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If you want to know at least a little Italy, be sure to try the famous Lavazza coffee (beans or ground), which received a lot of positive reviews. Create it by mixing two varieties – Arabica and Robusta in different percentages. One of the most popular varieties of Lavazza is Qualita Oro, which has a honey flavor.

What is Lavazza coffee

The founder of this brand was the Italian grocer Luigi Lavazza, who sells food and coffee, including. He came up with a mix of different varieties of coffee beans, thereby improving its taste. This approach to creating a product, as well as packaging in parchment with a logo added a twist to the product and brought worldwide popularity..

Luigi Lavazza

Types of coffee Lavazza

All types of Lavazza coffee have a different combination of coffee beans that are part of the varieties and differ in taste, aroma:


Ratio in% Arabica and Robusta

Taste description

Filtro classico


Floral spicy aroma



Sourish taste, minimal caffeine content

Crema aroma


Traditional taste, requires the mandatory addition of milk, cream

Caffe espresso


Deep aroma due to medium roasted grains

Qualita rosa


Has a slight chocolate smell.

Club (Lavazza Club)


The softened taste of 100% Arabica



Chocolate flavor, saturated foam

Qualita oro


Honey Classic

Bella crema


Notes of vanilla, caramel, chocolate

Grand espresso


Chocolate-spicy shades without bitterness

Gran riserva


Strong, with sourness and bitterness, contains a lot of caffeine

Crema e gusto forte


Chocolate flavor with bitterness

Crema e gusto


Spicy Chocolate Creamy Flavor

Caffe decaffeinato


Bright, rich flavor without caffeine

Super gusto


Spicy fruit shades

Ground coffee Lavazza

This coffee (in English – coffee, in Ukrainian – kava) is very popular not only among Italians, but also in many other countries of the world. Due to its classical taste and rich deep aroma of Arabica with varying degrees of roasting grains, the product has such a demand. You can buy ground Lavazza coffee in a large retail distribution network or order delivery by mail via the Internet to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. For coffee machines, this product is sold in capsules..

Crema gusto

You can buy Lavazza coffee at the Dom Coffee store. This product is an assortment of quality varieties of Arabica and Robusta in a ratio of 30/70%. The most important indicator of the drink is persistent cream (foam) and a rich flavor of chocolate with nuts. This variety is used for the preparation of drinks with the addition of milk:

  • price: 207 rubles;
  • characteristics: Italy, fine grinding, weight – 250 grams;
  • pluses: strong, inexpensive;
  • cons: not detected.

Pack of ground coffee LAVAZZA CREMA E GUSTO


Italian coffee Lavazza Decaffeinato includes 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta, the processing technology of which includes pure water and carbon dioxide (without chemicals). This approach ensures environmental friendliness and high quality product. From this type you can make cappuccino, macchiato, espresso in a Turk or a coffee machine. Decaffeinato has a classic rich flavor and aroma:

  • name: Lavazza Caffe Decaffeinato;
  • price: 395 r.;
  • characteristics: Italy, packaging – a vacuum bag, weight – 250 grams, ground (medium grinding);
  • pluses: does not contain caffeine;
  • cons: high cost.

Lavazza Caffe Decaffeinato decaffeinated coffee packaging


Lavazza espresso is made from 100% Arabica, collected on plantations in Africa, Central America. The grains before grinding were roasted to an average degree, so the product has a strong rich taste with chocolate notes:

  • name: Lavazza Espresso;
  • price: 280 r.;
  • characteristics: Italy, weight – 250 grams, ground (medium grinding);
  • pluses: resistant foam;
  • cons: not detected.

Lavazza Espresso ground coffee packaging


Lavazza Oro is one of the most popular among strong drink lovers. It has a floral-fruity aroma and a honey aftertaste, it is used for making drinks at home and in the professional field. Suitable for use in coffee machines and Turk:

  • name: Lavazza Oro;
  • price: 290 p.;
  • characteristics: Italy, mass – 250 g, vacuum packaging with a valve, medium frying, medium grinding;
  • pluses: delicate smell with floral notes;
  • cons: not detected.

