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It is known that hazelnuts, also called hazelnuts, are a cultivated species of wild hazel. Our ancestors used it for food, as well as for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. There is nothing surprising, because a delicious fruit contains a lot of useful components.

Calorie hazelnuts

Many are interested in how hazelnuts are useful, what can it give the body? To begin with, hazelnut is a very high-calorie product, which is much more nutritious compared to fish or meat. For this reason, you should not get carried away with such a delicacy excessively. The composition of the cultivated hazel is as follows: fats – 60-70%, proteins – 20-25%. How many calories are in hazelnuts? The energy value of the nut is 678 kcal / 100 grams. If a person follows a diet, then this is not a reason to refuse tasty, healthy fruits, because hazelnuts contain almost no carbohydrates.

Calorie content per 100 g

The benefits of hazelnuts

Since ancient times, hazelnuts have been successful: in the form of food, for therapeutic measures. This is all due to the fact that the fruit of hazel has a large number of advantages. Nutrients in hazelnuts are represented by a wide range. The composition of the nut includes the following nutritional components:

  • Vitamin B, due to which the work of muscles and the cardiovascular system is normalized;
  • a substance called pacletaxel – inhibits the development of pathologies and cancerous tumors;
  • Vitamin E is considered a natural antioxidant that has a beneficial effect on the function of reproduction;
  • fatty acids – increase the elasticity of the vascular walls, slow down their aging, prevent the accumulation of cholesterol;
  • micro and macro elements (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc) strengthen bones.

Below is a table with information about the main advantages of hazelnuts and its “derivatives”. Find out why you need to eat hazel, what are the benefits of hazelnut husks, oil.



Raw and roasted hazelnuts (Both types are healthy, but it is recommended to eat raw hazelnuts more often, since roasted nuts lose some of their nutrients due to heat treatment and contain significantly more calories).

  1. Exemption from toxins and toxins.
  2. Strengthening the human immune system.
  3. Enhanced growth, muscle development.
  4. Hazelnuts with honey (or raisins) increase hemoglobin in the blood.
  5. Effective fight against insomnia, depression, headaches.
  6. Stabilization of the central nervous system.
  7. Elimination and prevention of vitamin deficiency.

Hazelnut shell and husk

Ground shells, husks and walnut leaves are often used in folk medicine. Decoctions, infusions help with high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, dizziness.

Peanut butter

  1. Antiparasitic effect (expels worms and similar worms from the body).
  2. Normalization of cardiac function.
  3. Excellent burn cure (peanut butter + whipped protein).
  4. Application in cosmetology (combats problem skin, improves hair condition).
  5. Eating hazelnut oil gives energy during intense mental, physical exertion.

Hazelnut Harm

Hazelnuts can not only benefit the body. Sometimes it can harm health. This occurs if the product is absorbed in large quantities, instead of following a normal, safe daily rate. In one day it is allowed to eat a maximum of 50-60 grams of hazelnuts. Otherwise, you can heavily plant the liver, get stomach problems or “earn” a severe headache (the substances that are in the composition of hazelnuts can cause vascular spasms). It should be very careful to use hazelnuts in the presence of diabetes mellitus, allergies.

What are the health benefits of hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts are equally useful for children and adults. All the nutrients that are in the product have a positive effect on the body. Hazelnuts are recommended for both men and women. During the period of gestation, this product brings exceptional benefits to the expectant mother and baby.

A handful of nuts

During pregnancy

The beneficial properties of nuts during pregnancy are not the first year experiencing a large number of expectant mothers. The main advantages of hazelnuts for a woman in position are:

  1. Hazel included in the daily menu gives you the chance to more easily adjust your diet and weight.
  2. Hazelnuts are no less useful for the fetus: favorably affects the formation of the skeleton, the nervous system of the child.
  3. On top of that, hazelnuts can virtually eliminate the use of medications during pregnancy. Hazelnuts effectively strengthen the immune system of women, successfully combating fatigue.

For men

Hazel contains in its composition a lot of “utilities” that the body needs of any member of the stronger sex. Any specialist will confirm that hazelnuts must be present in the diet of every man. Hazelnut provides men’s health with the following “services”:

  1. Contains phytosterol – a component that effectively reduces blood cholesterol, is an ideal tool for the prevention of prostate diseases.
  2. Another hazelnut promotes the production of male sex hormones, well strengthens the body after physical effort.
  3. Hazelnuts are good for potency. They positively affect the duration of sexual intercourse, increase the function of reproduction.
  4. Protein, which is part of hazel, helps build, improve muscle.

For women

What is the use of hazelnuts for women? On the body of each representative of the fair sex, this product has only a beneficial effect. Positive properties of hazel:

  1. Stimulation of milk production during lactation. It becomes more satisfying, nutritious, useful for the baby. The main thing is to adhere to a reasonable daily intake of the product..
  2. Enrichment of hair with essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy shine, density and splendor (masks made from peanut butter and chicken yolk).
  3. Cleansing the skin from various inflammatory processes (acne, abscesses, abscesses, acne and so on).
  4. Through walnut it is often possible to cure infertility.

Video about the beneficial properties and contraindications of hazelnuts

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