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Oriental spices are not only fragrant additives to various dishes, rolls, but also a huge benefit for the human body. Unusual seasoning from the dried bark of the plant can significantly increase immunity. How is cinnamon good for your health? Find out how the spice helps to lose weight, improve the condition of hair and skin, is a means of preventing colds and other diseases.

Composition and beneficial properties of cinnamon

Healthy cinnamon

The healing properties of cinnamon are manifested due to its unique composition. Cinnamon, aldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, essential oils, tannins, starch are the constituent particles of the spice. Substances have an antiseptic effect, counteract the appearance of blood clots. Judging by the reviews, cinnamon essential oil helps a person recover from the flu, it is used in cosmetology, just like ground cinnamon powder.

Medicinal use

If you use spice with food, then the blood sugar level decreases, and the level of appetite decreases due to the smell itself. The feeling of hunger in a person for a while subsides, the metabolism increases and the person sheds weight. What else is cinnamon good for? Spice neutralizes the harmful effects of intestinal toxins, toxins, lowers cholesterol, improves intestines and stomach.

Cinnamon with honey is a very useful and tasty tea supplement, but with sugar it loses its usefulness, gaining a high calorie content. Such a spice for food reduces the person’s appetite and weight, makes age-related changes less dramatic. Tea with cinnamon can be drunk for people who suffer from diabetes mellitus, irregular pressure. Spice is an active participant in the normalization of the hematopoietic system.

With influenza and colds

If you use a small spoonful of honey with cinnamon every day, you can protect your body from colds, strengthen the protective functions of the immune system. Blood cells in the blood appear more actively and the state of human health is strengthened. The composition of the folk recipe helps cough well:

  1. 4 large spoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  2. Take a teaspoon three times a day and there will be no coughing after a couple of days.

With influenza, tea with a warming effect based on ground powder can be used:

  1. One stick of cinnamon is brewed with 4 cups of boiling water and insisted for 20 minutes.
  2. If you want, you can sweeten tea with honey, add orange or lemon zest.
  3. Honey is added to a warm but not hot liquid..

With diabetes

Cinnamon and powder

Due to its useful components, Ceylon spice has a beneficial effect on metabolic mechanisms, which is important for diabetes. When cinnamon is regularly eaten in a person with diabetes, glucose levels decrease, healthy cholesterol levels remain, and glucose and hemoglobin levels improve. Harmful cholesterol is significantly reduced in the body, which prevents the action of toxic substances in the body. Blood vessels expand, insulin is absorbed better, metabolic rate increases.

Before consuming cinnamon for medicinal purposes, consult an endocrinologist about individual tolerance, so as not to harm the spice. If you want to use the spice as an additive to other products, then start with a gram to observe the reaction of the body, then increase the dose as necessary to 3 grams, but only after prior consultation with your doctor.

For weight loss

Weight loss with spice is also feasible. Cinnamon for weight loss, with proper use, after a while gives good results for weight loss. What is the use of natural cinnamon for a figure:

  • decrease in glucose;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes of the body;
  • maintaining a sense of fullness for a longer period;
  • enhanced effect of spices on reducing the abdomen and waist.

Cinnamon should not be eaten in its pure form, but added to yoghurts, tea, porridge, jelly, cocoa, coffee, cottage cheese. Spice will bring benefits when sugar is not present in the dish. High efficiency has such a method of taking cinnamon for weight loss, as the preparation of a special drink:

  1. Dilute the cinnamon powder with boiling water, and after cooling the liquid, add honey, the proportion of cinnamon and honey 1: 2.
  2. Divide the cup of such a drink in two: drink in the morning half an hour before breakfast, and in the evening – before bedtime.

If you like to drink kefir, fermented baked milk, milk, then you can add spice: 1 teaspoon per cup (200 ml) of liquid. Tasty and healthy for the figure will eat cinnamon with cottage cheese, it goes well with dairy products. To lower the sugar level, brew cinnamon with boiling water without honey, drink in small portions during the day, you can even after the main meals.

