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This miraculous herb is a relative of ginger and can rightfully be considered perhaps the most amazing plant. Its benefits can be listed endlessly. No wonder this yellow spice is so popular in the countries of the East, India and Central Asia. What does turmeric look like, you can look at the photo on the net, medical books.

What is turmeric?

Turmeric is a plant from the ginger family, which is widespread in Southeast India. Scientists have more than forty species of this herb, but only four varieties are used in the food industry and culinary: turmeric (spice of the East), round, citrus root and aromatic turmeric (which turmeric is known for making seasoning). It is also called a pink indoor flower, which can often be found in homes, offices.

Turmeric – beneficial properties

Scientists claim that the “golden root” is the strongest natural medicine. What is turmeric good for? The healing properties of turmeric are not yet fully understood, but to the already known can be attributed:

  • the ability to quickly heal any wounds (anti-inflammatory effect);
  • antiseptic effect – the spice is not in vain used in the culinary of countries of South Asia, where hygiene is not very developed, helping to disinfect food;
  • a positive effect on the liver – detoxification;
  • the ability of a plant to help lose weight while losing weight and others.

Turmeric Root

Where to add turmeric

The miracle plant is widely used in medicine, especially Ayurveda, where it is used everywhere – in medical recipes, in the preparation of delicious dishes. Where is turmeric added? For example, a drink made from ground spices and kefir treats anemia, and a powder diluted with water helps with diabetes, diseases of the gall bladder, and blood. During pregnancy, some mothers are shown the use of the plant in a ground form. In eastern countries, it is believed that this benefits the health of the future baby.

Many housewives have a question: turmeric – what is it? The famous curry seasoning certainly contains this spice. It is called “Indian saffron”, used in vegan dishes, sauces, gravy. Hindus use yellow ginger almost everywhere, even in cosmetology. How to make a healthy turmeric based cream? You need to mix a little spice powder with aloe juice, combine with baby cream – a miracle remedy is ready. The quality of such an excellent home cream will compare favorably with the store.

Ground turmeric

How to consume turmeric

Hindus have long created a healing drink, which was called “golden milk.” It includes ground turmeric, milk. How to make a drink? Spice, milk is heated to a boil, and then filtered. It is better to do this with a slow cooker in order to maximize the benefits of “yellow ginger”. A prescription and photo of a delicious medicine is easy to find. Golden milk contains useful trace elements, vitamins and substances that help fight inflammation, sore throats and coughs. You need to drink medicine 3 times a day for 100 milliliters.

How to eat turmeric? Curcumin is widely used in the preparation of pilaf, soups, and other tasty dishes; the substance is added to dietary supplements, coffee, and medicinal teas. Many housewives share recipes, photo pilaf, dishes with this spice, descriptions of how to cook a valuable natural dietary supplement. Turmeric, a natural colorant widely used in the food industry to make products yellow, is made from “yellow ginger”. Turmeric is used as a powder, combining with pepper or lemon juice. This spicy mix is ​​a powerful antioxidant..

Turmeric Milk

How to take turmeric for medicinal purposes

The healing properties of turmeric have been studied for more than a millennium by healers of India and China. Hindus widely use “yellow ginger” to cleanse the body, even in the fight against cancerous tumors (dangerous cells stop developing, growing) and Alzheimer’s disease. It is worth mentioning the ability of the spice to fight excess weight. Recent studies prove that seasoning is able to prevent the growth of fat cells after weight loss, helps to stabilize it..

Turmeric – contraindications

No matter how useful turmeric is, there are still contraindications for its use. These include: allergies, pregnancy, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This spice is harmful to patients with such diseases, but it can be replaced by other, safer ones. Due to the powerful action, seasoning can not be combined with medicines, other drugs, its use must be discussed with your doctor.

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