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Watermelon smoothie is a popular vitamin cocktail, which is prepared very simply and has the value of a healthy food product. The main component in it is a watermelon crushed to a uniform state, as well as other fresh fruits and berries. Smoothies are an ideal option for a light breakfast, it cooks very quickly and energizes for the whole day.

How to make smoothies

The technology for making the drink is unusually simple. It can be made according to a proven recipe at home, using an ordinary blender, a set of favorite fruits and a little imagination. Smoothies saturates the body with various trace elements and vitamins, helps cleanse the body of harmful slag deposits, reduces hunger and improves mood.

Watermelon Smoothie

There are many variations of sweet smoothies, but the most delicious of them is a watermelon smoothie. Watermelon is a wonderful summer fruit that everyone loves without exception. It brings extraordinary health benefits, and is also able to effectively refresh and quench your thirst. Watermelon smoothie has a pronounced diuretic effect and promotes metabolic processes, which is very important when dieting. The drink is obtained as a low-calorie and light dessert. Other fruits and even vegetables (pumpkin, beets, cabbage) can be used for fortification..

Smoothies can be made exclusively from one watermelon without adding other ingredients. To do this, you need to pick a ripe fruit and peel it from the peel and seed seeds. It is very convenient to cut the watermelon into pieces not with a knife, but to take out the pulp with a spoon. Only 400 grams of fruit are needed per serving. Ready pulp must be placed in a bowl for grinding until smooth and thick consistency of fruit puree.

Smoothies in glasses and slices of watermelon

How to make a banana and watermelon smoothie

Light and pleasantly tonic dessert with a banana-watermelon base has a very delicate aroma and extravagant taste. It turns out to be creamy and very delicate, moderately sweet and delicately enveloping. Due to its high nutritional value, the drink will perfectly complement your breakfast or even cope with the role of a light snack.

Ingredients for cooking (for 3-4 servings):

  • 400-500 grams of seedless watermelon pulp;
  • 2 bananas;
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice;
  • ice cubes;
  • honey or granulated sugar;
  • mint leaves for decoration.

Recipe sequence:

  1. Watermelon pulp, previously peeled from the peel and seeds, cut arbitrarily. Put the finished pieces of watermelon in a container for a blender.
  2. Beat the pulp with a blender until liquid juice.
  3. Remove the peel from a banana and cut into small pieces. Add to freshly prepared watermelon juice. Grind again with a blender to a viscous creamy texture. The consistency of the drink is adjustable as desired. For less density, you can increase the portion of watermelon, and for thickening – add another banana.
  4. For a spicy note with sourness and fresh taste, we use citrus, pouring a spoonful of its juice into the drink.
  5. If the watermelon does not have the necessary sweetness, we introduce an additional ingredient – liquid honey or sugar. You need to mix until they are completely dissolved.
  6. Pour smoothies over portioned containers. To complement the finished drink with freshness, you may need a sprig of mint. To cool, add crushed ice to the drink.

Banana and Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon smoothie with ice cream

The drink with the addition of ice cream resembles a refreshing milkshake, which brings the desired cooling with a pleasant taste and with great benefit. Such a smoothie will be an excellent delicacy and a full-fledged dessert for both adults and children: for example, it can be a great find for mothers whose children do not like to drink pure milk.

Ingredients for cooking (for 2 servings):

  • 100 grams of peeled watermelon;
  • 130 grams of vanilla ice cream;
  • a glass of milk.

Recipe sequence:

  1. Peel the watermelon from the skin and remove all the unnecessary seeds. If desired, the watermelon can be pre-frozen, which will make the drink thicker in composition. If you use a fresh product, the drink will come out very liquid, looking more like a cocktail.
  2. Beat with a blender at low speed, pouring milk and ice cream to watermelon juice.
  3. Once the smoothie has the necessary uniformity, it can be sweetened with honey or sugar..
  4. Pour fresh and cold drink into tall glasses.

Ice cream and watermelon smoothies in a glass

Beetroot Watermelon Smoothie

Extremely healthy and versatile in taste, the drink. The piquancy of the drink is given by the combination of the unobtrusive sweetness of a watermelon and the light sugary beets. The unusual taste is combined with the rich and vibrant ruby ​​color of the healing drink. The perfect breakfast supplement for a balanced diet and a chic vitamin cocktail for your heart.

Ingredients for cooking (for 3-4 servings):

  • three quarters of a medium-sized watermelon;
  • 1 PC. table beets;
  • 5 pieces. kale leaves;
  • ice cubes;
  • sprig of mint.

Recipe sequence:

  1. We prepare the watermelon pulp, saving it from the seeds and peel. Beat pieces of pulp in a blender bowl until smooth.
  2. Cut the peeled beets. We pass the vegetable through the juicer along with the leaves of kale kale.
  3. Thoroughly mix the juice and watermelon puree, introducing the frayed mint leaves for taste.
  4. Pour into glasses, add a piece of ice and decorate with fresh mint leaves.

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Beet and Watermelon Smoothies

Video with recipes for making a variety of smoothies with the main component of watermelon and various fruit additives will teach you how to quickly and easily prepare a fragrant drink. The videos contain a detailed process of the proper preparation of the drink, filmed as a video illustration, with a description of all the subtleties, tips and comments of the authors. Selected videos clearly demonstrate that preparing a variety of smoothies is easy and simple! We bring to your attention the most delicious and proven recipes with original and creative ideas..

Appetizing watermelon smoothie with berries

An invigorating and refreshing mint watermelon smoothie

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