Tea Rooibos – useful properties and contraindications, composition and methods of brewing

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The unique red tea Rooibos has just appeared on the Russian market, but has already managed to become popular because of its beneficial properties. Get it like regular black tea, but use a special South African plant, which belongs to the acacia family. Find out what contraindications the drink has, what are its beneficial properties and possible harm.

What is rooibos tea

If you want to know what rooibos is, you should contact the source of the drink. This unique tea is made in the mountains of South Africa. Leaves are collected from the red shrub of rooibos growing in cedar groves. The drink has long been used by the Bushman tribes for a refreshing effect, healing effect and as a natural dye. The technology for making tea has remained the same as the aborigines did: the seeds are sown in the soil in the summer, a year and a half later the bush grows, the leaves are cut and harvested in bundles.

Modern production involves shredding shrub leaves (in the form of needles), they are wrinkled with the help of rollers, in order to subsequently subject the chemical process to fermentation. If this procedure is successful, the tea turns out to be red, sweetish in taste, has a woody flavor. Green rooibos is not subjected to fermentation, the raw materials are steamed and dried in the open sun. Finished leaves are collected with a vacuum cleaner, sorted, cleaned, pasteurized and dried again..

Rooibos tea in a cup

The quality gradations of the resulting rooibos depend on the length of the cut, the age of the leaves, and the presence of impurities. The short and long cut are considered the most valuable – they are exported. For the domestic market, a mid-length section is intended. In the shops there are tea bags with rooibos, which does not differ in quality from loose. From the Afrikaans language the word translates as a red bush.


Rooibos tea has a valuable composition, including trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants and other biologically active substances:

  • Microelements – Roibos contains potassium, fluorine, sodium, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese, which are necessary for normal metabolism, strengthening immunity and normalizing acid-base balance.
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, P, D, K strengthen memory.
  • Natural tetracycline has an antibacterial effect, indispensable for colds.
  • Antioxidants – Rooibos is rich in flavonoids, which relieve free radicals, prevent the growth of tumors, prolong youth, green tea contains more of them than red.
  • Glucose allows you to drink without sugar.
  • Aromatic oils soothe the body.
  • Phenol carboxylic acids bring vigor.

Beneficial features

According to research, African herbal aroma rooibos has the following beneficial properties:

  • contains 50% more antioxidants than in green tea, actively neutralizes free radicals, helps with cancer, osteoporosis, radiation;
  • lowers blood pressure, normalizes blood glucose levels, improves liver function;
  • It has an antihistamine effect, which is indispensable for allergies, hay fever, asthma;
  • resists the development of cataracts, atherosclerosis, eczema;
  • possesses antispasmodic and antiseptic properties;
  • calms the nervous system, lowers mental stress;
  • restores the work of the stomach in case of poisoning;
  • supports bone development;
  • two cups a day satisfy the daily need for ascorbic acid, and three – in fluorine and in a third of the norm of iron for the body;
  • Tea is useful for physical exertion due to the optimal ratio of potassium and calcium;


The rooibos herb has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components. Tea from it is suitable for use by people of any gender, age. With caution, it is recommended to drink a drink with exacerbation of chronic gastritis, an open ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract due to possible irritation of the mucous membrane with essential oils. With arterial hypotension, you can drink tea, but under the supervision of doctors, because it already reduces pressure.

Very hot tea (at temperatures above 50 degrees) can cause a cramp in the stomach, while strong tea increases the concentration of tannin in the blood, excites the nervous system, leads to insomnia, headaches. In diabetes mellitus, before taking rooibos, you need to consult a doctor because of the presence of a large amount of glucose. For the first time, it is recommended that people take a drink in small quantities and watch the body react..

How to brew rooibos

The instructions below will tell you how to brew rooibos correctly. The leaves are unpretentious in tea leaves: they are poured with boiling water and insisted for five minutes. 10 minutes will enhance the effect of antioxidants, and half an hour will lead to saturation with healing properties. Proportion of tea leaves: a teaspoon per glass. It can be reused up to five times. To get a strong drink, boil the broth for 5-10 minutes, and to create an unusual taste, brew with milk and add spices. Cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon will do..

