Why cans of cucumbers explode

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According to statistics, cans with canned cucumbers explode much more often than with tomatoes. This is explained by a feature in the structure of cucumber fruits. To avoid such problems with spins for the winter, you need to carefully prepare the ingredients and the container itself to create canned food.

Why flip cans during conservation

Even novice housewives, after they put vegetables and necessary spices in jars, fill them with water and roll them up, turn the vessels over. Some do this, drawing on the experience of mothers and grandmothers, while others read about the need for preservation recipes. Why to produce such an action, many do not know. Turning cans after seaming is due to the following reasons:

  • Leak check. By placing containers with vegetables or berries upside down, you can see if the liquid is leaking under the lid. This is very important because well-closed products will not deteriorate, bacteria will not enter them..
  • Sterilization of the upper parts of the can. Turning a vessel with hot liquid inside will help to warm and disinfect not only the bottom, but also the neck of the can.

Can overturn during preservation

Why wrap up banks

In the technology for the preparation of canned cucumbers it is written that after turning over, the jars should be wrapped. On the question of why this is done, there are several opinions:

  • Replacement sterilization preservation. The vessel cools down longer, more time is processed by heat. This means that a more intensive disinfection process is obtained..
  • The products are tastier. It is believed that with such yearning, cucumbers will infuse, be better saturated with marinade and acquire a more intense and piquant taste..
  • Secure banks. Another explanation boils down to the fact that slow cooling preserves the integrity of the glass. It may crack if, after sterilization and boiling water, immediately place the vessel on a cold surface.

Why cans with cucumbers grow cloudy and explode

Salting or pickling cucumbers, each housewife fears that the cans will explode, and their contents will become cloudy, an unpleasant smell will occur. Such incidents often occur. The reason why the cans with canned cucumbers explode can be different conditions, which are based on the carelessness of the cooking or poor-quality containers where the preservation was placed. In order to avoid misfortunes and do not have to redo everything, you need to carefully follow the recipe and observe the precautions when selecting containers.

Air entering the spin of cucumbers

Before laying cucumbers, you need to select them. Small, strong and fresh fruits without cavities inside are suitable for harvesting. This is an important rule, since air and bacteria accumulate in large cucumbers. Microorganisms, having been canned together with vegetables, continue their activity, emitting gases. The volumes of gaseous substances and air that is released from the cucumber cavities grow, gradually filling the jar. As a result, the vessel explodes. To prevent this from happening, experienced housewives recommend soaking the cucumbers for several hours.

Jars with cucumbers grow cloudy and explode

Violation of cooking technology

When rolling cucumbers for storage under iron lids, in no case should you violate the sequence and technology of preparing canned food. It is important to rinse the cucumbers well and all the seasonings that are necessary for pickling. Otherwise, along with the dirt, microbes will fall into the jar, which in a few minutes can become the reason why the jars with cucumbers explode. Thoroughly wash the leaves of the necessary plants, dill umbrellas and garlic..

Poor preparation of cans for canning

A common reason why cans of pickled cucumbers explode is the poor preparation of containers. This factor can affect the safety of home-made products in 2 cases:

  • With improper sterilization. Sterilize the jars over steam, and the lids in boiling water need as much time as is allocated in the recipe. It is not necessary to shorten this period, it is better to slightly increase it, since inadequate treatment can leave many microorganisms alive. After steaming the cans, they immediately need to lay the ingredients. You need to do this as quickly as possible. You should roll up the lids that you just got from boiling water.
  • If the container is not clean enough. Be sure to monitor the cleanliness of the cans and their integrity. A lot of dirt accumulates on the neck, they must be completely removed. The upper part must be integral, otherwise, air may enter during rolling and cause fermentation.

Formulation Violation

The reason why banks with cucumbers explode may be a neglect of the proportions described in the recipe. Substances that are necessary for the preservation of cucumbers in the winter, you need to add, strictly following the recipe. Otherwise, you risk getting an unexpected taste or starting the fermentation process. Place vinegar, salt, sugar and citric acid in the amount prescribed by the recipe, and not at your discretion, so as not to harm the homework, do not twist again.

What varieties of cucumbers are suitable for canning

To get high-quality pickles from cucumbers without a possible explosion of cans, you need to choose the right varieties for preservation. There are selection criteria:

  • The size of the vegetable. Choose cucumbers about 10-12 cm in size. Such fruits are conveniently placed in jars, they look very appetizing.
  • The thickness of the peel. Thick-skinned cucumbers come out more crispy in the spins. Finding the right fetus is easy: try to pierce it with your fingernail. If this is difficult, then the skin has a suitable density.
  • Color of thorns. For salting, pickling and creating light-salted cucumbers, fruits with black spikes are suitable. Such varieties perfectly let the brine pass, they are very tasty. Vegetables with white spines are best left to prepare salads.
  • The color of the skin of the fetus should have a dark shade. It indicates a suitable variety and degree of maturity of the vegetable. Light and yellow shades are signs of overripe cucumbers that may have inside the cavity with air, which can provoke fermentation. Excessively ripe fruits have large seeds, which are not very pleasant to eat in canned form.

Varieties of cucumbers for conservation

Among the varieties for homemade blanks, you can choose the following:

  • Rodnichok – cucumbers taste good, are almost never bitter;
  • Salting – characterized by high productivity, has spikes and tubercles, has good taste;
  • German – the variety has high tubercles and many spikes, is well suited for workpieces;
  • Funny guys – the fruits are green in white stripes, have a good taste.
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