When to salt cabbage according to the lunar calendar in 2018 – favorable days

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Sauerkraut is a tasty and vitamin preparation, which is easy to cook, but also easy to spoil. To salting every time was a success, find out when to salt cabbage on the lunar calendar in 2018, find out the favorable phases for the process. Earth’s satellite affects the fermentation processes used to ferment vegetables. Consider this feature when deciding to start cooking crispy and fragrant preparations in the year of the Dog.

How to salt cabbage

Delicious and crispy sauerkraut is not obtained by every housewife. For the dish you will need quality ingredients, a proven recipe and a suitable day. The technology for preparing pickled treats will not cause difficulties. The vegetable is finely chopped by chopping (chop finely), grated carrot, salt, sugar, spices are added as desired. The ingredients are mixed, the mixture is tamped in glass containers. The fermentation process takes 1-3 days at room temperature, the finished treat is sent to be stored on the shelf of the refrigerator.

In addition to the traditional method of fermentation with carrots, there are ways to cook salty treats with the addition of a variety of plant products. With additions, the workpiece will acquire a special taste, but will not lose useful properties. Of the additives used:

  • apples
  • caraway;
  • beets;
  • lingonberry;
  • prunes
  • quince;
  • grapes;
  • basil;
  • pumpkin;
  • bell pepper.

To ensure that the cabbage harvest is guaranteed to come out crispy, special components are used, with tannins in the composition. It can be oak bark or horseradish root. Oak bark is available at the pharmacy. Enough a teaspoon of one of the two ingredients per kilogram of cabbage, so that the treat becomes crisp. The ingredients add spice to the appetizer, harmoniously combined with the main ingredient.

Which cabbage is better to salt

Approach the choice of the main component for fermentation thoroughly, the taste of the dish depends not only on a successful day according to the lunar calendar, but also on its components. For salting, only thoroughly matured, clarified heads of cabbage are suitable. If the cabbage is not ripe, its leaves will be dark green. It is not recommended to salt such a product, as bitterness will appear, and juiciness will not be enough. Heads of cabbage use tight, not burst, not spoiled. Choose a cabbage variety late, for example:

  • Belarusian;
  • Dobrovolskaya;
  • Sava;
  • Present;
  • Menza;
  • Kharkov.

Not all winter varieties are suitable for salting. From Amager and Cromon will not work out a delicious workpiece, even subject to the rules of salting. Dutch and Chinese varieties are also not suitable for pickling. To prepare the workpiece, it is better to use heads of cabbage grown in your own garden. This guarantees their quality and safety. When buying a product in addition to appearance, pay attention to its taste. If the cabbage leaf is bitter, do not buy a head of cabbage, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

White cabbage

What salt

A significant component that should be carefully selected for the recipe is salt. To salt the product, you can not use iodized salt. Iodine slows down lactic acid fermentation, which must take place actively for a quality result. The trace element will provoke darkening and softness of the finished product. Choose rock salt of medium, coarse grinding.

What is better to salt

The taste of the finished salted cabbage is influenced not only by the day of the lunar calendar and the selected products, but also by the packaging used for salting. Traditionally, barrels and tubs made of wood are used, but a three-liter glass jar or an enameled pan will do, sometimes plastic containers are used. It is forbidden to salt cabbage using aluminum utensils. During storage, the vegetable will acquire a taste of metal, darken and become unsuitable for consumption. Thoroughly wash the sourdough containers, treat with boiling water before laying the cabbage stock.

When is it better to ferment cabbage on the lunar calendar

Recipes for making pickled vegetables are known not a single year, hundreds of years ago, ancestors harvested cabbage heads in this way. Over the long period of existence of the recipe, it was possible to identify the pattern between the phase of the moon and the taste of the finished product. It was experimentally established which moon to salt cabbage on, and when not. A soft and sour billet will turn out if you salt the product on the full moon or waning moon. To make the treat crispy, tasty, look in the lunar calendar 5-6 days after the completion of the new moon. This is the best time to pickle a vegetable.

Another calculation system has been developed that takes into account not only the growth or decrease of the moon, but also the zodiac sign in which the Earth’s satellite is on the day of salting. To prepare the blanks, choose those days in a year when the moon grows, and the day is under the sign of Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus and Capricorn. It is not recommended to ferment any products when the control goes to Virgo, Pisces, Cancer.