Lavazza Oro per pack


Italian coffee Lavazza Rosso includes 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta, so it has a strong rich taste with amazing notes of chocolate. Prepared in the most gourmet restaurants around the world. Feel like a guest of one of these institutions, while in your own kitchen with a cup of fragrant Lavazza Rosso:

  • name: Lavazza Rossa;
  • price: 298 r.;
  • characteristics: Italy, weight – 250 g, vacuum bag, ground (medium grinding), medium degree of roasting;
  • pluses: soft velvet taste;
  • cons: not detected.

Lavazza Rossa in vacuum packaging

Lavazza coffee beans

True connoisseurs of this strong drink prefer to buy Lavazza coffee beans and grind on their own. A drink made from freshly ground beans turns out to be especially tasty, rich and aromatic. The most demanding gourmets take green beans and fry to the desired consistency, but not all outlets sell them, and the product is expensive. It is quite possible to find it on the official website of the manufacturer, and if you get on promotions, discounts, sales, you can buy goods relatively cheaply.

Crema e aroma

In addition to the ground product, you can buy coffee beans Lavazza, which includes 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. The product has a rich taste and a long finish, ideal for preparing your favorite invigorating drinks with milk:

  • name: Lavazza Crema e Aroma;
  • price: 900 r .;
  • characteristics: Italy, mass – 1 kg, grain;
  • pluses: dense thick foam;
  • cons: not detected.

Coffee beans Lavazza Crema e Aroma


You can buy Lavazza coffee beans called Gold Selection on the website of the Baristas store. The product consists of 100% Arabica, has a deep creamy taste, notes of chocolate. Indispensable in the preparation of cappuccino and latte:

  • name: Lavazza Gold Selection;
  • price: 1320 p.;
  • characteristics: Italy, weight – 1 kg, grain, average degree of roasting, vacuum packaging;
  • pluses: no bitterness;
  • cons: not detected.

Lavazza Gold Selection coffee beans

Grand espresso

A truly tasty drink can be prepared only from high-quality grains, such a product is presented by the Lavazza company, and it is called Grand Espresso. Its bouquet consists of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta, and the strength and unique aftertaste is provided due to the strong roasting of coffee beans:

  • name: Lavazza Grand Espresso;
  • price: 790 r.;
  • characteristics: Italy, grain, weight – 1 kg, vacuum packaging, strong degree of roasting;
  • pluses: spicy notes;
  • cons: not detected.

Packing of coffee beans Lavazza Grand Espresso

Top class

This type of Lavazza coffee beans includes Arabica and Robusta in a ratio of 90:10. The uniqueness of its taste is provided by the Asian Robusta variety, adding chocolate refinement to the drink. South American Arabica “gives” a deep taste, aftertaste of bitter cocoa:

  • name: Lavazza Top Class;
  • price: 1319 r.;
  • Characteristics: Italy, weight – 1 kg, in grains, average degree of roasting;
  • pluses: pleasant aftertaste;
  • cons: not detected.

Italian coffee beans Lavazza Top Class

Super crema

Super Cream blend consists of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. This is another of the varieties in demand among Italians. The product is ideal for making a fragrant drink in a coffee machine, has an amazing delicate taste of chocolate with notes of almonds, honey, dried fruits:

  • name: Lavazza Super Crema;
  • price: 1155 r.;
  • characteristics: Italy, mass – 1 kg, grain, average degree of roasting;
  • pluses: resistant velvety foam;
  • cons: not detected.

Lavazza Super Crema Bean Coffee Packaging

How to choose coffee Lavazza

If you decide to buy Lavazza coffee in an online store or regular retail chain, follow these recommendations:

  1. The original product must not have creases on the side of the vacuum packaging, where the production date is set.
  2. Packaging fakes flattened, elongated. The original pack is dense, its bottom has a clear rectangular shape.
  3. Authentic grains have a beautiful brown color, uniform frying.
  4. The proprietary soft pack is equipped with a notched valve in the middle or at the edges emitting carbon dioxide. The valve is poorly visible in a fake, has 2 small holes in the center.

Lavazza coffee reviews

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