Slimming cinnamon

From pressure

For the most part, oriental spice is useful for people with high blood pressure. With regular use of it in food, after a while, patients have normalized pressure. By adding a teaspoon of seasoning to food and drinks, a person with high blood pressure will soon be able to reduce performance. You can use it with honey, milk, tea or plain boiled water. Kefir with cinnamon is also considered a useful product for hypotensives..

With hypotension, people are allowed to use seasoning, but in small quantities. Coffee lovers are allowed to add a pinch of cinnamon to the drink in the morning to improve their well-being, because the pressure is especially low in the morning. Thanks to this drink, the emotional background, the general condition of the body, increase. You can not overdo it with the spice: in large doses, it can significantly reduce pressure.

In cosmetology

For cosmetic procedures, powdered seasoning and essential oil are used. What are the beneficial properties and contraindications of cinnamon in the cosmetology field:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Anti-cellulite effect when using body wraps, body masks with clay.
  3. Accelerated metabolism in the skin.
  4. Slowing down facial skin aging.
  5. Strengthening hair, their improved growth, useful brightening paint. Cinnamon for hair is an alternative to dyeing, decoctions and masks are ways to lighten curls, after a while.
  6. For women, it is useful to use cinnamon as a part of masks, face scrubs. This will make the skin soft, soft and radiant, and wrinkles will be smoothed out..
  7. For a dark-haired hair, the use of the product is not suitable, otherwise it can provoke lightening.

To strengthen immunity

Cinnamon sticks

Frequent illnesses are a signal that the body’s immune defenses are reduced. Cinnamon is a useful helper in restoring protective reactions. Ceylon and Chinese spices are especially effective for colds, because it contains many trace elements, vitamins, monosaccharides, disaccharides. What helps cinnamon:

  • frequent headaches;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the spread of bacteria, viruses in the body;
  • surges in pressure or hypertension;
  • able to increase the protective response from the negative environment;
  • excellent prevention of viral diseases.

How to use

Cinnamon and honey

There are several ways to consume cinnamon with these components:

  1. With honey. In a liter jar of boiling water, add a spoon of ground spices. Stir when the mixture has cooled, add two tablespoons of honey and take 100 grams daily in the morning, in the evening.
  2. With kefir. Such a drink is suitable for weight loss: add 200 ml of kefir to a small spoonful of cinnamon powder. If you add hot pepper (a pinch), then the metabolism improves, therefore, it is useful to those on a diet and want to look like the model in the photo.
  3. With milk. For one glass of warm milk, add the third part of a teaspoon of cinnamon, heat, boil such a drink optional.
  4. Coffee with cinnamon. Such a drink is prepared in Turk, it is useful for people who suffer from poor health in the morning. You will need: finely ground coffee – 1.5 tsp, a cup of water, a slice of cinnamon stick (can be chopped). Place all dry ingredients in a Turk, fill with cold water. Put on a fire to cook, and remove before boiling. Pour the infused drink into a cup. If desired, cloves are still added before brewing coffee..
  5. Tea with ginger and cinnamon. A healthy hot drink is prepared like this: a teaspoon of ginger, half a teaspoon of cinnamon is poured into a cup of hot water and infused for three hours. If the liquid is too sharp, add a slice of lemon or honey to taste.

Harm and contraindications

Cinnamon is not always a useful medicine. There are a number of contraindications for which you can not eat the product:

  • allergic reactions;
  • uncertainty about the naturalness of the product. There is a fake from the Chinese tree “cassia”, which causes headaches, liver disease;
  • in large quantities – a toxic substance for internal organs, especially the gastric mucosa;
  • in case of bleeding;
  • prohibited during pregnancy, nursing mothers. Medicine confirms that spice leads to contraction of the uterus, even provokes a miscarriage;
  • can not be used for gastritis, ulcer.
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