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Want to look behind the curtain of secrecy and find out what exactly awaits you in the future? Then be sure to prepare fortune cookies, a treat for fortune telling, or, as an option, a bag with sweet wishes. These cute and tasty treats will become appropriate in a big noisy company, on the occasion of a birthday or on the eve of the New Year.

How to make fortune cookies

What to look for first when preparing cookies with fortune telling? Naturally, the “filling” of the dish. It is advisable to think in advance what to write on small pieces of paper. Then you need to pre-type the text on the computer and print using a laser printer. If you write the text by hand, know: the ink from the pen can be printed on the test and become completely unreadable.

Predictions are fun to come up with in a large company: in the case when your ideas run out, friends will always throw something fresh. Take the simplest training in order, first learning the culinary tricks – how to make cookies with fortune predictions correctly:

  • To make circles with smooth edges from the dough, you can use a glass or glass to cut it.
  • Bend the dough in the form of dumplings must be hot. The cooled cookies will not take the desired shape, but will crumble in the hands.
  • For a beautiful bend in the center, use the rim of the glass. Place cookies exactly in the middle on the side of the glass and gently pull the edges down.
  • In order for the hot cookies to keep the look that you gave it, you need to fix it in a muffin baking dish.

Fortune cookie

Fortune Cookie Recipe

So, if you’ve figured out small secrets and culinary tricks, you should learn how to bake fortune cookies. There is nothing complicated in the process, as it might seem at first glance. The only thing that hostesses should take into account is that the eggs must be fresh and cold, so you do not need to get food from the refrigerator in advance.


  • flour -? st .;
  • starch – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • oil – 1 glass;
  • egg white – 3 pcs.;
  • vanilla extract – 2 drops;
  • cinnamon – 1 pinch.

Cooking method:

  1. Prepare and strip predictions for fortune cookies in advance.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine all the dry ingredients.
  3. Using a mixer, beat up proteins with 50 grams of granulated sugar or icing powder until fluffy..
  4. Mix the proteins with the dry portion, add a little vanilla extract, cinnamon and a spoonful of water.
  5. Cover the pan with parchment and spoon the batter onto it..
  6. Bake cookies for 10 minutes at an average level of the oven, heated to 150 ° C.
  7. Then act as quickly as possible. Take one circle out of the oven, cut in shape.
  8. Wrap the predictions in a cookie and shape the treat.
  9. Lock the pastry by placing it on the bottom of the muffin pan until the dough is completely cooled.
  10. Lay the cooled fortune cookies on a wide dish and serve on the festive table.

Boxed fortune cookie

Comic predictions

When you understand the question of how to make cookies, a new problem will mature: what to write on a piece of paper with predictions. You’ll have to gather all your will into a fist, strain your imagination, come up with or choose something original, and perhaps only understandable to you and your loved ones. Funny wishes, merry holiday greetings, tender or romantic texts will do..

For a noisy party with friends, you can write funny predictions on paper and put them in a finished cookie, for example:

  • You won’t be full of cookies alone – eat more.
  • What are the predictions? I’m just cookies.
  • Save !!! We are kept in a hot oven!
  • Want to know what awaits you in the future? Send a free SMS to 8552673.
  • Sorry, the meat in the other dish.
  • What a country, they even talk about baking.
  • Something is not in the mood, ask about the wishes of another cookie.
  • Take a funny photo with me, I love taking pictures.
  • This is a prediction for fortune cookies..
  • Packed on 11/27/2017.
  • Tasty? Ask the cook how to make the same cookie.
  • Urgently call the police! We are held hostage.
  • And why is the neighbor on the right smiling so maliciously?
  • Oh, you didn’t eat your cookie..

In verse

If you are friends with a rhyme, write verses for more than a year, or know how to come up with folding lines on the go, use the skills when you make wishes for cookies with predictions with humor. No need to write a complex quatrain, a simple and understandable syllable will do. The main thing is that the texts cause a smile on the faces of your friends. When there is absolutely no time left for cooking, you can choose from ready-made ideas for cookies with predictions:

  • Wait for the replenishment to the budget in the early to mid-summer.
  • After a good feast it’s impossible to go, so as not to sleep face in the salad – call a taxi soon!
  • Oh, how bored it was to live, to sail to the Canaries!
  • From a chewing gum, a kilogram of nine, you blind your shoes and go somewhere.
  • You take a piece of paper, a pen, a pencil and glue. Get a little courage and blind 100 rubles!

Chinese fortune cookie

For children

Cookies with predictions will be appropriate even at a children’s holiday, provided that your child is already an adult in order to independently read what is written. Combine the tasting of delicious pastries with the game. Pin a leaf on each cookie with a hint where there is a small surprise gift. Your child will certainly appreciate this entertainment. Short comic predictions for students can be of such a plan:

  • This cookie adds a plus 3 to strength, agility and intelligence..
  • Parents conceived something was amiss, they urgently need to feed them sweets and interrogate.
  • Next year you’ll get 5 maths.
  • By spring, you will definitely grow by 2 centimeters.
  • Your school essays will be printed in books..
  • Eat another cookie, baby.

For guests on a birthday

It’s always nice to get presents on your birthday, but it’s even better to give them. Even if you are a birthday boy, this does not mean that you cannot please your guests with small surprises. Treat everyone with shortbread cookies, where funny birthday predictions will be hidden:

  • Do not forget to take a photo with the hero of the occasion and cookies.
  • Quietly, you have a very important mission: in exactly 3 seconds, three times shout “Happy Birthday!”
  • Wish the birthday man wealth – maybe he will share with you.
  • You are the most welcome guest, do not forget to shout “Hurray!”
  • And you did not forget to pat the hero of the anniversary?

Cookies with predictions

On Halloween

Going to celebrate a creepy night ahead of All Saints Day? Then be sure to come up with some frightening Halloween predictions for cookies, for example:

  • Have fun until you drop, but don’t try to fall asleep before dawn if you are afraid of vampires.
  • All year you will be elusive for evil spirits.
  • This is the eve of All Saints Day! I wish you the most extraordinary night this year.
  • Bare your fangs, smile all the way and scare passers-by: oooo.
  • Do not go alone, you never know …

New year

You can download a ready-made New Year’s prediction for cookies or approach the preparation thoroughly, having prepared your texts. For inspiration, use the following examples:

  • In the New Year you will have a baby.
  • Hurry, next year we are waiting for you happiness and good luck.
  • If in last year’s salad you come across a foreign body – this is for the money.
  • Be sure to buy a lottery ticket within a month after the New Year.
  • Everything you make this night will come true.
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