you should refrain from serving with seafood. Keep the drink at a temperature of no more than 10 degrees.

How to distinguish a fake on a bottle

There are a number of signs by which it is possible to determine whether a wine is real in a bottle:

  1. The original label must contain information about the manufacturer, grape variety, alcohol and sugar content. If under the name there is a note “made according to the recipe”, then this is definitely a fake.
  2. Mandatory availability of excise stamps and certificates of conformity in the form of holograms.
  3. Date of filling on the original squeezed out by a special press.
  4. It is worth paying attention to the amount of sediment – it should be small. To do this, turn the bottle over and bring it closer to the light source.

Kindzmarauli Wine Bottle

Kindzmarauli price

How much is Kindzmarauli wine? The answer is simple – good wine cannot cost less than 600 rubles per bottle. The table below shows data on prices depending on the place of purchase of wine:

Place of acquisition

Price, r. / Liter


Alcohol Market Networks


Optimal place of purchase

Specialized online stores


There is a risk of acquiring a fake



The most expensive – wine in clay containers of the original form

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