In January

The lunar calendar will tell you when you can pickle cabbage in the first winter month. From January 3 to January 16, the moon goes down, so salting is not worth it. The best time for harvesting is from January 18 to 29. Use the last decade of the month to make an amazing vitamin dish out of a healthy vegetable. If you use varieties intended not for pickling, but for storage, start preparing the workpiece on a January day. After a couple of months of storage, such a head of cabbage accumulates a sufficient amount of sugar needed for fermentation..

In February

When February comes, the human body is sorely lacking in nutrients and vitamins. Take care of yourself and loved ones, cook delicious sauerkraut. This vegetable will retain all its beneficial properties and even increase them. Favorable February days for pickling cabbage will last from the 17th to the 28th. In the first half of the month cooking salted refreshments is not recommended.

Sauerkraut with carrots on a plate

In March

The second half of March (from the 18th to the 28th day) is a great time to procure the product. The remaining dates of this month do not recommend using the lunar calendar for salting cabbage to prepare a pickled dish. On March 17th, a new moon will appear, followed by a period suitable for fermentation. If you did not have time to cook cabbage in the moon growth phase, postpone cooking for the next month.

In April

For thrifty owners who still have white varieties of vegetables until mid-spring, it is better to start pickling cabbage according to the lunar calendar from April 17 to 28. Fresh fruits will appear very soon, so last year’s reserves must be actively spent. If you ferment all the heads of cabbage in the fall, cabbage can peroxide. Lovers of sauerkraut are better off making workpieces in not too large batches.

In May

When the last month of spring comes, everyone eagerly awaits the appearance of fresh vegetables, but if last year’s cabbage has been preserved on the shelves of your basement, use it to prepare the workpiece. Consider the influence of the moon on the fermentation process, use quality products to get a good result. For a perfectly delicious and crisp cabbage, a waning or full moon will not work – only a young month. According to the lunar calendar, it is better to salt the vegetable from April 17 to April 28.

In June

At the beginning of summer, it is already possible to treat yourself to fresh vegetables and fruits, to fill with them the lack of vitamins in the body. If last year’s cabbage has not been exhausted, use heads of cabbage for pickling. This month the moon will grow from June 14 to June 25, dates are suitable for making pickles. Early cabbage is not suitable for pickling, do not expect a good result from early ripening heads.

In August

If you have harvested a large crop of early cabbage, keep in mind that precocious cabbage heads are not stored for long. Varieties are used for salting, but too soft products that do not have sufficient elasticity can result in a mushy mass. For salting, choose the most dense heads of cabbage, without cracks or damage. It is better to prepare the workpiece from August 12 to 24.

In September

The beginning of autumn is the ripening time of mid-ripening varieties, which are suitable for preparing the workpiece. From them you can get a crispy, tasty snack, if you choose a proven recipe and take into account favorable days for pickling cabbage in September 2018. The growing moon from 10 to 24 is the right time for pickling. Vegetables cooked on time will be well stored and will turn out crispy and piquant..

Ready-made sauerkraut with cranberries

In October

Autumn is the best season for pickling cabbage. In the October period, pickling varieties have already ripened, the stalls are full of ripe fruits at an affordable price. Choose varieties Slava, Belorusskaya, Midor, Geneva and others. The optimal weight of the head for salting is from 3 to 4 kg. In October, you can harvest sauerkraut for the future, focusing on the lunar calendar. Favorable days – from October 10 to October 21.

In November

The ideal time for salting the autumn vegetable continues. Even the heads of cabbage that were seized by the first frosts are suitable for pickling. The people say that not only the lunar phases affect the quality of the finished product, but also the selected day of the week. To keep the workpiece for a long time and work out well, do the cooking on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays. In November, the moon grows from the 8th to the 21st. Combine both observations for a guaranteed tasty result..

In December

Fermentation processes in December are most active from December 8 to December 20. Use the time to cook cabbage and pickled preparations from other fruits and vegetables, starting with apples and ending with eggplant. According to the observations of the hostesses, the most delicious snack will turn out in the middle of the cycle of the growing moon. This date according to the lunar calendar falls on December 14th. Verify first-hand observation.

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