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The overseas fruit of the liana-like tree is tasty and loved by many. And if you know how kiwi is useful, then it will be constantly on the tables of Russians. The content of vitamins, acids, trace elements in it, has a positive effect on the health of adults and children. Outlandish fruit is used by cooks to decorate dishes, and young beauties for weight loss and masks. Why is the Chinese gooseberry so attractive and useful? Find out in the submitted review.

Composition and calorie content of kiwi

Useful Kiwi

The fruit contains many useful substances, however it is a low-calorie product. Especially the fair sex is interested to know how many calories in kiwi? 100 grams of product contain only 45 kcal. At the same time, the chemical composition of kiwi is rich in useful substances. It includes fructose, fiber, folic acid, pectin, potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, enzymes, beta-carotene. Vitamin composition: PP, A, B, C, E. Carbohydrate ripe fruit contains 8%. Dried or dried kiwi does not lose its beneficial properties, but the energy value increases to 300 kilocalories.

BZHU table (100 g of product / gram)
Calories Squirrels Fats Carbohydrates
45 kcal 1 g 0.6 g 4 g

Kiwi fruit benefits

Doctors in China have been using kiwi for thousands of years in a row as medicines. If you constantly eat ripe fruits for food, many diseases can be prevented. The fruit is recommended for pregnant women and women with breastfeeding, because the product contains a whole range of useful trace elements and vitamins. This is a remedy for the gastrointestinal tract from constipation, heartburn, severity.

The healing properties of kiwi for human health:

Kiwi fruit smoothie

  • Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol in diabetes.
  • Has a laxative effect.
  • Prevents the formation of kidney stones.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Supports the female body during pregnancy.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Improves digestion during gastritis.
  • Stimulates collagen production in the body.
  • Helps Avoid Rheumatism.
  • Beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  • Improves stomach function.
  • Cleanses the body.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the genitals, restores the human reproductive abilities.

For weight loss

Slimming girls will be assisted by a diet on a kiwi. It is known to be a low-calorie product that can burn fat. Kiwi for weight loss is recommended to eat with the skin before eating. This reduces appetite, removes toxins from the body, burns excess calories. It is useful to eat the fruit before bedtime, because it saturates the body well, which eliminates the appearance of night hunger. The important thing is that eaten kiwi at night cleanses the body.

In cosmetology

What is the kiwi fruit useful in cosmetology? This product contains tonic components, evens out skin color, strengthens epithelial cells. Kiwi face mask nourishes with vitamins and nutrients, and also helps in cleaning, whitening unwanted pigmentation, and strengthening the skin. Care with fruit masks will help to even out complexion and transform every girl.

Soothing mask with kiwi and poppy seeds

The recipe for a soothing mask with poppy seeds:

  1. Knead fruit pulp.
  2. Add a teaspoon of poppy seeds..
  3. Apply by massaging movements on the skin.
  4. Wash off with warm water after 10 minutes.


Unfortunately, the usefulness of Chinese fruits comes in conjunction with some contraindications. Unscrupulous suppliers sometimes deliver to Russia fruits containing harmful substances, so ask for a fruit shipment from the seller before purchasing. In addition, you should not overeat kiwi, no matter how useful and tasty it is. It will harm the body..

Woman eating a healthy kiwi

To whom fruit is contraindicated:

  • People allergic to citrus fruits.
  • Diarrhea.
  • With increased acidity of gastric juice.

Where grows

It is difficult to say with certainty which country this fruit came from. The Asian actinidia chinensis gave green fruit. Having discovered them, a farmer from New Zealand grew a plant on his plot. As a result of the selection work of the farmer and the mild climate of the country, a new variety and such a valuable product appeared. Where does kiwi grow at the moment? It is cultivated in Chile, the Mediterranean countries and even in Georgia. The tree looks like a vine vine and the fruits grow in elegant clusters.

How to eat kiwi correctly

How to eat kiwi

This fruit, which contains more vitamins than many other fruits, must be eaten daily. But how to do it right, is it possible to eat kiwi with a peel, not everyone knows. Entrepreneurial residents of European countries invented a special device in order to eat kiwi. It is a small spoon, on the other hand of which is attached a tip with a knife for cutting the skin.

The most useful to eat will be a fresh, ripe fruit. It should not be acidic and hard (this indicates the ripeness of the fruit). If there is no special spoon for the fruit, then the fruit is peeled with a knife, cut into slices or slices and eaten. The product is suitable for desserts, salads, decoration of dishes. Fluffy skin should not be thrown away, because there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. It is used to make compotes.

The pulp of ripe fruit is suitable not only for food, but also as a cosmetic for facial skin. If you are not allergic to kiwi, then try a procedure based on it for yourself. How to properly prepare a mask for strengthening, cleansing, giving elasticity, when and how to apply the composition on the face, how much to hold and how to wash off – find out the answers to all these questions:

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