The benefits and harms of Tibetan milk mushroom – how to grow and care, indications and recipes for making kefir

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One of the healing gifts of nature is the Tibetan kefir mushroom, which is of great benefit to the body, which is confirmed by laudatory reviews. The recipe from Indian yogis is very popular in Russia. The product has a positive effect on the human immune and nervous systems due to the large number of beneficial microorganisms in the composition. If you drink a milk drink daily, the basis for which is kefir fungus, the improvement will not take long.

What is kefir mushroom

Although Tibetan milk mushroom is very good for health and is already grown in many families of Russians, some do not know about it. This product belongs to a symbiotic group of bacteria (a variety of Zoogley). Externally, the fungus is a dense white kefir grains that can grow up to 6 cm. In fact, the product is a large accumulation of microorganisms. The benefits of milk mushroom for the body have already been proven by thousands of reviews and expert opinions. It is actively used in medicine and cosmetology..

Tibetan mushroom contains the following components:

  • milk yeast;
  • acetic acid bacteria;
  • lactobacilli.

Useful properties of kefir mushroom

Due to the large number of beneficial bacteria in the composition of this product, it is widely used everywhere in medicine and cosmetology. What is useful milk mushroom:

  • cleanses and strengthens blood vessels;
  • Helps to remove gall and kidney stones from the body;
  • normalizes the liver;
  • beneficial effect on teeth and gums;
  • prevents the development of problems of the cardiovascular system;
  • replenishes the reserves of vitamins and minerals;
  • contributes to weight loss;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • if you drink a portion of a drink prepared on the basis of kefir fungus at night, you can get rid of irritability, anxiety;
  • strengthens the immune system, improves memory;
  • neutralizes toxins and removes them from the body (in case of poisoning).

Kefir mushroom in a wooden spoon

For men

The stronger sex should definitely include this useful product in the diet. Sour-milk drink has the following properties:

  • removes toxins and alkaloids from the body;
  • enhances sexual activity;
  • prevents early baldness;
  • prevents the development of prostatitis.

For women

It’s also good for the fair sex to regularly drink a glass of Tibetan kefir. The product helps the female body:

  • fight inflammation, itching, discomfort in the genital area;
  • improve the condition of the skin, nails, hair;
  • prevent the development of osteoporosis during menopause.

For children

Kids from two years old can also drink this healing drink. For children, the benefits of the product are as follows:

  • improvement of mental abilities;
  • elimination of constipation;
  • strengthening the bones of the child;
  • gives the effect, as with a full antibiotic treatment: helps to bring down the temperature, relieves inflammation;
  • helps get rid of acne painlessly;
  • treats candidiasis in babies;
  • relieves redness, irritation, itching of the skin of the child with external use.

Newborn baby crying

Instructions for use

In order not to harm the body with a healing drink based on the Tibetan recipe, you need to know the rules for taking this remedy. Externally, the drug has similarities with fermented milk. The resulting drink based on kefir fungus is recommended to be taken according to the schedule, taking into account the following rules:

  1. 1 cup of milk mushroom infusion is drunk 15 minutes before a meal. To achieve the effect, it is recommended to repeat taking the drug 3 times daily for 3 days.
  2. At least 5 hours should elapse between drink sessions.
  3. Some advise drinking a medicinal infusion on an empty stomach an hour before bedtime..

Home-made kefir infusion can be given even to children over 2 years old. It is important that the drink is always fresh (one-day). Additionally, you should follow a diet that eliminates the use of alcohol, drugs, herbal infusions. If, after starting to use kefir, there are signs of an intestinal upset, you should stop consuming foods that can aggravate the situation. In a few days, microflora will recover and the condition will improve..

Cooking kefir from milk mushroom

In order for the product to benefit the body, it is important to know and follow the rules for preparing drinks based on it:

  1. A healthy fungus should be white, like cottage cheese.
  2. Fermented drink in glass jars at room temperature.
  3. To prepare kefir, take 1 teaspoon of the product.
  4. Before use, be sure to rinse the fungus with boiled, but not hot water.
  5. The product must be poured with milk, which is slightly warmed up to make the drink, but not boiled.
  6. For one teaspoon of mushroom you need 0.2 l of milk.
  7. Before use, you need to strain the kefir through a plastic strainer.


Before you begin to be treated with kefir fungus, you should consult a doctor. A unique Tibetan remedy should not be taken by people who are diagnosed with intolerance to dairy products. In addition, during the use of kefir mushroom, it is worth abandoning alcoholic beverages. Another contraindication of this tool is the incompatibility of the kefir drink with the introduction of insulin (for diabetes), because the product removes all the effects of drugs. During pregnancy, the mushroom should be used with caution, under the supervision of specialists.

Girl at the doctor’s appointment

How to grow kefir mushroom

To make healing drinks based on a unique product, you must first grow it. It is not difficult to care for the product, and the benefits of kefir fungus for the body are invaluable. It contains lactic acid, which prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria. This is the main secret of this tool. Not all housewives know where to get milk mushroom. Some of this product can be obtained from someone you know. If no one grows kefir fungus, then you can buy fresh grains in pharmacies.

How to grow milk mushroom at home:

  1. Rinse well the jar in which your kefir fungus will grow.
  2. Take two tablespoons of the spore of the mushroom and 250 g of fresh milk (it is better to take homemade, not from the bags), place in a jar.
  3. Cover the jar with gauze or a natural cloth.
  4. Leave for 24 hours to roam at room temperature.
  5. Pour the finished composition into a clean container.
  6. Wash the mushroom starter from the remnants of milk with cold boiled water and can be used for a new product.
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