Soy sauce – benefits and harms for women and men

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A masterpiece of Asian cuisine, known even to a child, was invented in China more than two and a half thousand years ago – to this day, it allows culinary specialists to make masterpieces from ordinary dishes. Seasoning adds a sharp, slightly salty taste to food, but its characteristics are controversial: the benefits and harms go hand in hand.

Soy Sauce – Composition

The liquid is rich in antioxidants and minerals. It includes calcium, zinc, manganese, glandular compounds, and even more than a dozen essential amino acids – each of these substances provides invaluable assistance to a person, his health and well-being. However, it is impossible to get the traditional composition of soy sauce without the fermentation process and the addition of wheat – thanks to this combination, the product is more tender.

Classic composition

The popularity of brown sauce is so great that chefs from around the world are trying to cook a recipe with their tricks. What you will not see in the list of ingredients: beef broth, corn starch, potato flour and even ketchup! However, the composition of classic soy sauce has not changed for a long time, although most manufacturers add sodium carbonate, activated carbon and flavorings to the mixture.

The main components of the product:

  • soya beans;
  • water;
  • caramel;
  • corn syrup;
  • salt.


Soy Sauce – Benefits

Aromatic liquid has a general positive effect on the body, prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles, maintains alertness, and relieves nervous tension. Women will appreciate its properties during menstruation, in addition, soy sauce relieves pain, relieves unpleasant symptoms during menopause and cholecystitis. Phytoestrogens and healthy vitamins help women to remain young and beautiful for a long time.

An invaluable benefit of soy sauce is that delicious seasoning contains niacin, and it has a beneficial effect on heart function. This chemical element regulates the fat content in the blood stream, contributing to the production of good cholesterol. Isoleucine is useful for the liver, improving its function, and a low percentage of carbohydrates will help normalize weight..


Seasoning is saturated with peptides that constrict blood vessels – this leads to undesirable jumps of indicators on the tonometer. Poor soy can also cause skin irritation in people at risk of allergies. Taste enhancers added by the manufacturer can serve as a catalyst and double the negative effect. A natural product that has undergone a fermentation process is less dangerous, but they should not get carried away, especially with gout, diabetes.

Significant harm to soy sauce lies much deeper: unscrupulous companies instead of the original product palm off on cheap substitutes. An alternative to the famous seasoning is prepared on the basis of hydrochloric acid – such a surprise can cause severe damage to the consumer, so you should choose a real oriental product that is difficult to replace with something.

Slimming Soy Sauce

Should you pamper yourself with this food supplement? Low calorie says yes. The nutritional value of the product is ten calories per 1 tablespoon of seasoning. A high protein content will benefit people who strive for ideal forms, because their muscles will begin to grow much faster. A small amount of product will give the dish aroma and a missing taste, however it contains omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, and their excess in the diet can lead not to weight loss, but to inflammation and health problems.

Normal diets prohibit the use of salt, but these taboos do not apply to soy sauce, but in vain. Feeling a spicy seasoning bouquet, you can guess that it contains table salt, which retains fluid in the body, preventing it from being exposed. Therefore, the product with a diet should be added in minimal quantities..

Soy sauce and soybeans

With gastritis

People suffering from gastrointestinal diseases are forced to adhere to a strict diet. The list of products for them is as limited as possible by specialists. Is soy sauce good in this case? It all depends on quality: natural in moderate doses is not at all harmful, which can not be said about a fake “fellow”. Unprincipled seasoning can exacerbate symptoms by developing intolerant pain and obesity..

Choose soy sauce for gastritis as scrupulous as possible:

  • When examining the ingredients on the label, make sure that the product is obtained by natural fermentation.
  • No GMOs and harmful additives should be inside, and the contents of the container may be slightly transparent and viscous. A glass bottle will help you quickly make sure.

With pancreatitis

Diseases of the pancreas – the scourge of modern man. Excluding most spices and spices from the diet, it remains to rely on salty seasoning. What is soy sauce useful for and is it possible to supplement food with it? Doctors doubt it. The list of ingredients may include garlic and vinegar, which irritate the walls of the pancreas and increase inflammation, so you should refrain from soy sauce for pancreatitis. Choosing a healthy product made without chemicals is not easy, so don’t risk your health.

Benefit and harm for men

One tablespoon of this liquid contains 335 mg of sodium. This mineral plays an important role in losing weight, maintaining basic functions in the body, including transmission of nerve impulses and regulation of blood pressure – this is a plus. But the abuse of sodium can lead to the deposition of salts in the joints and liver damage, and the presence of estrogen in the composition instead of positive will bring some trouble. This is the benefit and harm of soy sauce for men, if you do not stop in time. Strong sex is worth keeping yourself in control.

Soy sauce gravy boat


Having determined that brown seasoning is more good than harm, you should take a closer look at the recipes. Oriental cooking is not complete without additives, and in other cuisines of the world it is used with pleasure. Asian countries attribute the use of soy sauce to a special tradition that has been honored for generations: moderate use of seasoning helps diversify the taste of dishes, adding sophistication to them. Chicken in spicy marinade, sushi, salads, funchoza – far from a complete list of masterpieces that can not be imagined without sauce.

If the liquid in the bottle is a light shade – it will give the dish a tenderness, and dark – the right aroma and texture. If a person likes a non-nutritious product, and even in small quantities, the benefits and harms do not have much significance for him. Contraindications can be neutralized provided that the cook adds only a drop to the meat, rice or pasta. A spicy aftertaste is the most important thing!

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