Rooibos in a cup

Brewed tea is stored for several days in the refrigerator, can be consumed cold, but more often they drink hot. A few more ways to use tea leaves:

  • use it in baking, marmalade, sweet sauces;
  • pour the remains of tea indoor plants, for them it will be a kind of fertilizer;
  • you can stain with a strong infusion of fabric, the color will last a long time;
  • lubricate the skin with infusion after sunburn, and use a weak solution as a facial tonic.

Why rooibos is useful

Rooibos or Rooibos has a unique composition, therefore, carries many valuable useful properties:

  • serves to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, premature aging of the body;
  • perfectly tones, serves to strengthen immunity, lowers cholesterol;
  • eliminates colic in babies, helps them fall asleep faster;
  • due to the presence of tetracycline, it has a bactericidal effect: compresses from the infusion help with acne, dermatitis, eczema;
  • improves digestion, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure;
  • prevents caries from developing due to fluoride content;
  • strengthens the body with allergic skin diseases;
  • used as an expectorant for colds;
  • successfully displays worms;
  • serves as a remedy for a hangover;
  • treats constipation, heartburn, nausea;
  • does not contain oxalic acid, therefore it can be used by people with kidney stones or urolithiasis;
  • due to the presence of zinc in the composition, it has an astringent effect, relieves of herpes, is used in surgical operations, rashes, diaper rash, pollinosis;
  • accumulates lipid oxidation products in the brain, which prevents the aging of nerve cells;
  • improves the condition of veins with varicose veins;
  • helps with dehydration.

For the nervous system

African tea has a calming effect, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves irritability and depression. A properly brewed drink normalizes sleep, helps adults and children fall asleep, improves sleep quality. Tea reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, eliminates the effects of stress, improves memory and concentration.


Green rooibos tea contains more antioxidants than red variety. A warm ordinary infusion can be used as an expectorant for colds, they gargle or just use inside to facilitate the release of sputum that is difficult to separate. The unique composition has anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates cough and kills viruses. It can be used as a prophylactic..

In case of poisoning

The beneficial composition of tea is rich in components that can quickly cleanse the body of toxins, harmful substances, saturating it with valuable vitamins and microminerals. This property is used for poisoning. Due to flavonoids, rooibos eliminates gastric colic, relaxes muscle tension, eliminates disorders, constipation, nausea and vomiting.

With edema

A useful property of rooibos tea is the ability to relieve swelling in the body. After a hard day’s work, take a bath with a decoction of leaves, this will eliminate swelling of the legs.

Girl takes a bath with herbs

For weight loss

Drinking a rooibos tea decoction is good for losing weight. If you follow a balanced diet and add sports load to the diet, you will be able to lose extra pounds. You can replace the usual drinks with tea – a cup of rooibos contains only 2 kcal, it has a sweetish taste. Infusion has the following properties for weight loss:

  • normalizes blood glucose;
  • prolongs the feeling of fullness;
  • helps not overeat;
  • improves the gastrointestinal tract;
  • has a mild diuretic effect;
  • slightly tones without tannin and caffeine;
  • restrains vitamins and minerals, which improves intestinal motility.

When breastfeeding

Due to its high iron content, tea can be used by pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding to prevent the development of anemia. The drink has an antispasmodic effect, eliminates colic in babies. It can be drunk by nursing mothers so that the baby can benefit through breast milk. Positive properties of the drink during lactation and pregnancy:

  • relieves puffiness;
  • improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines, protects against constipation;
  • relieves toxicosis;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • slows down the development of anemia;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • improves lactation.

Against worms

Tea is effective in the complex treatment of invasions with helminths or other parasites. Due to the content of tetracycline, it destroys worm cells, prevents them from developing and growing in the body. You can use the drink for prevention.

From a hangover

Rooibos has no caffeine, so it calms the nervous system. Due to magnesium, the drink relieves a headache during a hangover, eliminates a sense of anxiety and normalizes blood pressure. The cleansing property of rooibos helps to eliminate toxins from the body, normalizes the function of the liver, which suffers from large doses of alcohol. As a hangover, use a decoction of a quarter of a teaspoon of tea in a glass of boiling water, leave for 15 minutes.

Girl with a hangover is pouring tea into a cup

Rooibos Tea Price

You can buy loose or packaged rooibos in ordinary supermarkets, but a large assortment boasts specialized tea departments or online stores where you can order it at an attractive price. Approximate prices of rooibos in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

Name of rooibos

Price per 100 g, rubles

Natural small


With goji berries


With linden and raspberries










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